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That revolve around animals and rural settings I m giving the book a high rating as the author shows real promise for taking her writing career to those lofty heights the Lord calls us to strive toward which is basically the theme f this novel I was given a copy The Countess of this book in exchange for an honest review As a lifelong horse person and amateur dressage rider myself I was super excited to read this book I really wanted to love this book but unfortunately I was disappointed with it I liked the main character Dana but I never really felt like I got to know her very well I really appreciated that since the author is a successful euestrian herself she got all the lingo and horse terminology right it made me so happy to read a book like this by someone who really knows the sport and horses though a lotf the terminology was not that well explained which may make it difficult and frustrating for readers who are not as well versed in horses and dressage as myself The author does a brilliant job Gully Dirt: On Exposing the Klan, Raising a Hog, and Escaping the South of describing Dana s passion for horses and the detailsf daily life around the barn but I was disappointed that with the exception f ne brief but excellent scene that perfectly described the magic f collection all the rides in this book were mostly told to the reader after the fact I had been really hoping to get into Dana s mind and experience her rides in the moment but sadly that didn t happen I was also disappointed that there were several references made in this book to a character being gay no it wasn t a big part f the book but still I felt it was unnecessary in a Christian fiction book Overall even with the things that bothered me this was still an entertaining and enjoyable story I especially enjoyed the second half Uomini ad Auschwitz: Storia del più famigerato campo di sterminio nazista of Crossing Boarders during which I hated to set the book downDebra Sue Brice has definite writing talent her love for horses and God shines through brilliantly and I would definitely tryf her work in the future I received a complimentary copy Roma Noir of this book inrder to facilitate this review I was not reuired to give a positive review A History of the Crusades, Volumes I, II and III (Boxed Set) only my honestpinion All thoughts and Love is the Enemy opinions arene hundred percent my Exhalation own Nice defined characters with a clean story line I LOVED this book I am always looking for a horse book that truly knows about horses and this book was fabulous and it had some mystery and romance too I couldn t put it down I m looking forward to the nextne Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers FavoriteCrossing Boarders by Debra Sue Brice is about a girl s ambition to make her name in the horse riding world Dana always had the passion to become a uality horse rider and make a name for herself in the euestrian. Er family and travel from Ohio to Canada to train with Olympic rider Amy Arnot who has a reputation for being tough Trying her best to leave her judgmental sarcasm at home Dana attempts to excel at her tasks and training while getting to know the ther riders at the farm Determined to stick.

I loved that it was a wholesome story great characters a little mystery bvious horse knowledge some love interests but all written tactfully I could easily recommend this book to many Oglinda salvata of my high school students and family alike I can t wait to see what Debra Sue Brice writes next Enjoyed the Christian themenice to read a book that has values and still have the characters have fun Leaves you wanting Firstf all I am a huge fan f stories involving animals have been since childhood And I m also a Christian A story written by a Christian about horses and horse lovers is guaranteed to be a hit at least at some level with meMy enthusiasm was dampened nly slightly by what I first perceived as a misspelling in the title Crossing Boarders as in Crossing Borders I assumed mistakenly that the book was another indie published book that had missed ut n the expertise Cannella e polvere da sparo of a professional copyeditor Maybe a playn words as both borders US into Canada and back and boarders human visitors figure into this storyOnto the story itself The voice is first person not ften used in fiction but uite effective when the author wants the reader to feel along with the main character his r her emotions sensations reactions The danger with first person is that the novel will end up reading like a journal which this does at times The book starts ff slowly maybe too slowly for some readers as the author builds the scene and fleshes ut the main characters covering many small details that may impede the pace especially for those readers who are not too hung up n euine husbandry Although there are allusions to the tension and mystery that is revealed at the end they don t really begin until nearly the halfway point f the novel when a shadowy figure emergesThis book is written from a Christian s perspective so themes such as finding God s blessings in the small things DOGA AST of life His sovereigntyver His children s lives maintaining patience during the troughs Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) of life the pre eminencef prayer in confronting daily challenges and seeking long term guidance working up to the potential He has given us forbearance with the shortcomings f ther people in Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition our lives such as co workers the importancef relationships and forgiveness and not judging all Pentimento of these and shine through Themes that are common to all young adults especially those dealing with jealousy and hurts in malefemale friendships are also coveredIn the next book I suggest the author find replacements for uestionable expressions such as Holy cowr Holy shitake mushrooms at least when issued by Christian protagonistsThis novel is a good inspirational choice for young readers especially those who enjoy stories. Christian fiction from debut author Debra Sue Brice Dana has lived her whole life for this moment It is her chance to shine and break through to the demanding euine world that is attainable nly to the extremely wealthy r incredibly lucky It is now r neverDana finds the courage to leave

Community However this is a privilege nly a very few lucky people are able to enjoy And coming from the background she does it is nearly impossible But she makes a very difficult decision to support her ambition leaves her family behind and moves to Canada to train with the Olympian Amy Arnot Amy is tough but she is also the best However this is the world f the elite Dana tries to suelch her sarcasm but she is finding it hard to fit in and make friends But her dreams are about to be destroyed A scandal awaits and if she does not do something uickly all f her dedicated hard work might be for nothing This is definitely a novel that I would like to share with my young nieces and nephews because it is beautiful It contains all life s lessons in the form Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear of a story that grips you by the heart The story is very easy to digest and written with great flow The characters are strong especially Dana Amy Arnot is the typef teacher that I would want I wish I d had a teacher like that who pushed me to my limits and helped me polish my skills This book is very well written and extremely comforting to read plus the cover is beautiful A sweet ridefast paced adventure Enjoyed the interaction among the characters A little mystery a little romance and a lot The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults of fun Looking forward to the next book Finding the courage to gout and follow your dreams and still keep your faith and trust in God is a difficult thing to do I liked how Dana handled the problems that came up the difficult people she met and the start Gaudi of a romancenot compromising what she believed inEven though this book involved the love and respectf horses you don t have to be a horse lover to enjoy a story The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 of a young strong female main character Crossing Boarders by Debra Sue Brice pulls you into the worldf Dressage style horseback riding as Dana Berrelli starts to live her dream with her horse Indie But as life would have it so comes mystery intrigue romance and some very interesting characters But what sets this story apart from so many Astrología para principiantes others is that Dana has a faith a strong foundation in Christ Not religion but a real relationship with her maker I love when she mentions Jeremiah 2911 and says It is such a reassuring feeling knowing there is a God that already has your life planned and set into action I just need to take that action and make it for him I loved the times throughout the story when Dana and her sister would prayver the phone This is a book for all ages We all have dreams challenges wants and desires This book shows us how to meet those challenges to Amen: what prayer can mean in a world beyond belief our dreams and seek the right path in life My favorite uote by Dana Oh to be a horse and just live in the moment I wan. To God's plan Dana tries to get in the good gracesf fellow euine royalty and she piues the interest No Puedo Perderte of a particularly handsome barn manager But an unfolding scandal is looming Despite allf Dana's hard work her In Every Heartbeat once in a lifetimepportunity could come crashing down to a devastating end.

PDF FREE Crossing Boarders õ Debra Sue Brice

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Debra Sue Brice lives in Ohio with her competitive show horses and a kitchen full of desserts Her fictional characters closely follow the real life adventures of her and her best friends When not riding writing or baking Debra Sue is a first grade teacher and loves spending time with her family

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