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To express positivity and courage 3 Gives us a strong princess with great values I good book for any little princess This Little Golden Book describes the virtues and duties of a princess as exemplified by Princess Leia from Star WarsWhile providing basic character background this book describes Princess Leia as a uintessential princess Her strengths and characteristics are llustrated by scenes from the Star Wars films but children who haven t seen them yet shouldn t have any difficulty following the text They will only miss out on the movie referencesThis s a great book to share with young princess fans as t features a princess with substance than the standard fare without sacrificing any of the fancy dresses or elaborate hairdos favored by royal women It Alaskan Nights is also sure to be a hit with young Star Wars fans Picked this upnitially out of horror that Disney had turned one of my favorite heroines dainty only to be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of girl power n this book I just read t to my 6 and 7 year old nieces tonight who were utterly engrossed n the brief story exclaiming yeah at the turn of every page The messages n this book are exactly what I want my two favorite girls reading And the art s just wonderful Very reminiscent of classic Disney Golden Book llustrations. Etro Always Look Twice illustrations this books perfect for Star Wars and Little Golden Book fans of all ages.

Star Wars (E–pub/Kindle) Á Courtney Carbone

A princess helps others and keeps them safe A princess must always be brave Again pleasantly surprised by this series I love love love the representation of older Carrie Fisher I also love that this princess All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night is bad ass She stands up for whats right and fights for Any Man Of Mine it Wasn t expecting much from a Golden Book That ll teach me This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews dailyHello friends Okay the Baby Bookworm familys all moved Annalee And The Lawman into our new home There s a lot of unpacking to do but we re hoping that we won t be missing any daily reviews for a while And to come back strong we re reviewing a recent addition and new favorite to our home library Star Wars I Am A Princess written by Courtney Carbone andllustrated by Heather Martinez a wonderfully girl power Star Wars spin on the classic princess storybookWhat makes a princess What should a princess be Leia The Apollonides Mistress Scandal is a princess the daughter of a ueen and a Jedi knight and the adopted daughter of the Organa royal family She s clever resourceful brave and kind She knows how to take charge lead others and protect thennocent She s an ambassador of peace but knows when to take action and stand up to bullies To Leia being a princess means being a hero How about you are you ready to be a heroLOVE TH. Read all about brave Princess Leia hero of the Rebel Alliance as she joins forces with Luke

IS I m not sure you could pack things we love nto a book A gorgeously llustrated unapologetically feminist Star Wars book a Little Golden Book to boot It even cost us less than five dollars I loved how the story encourages little ones to be princesses but redefines the outdated notions of what a princess should be no waiting around to be rescued by a prince for Leia s princesses The art Anything For His Son is fantastic capturing beloved Star Warsmages and characters Anticipation in a colorful and approachable way for little readers The lengths perfect and JJ really likes this one as do I A wonderful addition to any little princess or padawan s library and we couldn t recommend t Baby Bookworm approvedBe sure to check out The Baby Bookworm for reviews This was a lovely little read spotlighting all of Princess Leia s accomplishments with a nice nod to the preuels Such a fun read and not even a trace of the nfamous metal bikini I hope they continue with these storybooks Because being a princess means being a hero Ok so my kid s not even one and s nterested n eating books so this Annie and the Outlaw is for me than her but oh man I lovet so much Leia and Carrie Fisher are two of my biggest ANNIE AND THE PRINCE idols andf my daughter wants to be a princess then she can be one like Leia and that s pretty amazing LOVE A faithful adaptation reworked. Kywalker and Han Solo to battle Darth Vader and the evil Galactic Empire Featuring stunning

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