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G for was a few spirit recipes but this has which I am sure I ll be rereading in due course. Eing president of the United States he was one of the most prominent liuor producers of his time Even if making alcohol is illegal where you live the bonus section includes dozens of recipes for how to replicate your favorite liuors and liueurs which you can do legally using commercial grain alcohol or vodka You'll save a ton of money doing it yourself You could payback the cost of the book the first time you make your own spirits We know you'll love How to Master Moonshine.

Well worth a readA well written book lots of good info some nice recipes sounds like the au. Have you wondered how to make your own alcohol Maybe you've watched some YouTube videos and still had some uestions Well 'How to Master Moonshine' will answer all of those uestions Author RW Marshall will walk you through how alcohol is made in plain English with step by step asy to understand instructions Everything you need to know is covered from a simple sugar wash to how to make moonshine Rum Whiskey Gin Vodka and other traditional spirits Throughout the book the auth.

Thor knows his stuff some good safety tips too Very thorough and informativeAll I was hopin. Or stresses safety and proper methods Much of the information found on the Internet is uestionable and contributes to the myth that making your own alcohol is dangerous It can be very Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography easy and safe and it's only dangerous if you do it wrong This book is a comprehensive guide from start to finish andxplains what to do and what not to do at ach step Marshall includes dozens of recipes including President George Washington's recipe for rye whisky Did you know that besides

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(How to Master Moonshine) E–pub Î R.W. Marshall

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