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Cism the cult has provoked in both orthodox Hindu and Muslim uarters for Ghazi Miyan is a complex sometimes troubling figure an amalgam of ifferent traditions and tropes that o not always coexist easily He features in text and folklore both as a pious iconoclast who smashes Hindu idols and also as a staunch protector of cows and cowherds a putative brother to Hindu women and a connoisseur of things Indic from pan to the humble mahua tree.

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PDF NEW Conuest and Community

Conuest and Community tells the story of the Indo Turkic warrior saint Ghazi Miyan and his influential cult in the Gangetic plains A purported nephew of Mahmud of Ghazni Ghazi Miyan was supposedly martyred in holy war against Hindu kings near Bahraich in modern ay Uttar Pradesh in 1034 CE Conspicuously absent from contemporary Persian chronicles about his famous uncle he is nevertheless the subject of glowing hagiographies from the sevent.

Eenth century onwards as well as an oral folkloric tradition which thrives to this Orality in Igbo (African) Literature day His cult continuesraw pilgrims of varying castes both Muslim and Hindu from all over northern India to his shrine in Bahraich Shahid Amin studies the history and growth of this cult and its manifestations in the tales people tell the ballads they sing the shrines they visit and the hagiographies they have written He also addresses the isuiet and criti.

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