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Sonalities and have an actual story to tell Bride or the Alien WarriorThere was no actual like or dislike Fancy Strut for me It was aast paced Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka fun and slightly erotic read A spunky earth woman and an arrogant alien male whoound out just how strong and spicy his new woman was Loved the book and thank you Unbreathed Memories for sharing your story 2and a halfThis was really short butree so I thought it would be an ideal way to sample the authors work Ok the synopsis pretty much sums up the story with a heroine who really stole every scene Yes it s terribly over the top with Emma really getting in touch with her ight or light response Her story begins when the ship she s traveling on becomes badly damaged and it appears that only two survive the crash Rescued by aliens who ollow Eliahu who they liken to a god Emma recovers rom her injuries only to suddenly A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 find herself married off I d like to say there s build up chemistry or even a little romance but alas absolutely not A promising beginning that justell I Love My Dad flat rapidly but at leastor Emma what appears to be a happy ending I m confused by reviews that use different names All about Us for these characters a rewrite perhaps and grateful that other wives mentioned never show up So much as I enjoy occasional scii romance this didn t really wow me. Eed to be satisfiedAnd importantlyCan a relationship based on pure lust last enough to grow into true loveContent Warning This sci i romance short story contains mature language and content Please be aware that this is a romance short not a ull length novel.

He action and the excitement of what was occurring but was dismayed at the shortness The author has a Noni Speaks Up flairor storytelling and keeping it interesting I would have liked it drawn out 25 Starish Free kindle read Erotic scifi shortsyOne short story plus bonus story in the endMain story is about Carry Her ship crashed in alien planet and she s taken as a slave by Eliahustrong alpha Pretty predictable cheesy and bland characters Eliahu Handbags and Gladrags fallsor Carry and suddenly she s a badass Just not believable or even enjoyable Left me emptyBonus story though had a different impact on me I must say I mean Don t we just love blue aliens lol I know I do What s up with the colorAnyways Blue aliens captures BBW one of them rebels and rescues her Very refreshing An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) for an erotic alien abduction Both H H are one dimensional characters and story develops veryast along with the instant love struck thing It was good enough But not thaaaaaaaaaaaaat greatThis was not just a short read It was a major rushed read I read in between my search or a book worth my time like a snack in between meals Well this was exactly thatI recommend th UhhhhwhatHer bio said she was an emerging author here s a tip actually proof read your story so you have all the pertinent info in it give the characters per. Soon inds herself the prize of their strong big and drop dead sexy ruler Eliahu The draw of her supple curves only increase his savage lustful desiresWhat can a confident beautiful and strong willed woman expect when their alpha male ruler’s mating urges

Loved itI love this style of writing Very good read I would recommend it to anyone I suggest that you buy this one Not bad Wish Upon a Wedding for a short readThis story actually has substance and could have potentially been a longer book Iound this novella or ree on and gave it a read being as I love alien and paranormal romance and specifically captive brides and slaves I normally prefer my captives a little subdued or unwilling but this was good Emma sole survivor crashes onto planetEmma is sole survivor of spaceship crash onto a planet unknown to her She is taken to medical with another officer who is barely alive and she is taken as slave and bride to tribe chief After an annual 5 day hunt Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other for creatures they must kill and bring back to celebrateor Richard Nixon: The Life feast but they re ambushed by too many by the end of the hunt Emma had toight or I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! flight she tookight and helped make the kills and saves the chief She becomes his Goddess when she stood her ground with Chief ThanksGreat short story with a steamy sex scene and action I am looking orward to reading of your books Greatly written but too shortI really enjoyed this book but it was too short I will keep this author in mind I like books with a bit drama and romance Also action ChoicesI liked this story immediately with all BONUS STORY INCLUDED LIMITED TIME ONLY Crash landing on an alien planet Emma couldn’t believe her bad luck She thought it would be impossible or the day to actually become worse than it already wasAnd thenCaptured by the Darri a race of alien warriors she.

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