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You have while you still have it It made me think of the times when I may have taken one of my friends for granted without ven realizing it and then next thing I know they re out of my life I would read this to children because sometimes children aren t the best at sharing because they re so possessive of their things It also is a good way to get children to be friendly to the new students ven though Stevie is a friend from home not school This is a great book about friendship At the beginning of the story Robert finds out that Stevie is going to be staying with his family for a while He s a little kid and his mother has to work during the week so Robert s parents are watching him Robert is very annoyed with Stevie all the time Watch how things begin to change I m looking forward to sharing this book with my students because those with younger children around siblings relatives friends will be able to relate to this stor. Missed him I missed playing Cowboys and Indians on the stoop and watching cartoons in the morning Maybe just maybe Stevie wasn't so bad after al.

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G to hear it read to them This was awful for a variety of reasons but I can see how it cold have value for culture both in the age and community of the book telling the story However I feel strongly that the word stupid has no purpose in a children s book much less multiple times We read this one in the The 20th Century Children s Book Treasury Celebrated Picture Books and Stories to Read Aloud on recommendation from Sonlight P 34 and a poor recommendation it is Bobby is an only child but one day his mom has a friend come stay with them for a week named Stevie Stevie breaks his toys gets his bed dirty and doesn t ven go to school yet Bobby feels like he always gets yelled at for things that Stevie gets away with and things that Bobby didn t ven do But one day Stevie moved away and only then did Bobby realize he loved Stevie like a brother and how lonely he was going to be This book teaches a lesson of appreciating what. Oved in with his crybaby self He played with my toys and broke them and he left dirty footprints all over my bed But then Stevie left again and

Stevie Author John Steptoe Pdf/E–pub

Robert is forced to share his life with Stevie a young boy his mother is taking care off for a friend Robert resents having to share with Stevie and often calls him stupid In the nd when Stevie s family moves away Robert realizes he liked Stevie and misses him Robert says thoughtfully at the Your Everyday Art World end He was a nice little guy He was kinda like a little brother A beautiful sweet and realitistic picture book told in the voice of a child Inded up reading this story out loud to some children For its time period I could see how this book would be a nice story for a hopeful author s first book It touches on compassion towards those less fortunate then us understanding those younger than ourselves children needing to understand sharing and ven informal foster care All of these are good points but I just did not greatly like this book Stevie is by no means a bad book but it is not something I would read unless asked by those wantin. One day my momma told me You know you're gonna have a little friend come stay with you And I said Who is it and For how long That's when Stevie

John Steptoe was an award winning author and illustrator of children's books from New York City He began working on his first children's book Stevie while still a teenager and achieved great success during his tragically short career encouraging the advancement of African American culture by producing work about the African American experience that children could appreciate Recipient of two C

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