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On Modi Time (E–pub Download) Ø Koenraad Elst

S those of poverty and economic paralysis the Nehruvian rate of growth as well as those of anti Hindu disinformation and hate This picture is partly correct but two developments have come to darken it After the Modi wave helped to win several State elections the stunning defeat in Delhi broke his image of invincibility NaMo's party the BJP was forced to come back to earth and realize its own mortal existence bound to be fleeting What will be its legacy In what ways will it have changed India The secularists and their dupes the world media and India watchers have learn.

This collection of articles concerning Hindu politics starts one year before Narendra Modi's election campaign gained momentum ltimately bringing him to power on 16 May 2014; and ends nearly a year after this impressive victory when the new incumbent's performance already allowed for a first assessment They all relate to the perception of the Hindu Nationalist movement either by insiders or by the outside world The expression on Modi time has come to stand for efficiency and the power to perform Among his supporters NaMo stands for the ability to break through hurdle.

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Ed to co exist with Modi but they have not disarmed and still jubilate at every misfortune befalling him Modi has not won yet and in spite of some early successes it remains to be seen whether his government will deliver More ncanny is the second development Narendra Modi is known the world over as a Hindu fanatic yet his policies have so far not borne out this reputation What factors inside and outside the party determine the Hindu dimension of the Government of India's policies Hindus are entitled to wonder what item on the Hindu agenda this government will realize.

Flemish writer and orientalist without institutional affiliation Koenraad Elst was an editor of the New Right Flemish nationalist journal Tekos 1992 to 1995 and also contributed to other Flemish seperatist publications like Nucleus t Pallieterke Secessie and The Brussels Journal Koenraad Elst is one of the most well known western writers to actively defend the Hindutva movement

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