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E–pub Sailing Into Retirement

Wife have learned the secrets of living a content and productive life Here Jim shares those secrets including● Making sure you eally want to do it then make sure you are sure● How to upsize your ambitions while downsizing your life in ways that will enhance your etirement● How to get all your shore side affairs in order then to make som.

How to guidance for etiring on a boat for aging captains and landlubbers Have you ever thought you might want to Gargantuan retire on a boat Of course you have or you wouldn't have picked up this book Whatever form your yearning for auaticetirement takes Jim Trefethen can help you ealize the dreamAfter sailing together for over 40 years the Jim and his.

E important adjustments in your attitude confidence and self esteem● Easy to understand pointers and suggestions for deciding which type of etired cruising is best for you● A ten step plan to buying a boat with as little drama as possible● How to modify your newold floating etirement home to make it safer comfortable and elderly friendly.

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I was born into a family of writers and seafarers so it is natural thatI wold eventually become a writer of the sea I am also a voyager and live with my wife Susan on our 37 foot motor sailor while we travel the seas of the world looking for adventure romance and things to write aboutI have written several books about boating and my latest which is the second edition but a complete rewrite

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