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S656. With twenty first century feminist activism by accounting for the uncertainty of popfeminist moments and movements its sometimes illegible meanings affects and aesthetics By investigating transnational media ranging from popfeminist performance art music street activism blogs and hashtags to literature film academic theory and protests the authors demonstrate that viewing activist art through the lens of awkwardness can yield a nuanced critiue By developing awkwardness

3054. The increased use of digital tools for political activism has triggered heated debates about the ffectiveness of digital campaigns for political change and feminist causes While technology’s immediacy and transnational reach have broadened the potential impact of activism it has at the same time complicated the goals materiality and consumption of feminist actions In Awkward Politics Carrie Smith Prei and Maria Stehle suggest that awkwardness offers a means of ngaging.

9 201. Nto a theoretical tool for intervention a key concept of feminist politics and a moving target this innovative study dramatically alters the ways in which we approach activism its forms movements and ffects It also suggests a broad range of applicability from social movements to the academy Breaking new ground through the intersections of technology consumerism and the political in popfeminist work Awkward Politics highlights the urgency of feminist politics and activism.

(Awkward Politics) PDF/EBOOK ✓ Carrie Smith–Prei

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