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In retracing some of the routes followed by West African literature in English over the course of the last three decades this book employs an original multidimensional approach whereby the three main genres narrative oetry and drama are considered in the light of their intricate web of fecund rapport and mutual influence Authors such as Tutuola Armah Aidoo and Awoonor translated the fluid structures of orality into wri.

Tten rose and conseuently infused their works with oetic and dramatic resonance thereby challenging the canonical dominance of social realism and Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare paving the way for the birth of West African magical realism in Laing Okri and Cheney Coker Starting in the 1970soetry on stage has become a mainstream genre in Ghana thanks to erformances by Okai Anyidoho and Acuah Boundaries between literary theatre and other genres hav.

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E undergone a similar dissolution in the affirmation of the concept of total art from Efua Sutherland to ben Abdallah Osofisan and others Fertile Crossings offers a study of these topics from various viewpoints blending in depth textual analysis with reflections on the olitical import of the works in uestion within the context of the resent state of African societies all supported by interviews with most of the author.

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