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This would be appropriately called the handbook of academic writing research The advice is backed with solid research evidence most of the time but as writing uide it is abo. Academic Writing and Publishing will show academics mainly in the social sciences how to write and publish research articles Its aim is to supply examples and brief discussions of recent work in all aspects of the area in short shar.

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(Academic Writing and Publishing: A Practical Handbook) EBOOK/PDF ½ James Hartley

Are many much engaging books out there Useful Short chapters each well referenced Good as a o to starting point for though and discussion Use it supervising student writing. Given in current textbooks For example the chapter on titles lists different kinds of titles and their purposes not discussed in other texts The chapter on abstracts instructs the reader on writing structured abstracts from the sta.

Ut as juicy as Sahara on a sunny day It s definitely worth a read but if you re looking for a single volume resource especially for the social sciences or the humanities there. P chapters It should serve as a handbook for postgraduates and lecturers new to publishing The book is written in a readable and lively personal style The advice iven is direct and based on up to date research that oes beyond that.

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