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Agrarian society will effect the type of class conflict that may arise After laying out his hypothesis in chapter two Paige tests his model statistically against the patterns of revolt that existed in non industrialized nations mid twentieth century This is no small feat Pinning down each concept into a measurable form and figuring out how to gather useful data can be as intellectually challenging as formulating the original hypothesis And this important and necessary work often brings less academic recognition than theoretic. Rmat Hardcover and others isbn 9780029235805 435 pages.

Ntellectually rigorous as anything in the natural sciencesThe analysis is a perfect balance between rationalist and empiricist tendencies The balance that all good science shares and the type of balance sorely lacking in some social science the field of economics comes to mind as an example that is in bad need of some actual empiricism In the first chapter Paige describes a classification of agrarian societies in the non industrialized world based partly on previous observational studies He then hypothesizes how each type of. Aige There are many interesting things in this book fo.

Jeffery Paige s Agrarian Revolution is that type of rare work in history or sociology that seeks a grand unifying theory of history much like Barrington Moore s Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy and Karl Polanyi s The Great Transformation The Agrarian Revolution is an example of science at its best I feel no need to ualify the word science in that statement as pop science although it is very readable for the non expert like myself and I feel no need to ualify the science as social science simply because it is as Popular Books, Agrarian Revolution Author Jeffery M.

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