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Has their function in the world their own role to play She just never realized how easy it was to reprogram someone and give them a brand new function Thanks to Vivian's rash actions Emma was about to find out She will become a brand new person with brand new goals Goals that perfectly fit the strict specifications of her new mastersThis is the story of Emma's journey towards her brand new lifeThis story is approx 28000 words long and is exclusively for legal adults over the age of eighteenThis erotica book is a work of fiction and is for 18 adults only All characters in the book are

Uld stump the average personVivian on the other hand wasn't very tech savvy She downloaded a dubious piece of software claiming to help students focus during exams Even Emma easily lost to the deep blue screen It wiped her clean of everything she new all her misguided principles strong opinions and ambitious dreamsOnce deprogrammed Emma and Vivian were free to follow the men who came to collect them Stripped clean of their individual identities the two beautiful coeds were desperate to be filled again to have a new self downloaded into their mindsEmma always thought that every person.

Don't let Emma's good looks fool you She'd rather spend an hour studying than waste a minute putting her make up on She's one of those people who look hot without any effort She doesn't really care about the male attention she often gets thoughIt's not like she's a lesbian or anything she simply has important things to concentrate on She wants to excel and she has no time for the “fun” that her roommate Vivian eeps trying to shove her wayShe was always gifted when it came to computers and high tech fluent in multiple programming languages and capable of solving most issues that wo.

Reprogrammed (KINDLE)

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