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Moran fails to o this Her heretic mob scenarios are thinly sketched and feel absurd The Carnal Abuse by Deceit dialogue is juvenile and theescriptions are basic There s no complexity here no subtlety or sophisticationIn short it s about suspension of Hes Opposing Counsel disbelief It is up to the writer to create an environment a world in which the characters move that is plausible in order to enable the reader to experience full immersion in the story If the story is fantasy sci fi or another fantastical genre that should not preclude it from being realistic or believable as those worlds can have their own set of rules and laws as long as they make sense in the story In a book that is based in our world and further on actual events as in the historical fiction genre this kind of skill and storycraft is absolutely critical People may use the excuse of it s only fiction and yes this is a perfectly acceptable reason to excuseeliberately made historical alterations hopefully revealed in an author s note to avoid inadvertantly perpetuating incorrect information within a story though not unwitting errors that s just bad research However fiction is not an adeuate excuse for failing to produce a piece of work that immerses the reader a work that the reader can t engage with because it lacks the feel of the genuine and the believable That would be incorrectly correlating fiction and non fiction with unrealism and realism when in fact as aforementioned there is nothing that should preclude a work of fiction from being realistic or plausible Simply put Moran lacks the skill and storycraft reuired to create this plausibilityI was really Articles on Bloom County, Including: Berkeley Breathed, Billy and the Boingers, the Academia Waltz, Opus (Comic Strip), Outland (Comic Strip), Minor Characters in Bloom County, a Wish for Wings That Work, Goodnight Opus, the Last Basselope disappointed with this book because I had such high hopes for it It s rare to find historical fiction on ancient Egypt and I snapped this book up when I saw it I really wanted it to be something that blew me away Instead I finished the book feelingeflated I wish Michelle Moran the best of luck with her future endeavours as she seems genuinely interested in her subject but I hope to see her The Rise of Nerd Politics develop as an author and her novels improve Until then I ll be picking her books up from the library For anyone looking for a gripping complex plot with high uality writing and subtle characterisations andecent historical accuracy to boot I recommend Pauline Gedge instead3 out of 10 Soak it up this is entertainment at its best Michelle Moran s second novel is an enthralling read that will have you frantically turning pages completely absorbed in the world she has created for youMoran s Egypt is a backdrop for all the guilty pleasure plot points you know you love sex power violence and true love And her cast of characters are fabulously self serving and Motivational Enhancement Therapy Manual: A Clinical Research Guide for Therapists Treating Individuals With Alcohol Abuse and Dependence deceitful in a way that makes you keep reading just to find out what they willo to each other next Some are motivated by love others by greed but all are capable of Boku no Hero Academia dj - 爆豪、ケツの穴開発するってよ。 [Bakugou, Ketsu no Ana Kaihatsu Surutte yo.] doing anything and that makes it all the excitingIf you fell in love with Mutny from Moran s previous novel then I guarantee you ll love her orphanedaughter Nefertari You ll see the resemblance to her mother in her kind heart and strong moral code but Nefertari s love for Rameses has also exposed some of her Aunt s calculated ambition too She s a woman unafraid to fight for the one she loves and she s in for the battle of her life Nefertari is the kind of character you cheer for from young girl to grown womanWhilst this book is so entertaining the research is a large element of this novel and I trust that her interpretation of this story is grounded in the facts we know about this time period and these rulers Check out her blog History Buff if you want to see an example of her passion for Archaeology in action Her books have awakened in me a Manga Mania Magical Girls and Friends How to Draw the Super Popular Action Fantasy Characters of Manga dormant passion for Egyptian history and I now find myself wishing she had stories to tell me Hopefully Ion t have to wait long for Cleopatra s Daughter to come outIf you would like to win a signed copy of Nefertiti or The Heretic ueen visit my blog wwwwreadingwritingrantingblogspotcom before 30th November 2008 Moran also wrote Nefertiti and Cleopatra s Daughter but I only read this one Set in ancient Egypt The Heretic ueen is an odd mixture because it felt sometimes exactly l Loved it loved it loved it I Inside Academia don t normally gush about a novel but I enjoyed this even than Nefertiti I reallyidn t want it to end It was a vivid captivating page turner and I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in the Ancient Egyptian world I have been interested in Ancient Egypt since my own school years then helping my sons with assignments on Ancient Egypt the pharoahs the Gods their customs and burial practices I have always found their highly advanced civilisation fascinating Nefertari the orphaned Protest Politics in the Marketplace daughter of Mutnodjmet and niece of the infamous Nefertiti is an absoluteelight in this novelShe is kind hearted and moral like her mother but very strong and clever without being calculating I was caught up in the love story between Nefertari and Ramesses the Great Nefertari s battle to gain the respect and admiration of Egypt and her triumph over her family s checkered past I await Michelle Moran s next novel Cleopatra s Daughter with much anticipation and great impatience. Tar of a new Celestial Tears Hidden Alchemy dynasty and the fading star of an old heretical one While political adversity sets the country on edge Nefertari becomes the wife of Ramesses the Great Destined to be the most powerful Pharaoh in Egypt he is also the man who must confront the most famous exodus in historySweeping in scope and meticulous inetail The Heretic ueen is a novel of passion and power heartbreak and redemption From the Hardcover editi.

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The simplicity of Moran s writing style and storytelling grasps your attention The story becomes addictive in small measured steps and your imagination gets the better of you that said I found this to be a credible fascinating look into this era of history You can read full review on my blog I saw a short film on the The Exposition of Artistic Research discovery of Ramesses s tomb on vacation and of course I was intrigued by the mention of the love story and wasted MORE I ve also been meaning to read Moran foreverThisidn t totally scratch the itch because it s about Nefertari s uest to become Chief Wife I really wish time had been focused on her and Ramesses s relationship especially the transformation from childhood friends to lovers It came very close to just oh look she got hot And at times it was like we were supposed to be a little unsure of Ramesses s feelings which ROMANCE (BWWM Contemporary Romance Boxset) (African American Pregnancy Interracial Multicultural Book 1) didn t work for me at all considering we know he loved her very muchOh well put it on the list with Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon as a historical love story that someone needs to write a perfect book about I love historical fiction especially reading about women rulers Though I am mostly addicted to reading about the Tudors I wanted to read somethingifferentThe Heretic ueen is the first Michelle Moran novel I read Looking at her other books Michelle seems to have a penchant for Egyptian women rulersThe Heretic ueen focuses on one of the lesser known ueens of Egypt Nefertari who was ueen Nefertiti s niece She is called The Heretic ueen since Nefertiti had abandoned the Gods Egyptians worshiped and instead had turned to a single God something which was never accepted by the peopleNefertari s childhood friend Ramesses II is made Pharaoh Her future is uncertain and bleak She fears being forgotten and left to a life of a lonely temple Priestess This is when Wosertit Ramesses aunt takes Nefertari under her wing She hopes to make Nefertari Ramesses Chief wife Conseuently Shallow Grave dramatic events unfold that play aefining role in Egyptian historyEgypt and its rulers have always fascinated me Research into this novel must have taken a lot of time and effort I admire Michelle for that Her efforts show in the intricate way everything has been The Economics of Agricultural Development described the politics traditions rules the clothes the celebrations the art the architecture religion and so onThough The Heretic ueen is not completely based on true events it reallyoesn t matter because it makes the book intriguingNefertari was a very likeable character You can t help sympathizing with her She is caring intelligent brave strong and Shallow Grave determinedThis book is very well written The plot was gripping from the first page itself Every character was wellefined Lots of The Pocket Guide to Action drama action and many tense moments will keep you enthralled The court intrigue the politics and the scheming have been vividlyescribed Michelle makes ancient Egypt come alive in front of our eyesI could imagine everything she Algorithms for Clustering Data (Prentice Hall Advanced Reference Series : Computer Science) described I could feel see smell ancient EgyptI am looking forward to reading her other novelsOverallCompelling and engrossingRecommendedYes To all fans of historical fiction Maybe like a 375 out of 5 The authoroes a good job of capturing what we know from the archeaological record about the culture and lifestyle of ancient Egypt and the 19th Made to Crave Action Plan Participants Guide dynasty And the book certainly peaks my interest in the relationship between Ramesses II and Nefertari whose love was wellocumented in poetry and on the walls of monuments and shrines The basic plot involves the rise of Nefertari an outcast princess shunned because of her relationship to Nefertiti to the throne and the complicated court politics she has to navigateFor some reason parts of the novel Introduction to African American Studies didn t feel flushed out enough for me and other parts seemed overlywelt on Her childhood and preening to become the perfect woman for Ramesses got a little old The fact that he was so two My Lover dimensional as to completely fall for her caterpillar to butterfly routine was a little trite Then again they were teenagers so maybe it s realistic that their love life was so simple Overall it was engaging and I read it in only a few sittings I willefinitely read her first book about Nefertiti Awful awful awful This ranks way up on my list of Worst Books Ever Written The author Alcohol Addiction didn t know if she was supposed to be writing historical fiction soft core and very unerotic porn or chick lit with all the name calling and backstabbing and gossiping There wasn t a single sympathetic character in the bunch and I especially hated herepiction of Ramesses Here s a guy who s supposedly head over heels in love with Nefertari and he can clearly see what an amazing Mobilizing New York diplomat she is and yet it takes him what two or three years to finallyecide to make her his chief wife Even if this is how events actually progressed the author certainly Aspects of South African Literature didn t go to any lengths to make us understand the reasoning behind their actions They were allrab lifeless caricatures Not recommended at allPSBad writers evidently stick together I just saw a glowing review of this book by Susan Fraser King the author of the eually odious Lady Macbeth on s website I struggled how to rate this book In the end I opted for 45 rounded. In ancient Egypt a forgotten princess must overcome her family’s past and remake historyThe winds of change are blowing through Thebes A The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused devastating palace fire has killed the Eighteenth Dynasty’s royal family all with the exception of Nefertari the niece of the reviled former ueen Nefertiti The girl’seceased family has been branded as heretical and no one in Egypt will speak their names A relic of a previous reign.

At 5 because a book that keeps me as entertained as it id eserved it even if there were some issuesI must confess after the first few pages I wanted to put thi There are plenty of issues to raise here a few good but also plenty of bad The coherence of the plot is noticeably better than in Moran s first effort Nefertiti which felt like a force of nature carried the helpless characters along a raging torrent without rhyme or reason to the conclusion of the novel This book at least has an objective in mind and the plot revolves around whether or not Nefertari will succeed or fail in achieving this objective becoming Chief Wife and exposing the plotting of Henuttawy and Iset Unfortunately The Heretic ueen is an example of an obstacle which could be easily resolved in five minutes if only the characters would take the necessary action but gets artificially strung out over an entire book Nefertari never reports Henuttawy and Iset s atrocious behaviour or plots to Ramesses it is only after two people have Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream died and their plotting is exposed beyond alloubt that she reveals her knowledge of the plot Nefertari s unsatisfactory explanation for this that everyone else told her that Henuttawy would make it seem to Ramesses like she was lying Frankly that Orality in Igbo (African) Literature doesn t cut the mustard Ramesses we are told loves Nefertari beyond all else and trusts her are we honestly to believe that had Nefertari told him about Henuttawy and Iset Ramesses would have been convinced that she was a liar and wouldn t have investigated the matter AT ALL Doesn t sound like a very trusting relationshipHenuttawy and Iseto not make credible antagonists and act like petulant teenagers than real adversaries Henuttawy at one point Modern English in Action (Level 12) destroys a royal mural of Nefertari s mother Mutnodjmet in the book historically weo not know the identity of her parents This wanton Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms destruction of the representation of an immortal ueen which according to Egyptian belief would have the effect ofamaging Mutnodjmet s body in the afterlife would have been unacceptable even from a princess like Henuttawy At other points Henuttawy makes completely out of line snide comments such as And let us hope she The Alchemical Mandala A Survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions does not have the blood of the Heretic King in her veins at Nefertari s own wedding feast a comment so out of line that it was obviously going to earn Henuttawy the rebuke of all present It s the kind of ill thought outig that smacks of a stroppy teen not a serious adversary Iset is just as bad Her ploys such as arguing with Nefertari about the temple plans simply for the sake of it are utterly transparent and she comes across as whiny and childish And we re supposed to give these antagonists any credibility whatsoever With such weak opponents facing Nefertari the story completely lacks any tensionWorse the portrayals of almost every other character are eually one The Alcohol Blackout: Walking, Talking, Unconscious Lethal dimensional and flat Nefertari bears no resemblance at all to the complex vibrant real woman of history and is instead a cardboard cut out child prodigy who cano no wrong and is woefully lacking in any real faults or flaws This made it Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture difficult to relate to her or empathise when she has to suffer through the childish pranks played on her by Iset and Henuttawy even though I felt like Moran was hitting me over the head with isn t Nefertari tragic You should sympathise with her with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer As for Ramesses he comes across asisappointingly gullible and weak manipulated by everyone around him The other characters were wafer thin and forgettableThe main premise of the entire book is that Nefertari would have faced popular opposition The Story of Han Xiangzi: The Alchemical Adventures of a Daoist Immortal (China Program Book) due to being associated with Akhenaten and Nefertiti and their Aten worship Leaving aside the fact that there are significant issues with the evidence andating which make it improbable that Nefertari was Mutnodjmet s Alien Mate (Zerconian Warriors, daughter and that Mutnodjmet was even Nefertiti s sister is it really plausible that peasants would have had close enough access to ueen Nefertari to have shouted heretic at her Even if they could get that close is it believable that any of them would veared to The Responsible Critic: Essays on African Literature, in Honor of Professor Ben Obumselu do so The answer is no and this is just common sense which applies even if you re not a historian But hypothetically if a large mob of angry peasants could have and wanted to heckle Nefertariuring her wedding procession and later at the palace gates would this have been allowed to happen NO Royal guards and army militiamen would have been ordered to swoop Race, Culture and Identity in Francophone West African and Caribbean Literature and Theory: From Negritude to Creolite (Francophone Cultures and Literatures, Vol. 32) down on the mob long before they reached the sacred royals and subdued them Would Nefertari and Ramesses really come out to address the crowd Not a chance They re of the royal bloodescended from millennia of pharaohs and Hot African American Erotica divine embodiments of the gods Theyid not believe that they had to justify themselves to a small mob of Advancing Biological Farming disgruntled peasants it was the gods that were important The mostisappointing thing is that this failure is less about historical accuracy than it is about poor uality writing Plenty of books make historical errors or eliberate alterations which I can uite happily get on board with because the author makes their fictional vision seem realistic authentic and ultimately gripping. Nefertari is pushed aside an unimportant princess left to run wild in the palace But this changes when she is taken under the wing of the Pharaoh’s aunt then brought to the Temple of Hathor where she is educated in a manner befitting a future ueenSoon Nefertari catches the eye of the Crown Prince and espite her family’s history they fall in love and wish to marry Yet all of Egypt opposes this union between the rising

See this thread for information Michelle Moran is the international bestselling author of six historical novels including Madame Tussaud which was optioned for a mini series in 2011 Her books have been translated into than twenty languagesA native of southern California Michelle attended Pomona College then earned a Masters Degree from the Claremont Graduate University During her six years as a public high school teacher she used her summers to travel around the world and it was her experiences as a volunteer on archaeological digs that inspired her to write historical fiction In 2012 Michelle was married in India inspiring her seventh book Rebel ueen which is set in the East Her hobbies include hiking traveling and archaeology She is also fascinated by archaeogenetics particularly since her children's heritages are so mixed But above all these things Michelle is passionate about reading and can often be found with her nose in a good book A freuent traveler she currently resides with her husband son and daughter in the US

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