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Y nding Of course there s a happy Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe ending but the angst was great while it lasted An Illicit Temptation with its fakeprincess in Chinese Wild West was also pretty ace it also captures thexotification of the wild west that mark the Western westerns ahaha I love that I get to write that noun phrase and I really Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time enjoy the protagonist s challenged worldview at the denouement I wasspecially pleased with Capturing the Silken Thief Most of Lin s heroes are some warriorswordsman types so the scholar and singsong girl combo here was a really nice change Yay nerds I also thought this was the most successful of the stories with its high stakes the FUTURE of BOTH protagonists and low key attraction making the One Wild Weekend ending really really sweet and putting both of them onual footing in a way that is very satisfyingBasically A collection no regrets slamming my keyboard when pre ordering Rating 4 starsSilk Swords and Surrenderby Jeannie LinThis fun sensual anthology is set during the Chinese Tang Dynasty Forgetful of Their Sex era The author s A collection of five short stories all set in Tang Dynasty ChinaThe Touch of Moonlight uses the familiar trope of the girl next door in a uniue wayThe Taming of Mei Lin is a prologue to another novelstablishing a family dynasty It also features a female warriorAn illicit temptation moves out of the capital and out into the wilds of the Steppes The couple in the story are a princess and a Khitan warriorThe final story in the collection is The Silken Thief and feature a scholar and a musicianAll of the stories are very sensual Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestAs of 100617 this book is 199 for Kindle I read this book for the Unapologetic Romance Readers New Years 2017 Reading Challenge For info about what this is click hereJeannie Lin has been on my radar for a long time Not only is she an ownvoices author of historical romances featuring Chinese characters set in Tang Dynasty China reason Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing enough to buy her work in my opinion but she also received an absolutely stellar review from my Goodreads friend Khanh for her book MY FAIR CONCUBINE a retelling of My Fair LadyWhen I saw this Harleuin title at the bookstore for 50 it was superasy to rationalize the purchase to myself despite my self imposed book ban which has been ongoing for about a year now and clearly not working considering how often I buy books I wasn t really a fan of her Pingkang Li mystery series but this was a fantastic way to sample her Tang Dynasty series or so I thought This isn t actually a book in the Tang Dynasty series It s a collection of short stories set in the Tang Dynasty some of which are loosely affiliated with the actual main books in the ser. Y volume Take a journey to Tang Dynasty China and join five uniue heroines as they fight seduce and steal their way into their heroes' hearts Re.

Four reader favorites and a new novella all linked to Lin s full length novels appear together for the first time Taking minor characters or creating a story within a story Lin builds conflict and sexual tension uickly Though condensed these tales are fully realized sexy romances that bring readers a clear picture of the F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby era settings and characters 4 stars RT Book Reviews The Touch of MoonlightA lovely take on the unreuited love of a neighbor girl becoming reuited Lian and Baozhen s families have knownach other for years but while Baozhen has turned his charm on many lovely girls over the years Lian just wants his Walled (The Line, eyes on herThe Taming of Mei LinA preuel of sorts to Butterfly Swords Mei Lin is a fierce swordswoman who meets her match in Shen LeungThe Lady s Scandalous NightA dutiful sister meets the swordsman who once her brother s closest companion has been tasked with bringing him to justiceAn Illicit TemptationCapturing the Silken ThiefJeannie Lin s writing islouent and beautiful Each short story is packed with action and Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany emotion and heat Silk Swords and Surrender included five novellas about the Jeannie Lin s Tang Dynasty China including one brand new one Touch of Moonlight I uitenjoyed the collection overall The novellas make a fine introduction for her books I think my favorite was An Illicit Temptation with an alliance bride falling for her guard instead Each story s couples had different conflicts and xpectations and I liked how ach weighed the demands of their futures versus choosing to fall in love I won a copy as a member of the author s mailing list in xchange for an honest review I had no idea how much I would njoy romance novellas and shorts until this little collection I m so pleased that they were in paperback the cover is beautiful for starters Each story follows the predictable formula but they are such a great comfort and to see Chinese representation to see Asian men allowed to be macho and masculine and sexually attractive is such strange subversion What I njoyed the most about these stories however is how much attention Lin pays to the tensions of class differences and the ambitions of the lower classes These are generally my favourite kinds of romance stories So I m really psyched to see them hereThe Touch of Moonlight has a cutesy feel childhood friendship turned sensual a younger female neighbour trying to catch the ye of her hot older neighbour Cute cute cute The Taming of Mei Lin I d read a long time ago and it holds up well on re reading The Lady s Scandalous Night had all the painful angst of a good old fashioned Chinese drama with a suitable deus x machine at the nd for the happ. Be swept away to a land of silk and swords passion and surrender From USA TODAY bestselling author Jeannie Lin comes a tantalizing new five stor.

Ies but they are not officially part of the series Also of the five stories included in this book four of them have already been published as standalone short stories Only the first title in this collection The Touch of Moonlight is new and previously unreleased So if you ve already read her short stories take note this book contains four previously published short stories you may have already read before As with all short story collections I review I m going to break this book down story by story The Touch of Moonlight 841 CE Was it possible not to know how much you d missed someone until you saw them again 13 Definitely the best story in the collection Lian has been in love with Baozhen since she was young but she knows that he still sees her as a child and is so used to female affection that the only way to snag his attention is to make him jealous So she pretends to like his friend Liu Jinahi and conspires to have Baozhen help her get closer to Jinhai all the while conspiring to win Baozhen Jeannie Lin s writing is a genuine delight One Giant Leap every time It s incredibly refreshing to read stories set in Tang Dynasty China instead of typical historical romance settings and it has definitely fit in line with my own interest inxploring of Chinese history I ve only read one of her novels before this My Fair Concubine and it was awesome to see the follow up story to that in this collection of novellas I definitely have interest in reading many of her other novels Apocalyptic Cartography especially the ones that tie into these novellasHighly recommended for anyone looking for a good historical romance The Tang Dynasty in China provides thexotic setting for Jeannie Lin s five stories that make up Silk Swords and Surrender I loved ach and very romantic tale The heroines are talented accomplished as well as strong willed and feisty These women are than a match for the intelligent and honorable heroes that they are destined to love These stories are sweet touching and passionate I was pulled into this world where love may not be A Bride for McCain enough to bring about a HEA Jeannie Lin s writing paints vivid pictures thatvoke passion and desire I never miss a book by this author I love her writing I was really Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven excited about this book because I don t know much about Chinese Culturespecially ancient times and it intrigued me it is actually a collection of 5 short stories which doesn t give you much time to get into a story The first two were fluffy that could be any time period any culture but the last 3 were good they were also all companion pieces to xisting books so that might have helped to read them first I would have liked of a history lesson but it was a good read. Discover four reader favorite stories and immerse yourself in The Touch of Moonlight the brand new sexy novella from this highly acclaimed author.

PDF (Silk Swords and Surrender)

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