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I thoroughly enjoyed these last three instalments which form the Pendergast Diogenes trilogy I do however find myself having to suspend my disbelief at times and wished that the resolution at the end panned out differently Highly readable thrilling and pretty darn hard to put down I m sure the rate I ve been binge reading and finishing these books was a sign of how addictive and enjoyable they are Another good volume Lots of action and good dialogue Great to see the whole ensemble of recurring characters interactI m a little suspicious as to whether or not Diogenes is actually dead Another excellent thriller featuring Agent Pendergast I am marking this 5 stars but it is like 45 stars I hate to take any stars from Preston and Child but while the book was great I did not care for the climax very much The story was an action packed resolution to the Diogenes trilogy in the same vein as the other Pendergast novels that I have come to know and love I think where the book and the climax lost me as it almost felt rushed to resolve both the book and the trilogyI am currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo and I saw shades of that in this book view spoilerMany elements of the Pendergast prison break seemed almost like direct homage to the Dumas classic hide spoiler This was so good I couldn t put it down Another epic thriller by the tag team of PrestonChildOkay so here s the thing I can t say too much on the plot of this book because it s the third one in the Diogenes series You would need to go to book 5 Brimstone to start the book trio between the Pendergast brothersAloysius is an FBI agent and reminds me of Sherlock Extremely intelligent calm and resourceful Minus the whole cocaine habit HaDiogenes is his brilliant psychotic brother and he makes me think of Moriarty And he HATES AloysiusYeah you re right they have some weird parents and relatives to give them those namesNow they aren t exactly like Sherlock and Moriarty in the books but it will give you an idea of the type of epic battle of wits between the two They are both intelligent brilliant and 5 steps ahead of us stupid peopleBack to the 7th book in the series and the 3rd book in the Diogenes series Trust me it might sound confusing but it s not Just start at Relic 1st book in the series and read the books in consecutive order I guess I am laying all the groundwork in this review so you do not start with this book This is not a stand aloneThis book involves Egyptian curses the prison system and love that turns into revenge and hateReally that s all that I can say about the plot without ruining book 5 Brimstone and 6 Dance of DeathIf you want action suspense along with some creepy factors in a series go read this series I ve enjoyed and loved every book so far Each book has a great plot excellent technical and science details along with memorable charactersI ve had such a fun time reading these books and damn do they get addicting The last of the hair raising Diogenes trilogy within the Pendergast series I loved this trilogy It wasn t easy on the mind and hearts of those attached to the characters in these books This last one was really a nail biter and gave me goosebumps Prepare for several travesties where you are constantly asking yourself what is really going on and wondering if the characters can recover Resilience can be found in the strangest of places If you push a person too far you ust might find out what they are made of Great conclusion to the Diogenes Trilogy within the Pendergast series Nothing like a bombshell ending to make you immediately want to pick up the next book Usually I really enjoy these novels so I was disappointed that I didn t enjoy this as much I didn t think the Event that caused so much hatred between the tw. An FBI agent rotting away in a high security prison for a murder he did not commitHis brilliant psychotic brother about to perpetrate a horrific crimeA young woman with an extraordinary past on the edge of a violent breakdownAn ancient tomb with an enigmatic curse about to be unveiled at a celebrity studded New York galaThe New York Museum of Natural History recei.

(Pdf Download) The Book of the Dead

Deliciousness that makes it an apt comparison for The Book of the Dead Rather it is the Frosty s distinctively singular tasteYou might assume that a simple concoction of chocolate and vanilla soft serve ice cream would while yummy not be particularly memorable and that you could approximate the taste of a Frosty in any number of ways including by ordering a basic chocolatevanilla twist cone from any roadside ice cream shop If you did however you would be performing the proverbially damning act of making an ass out of u and me because Frosties taste like nothing else It s a combination of their consistency texture maltiness balance of chocolate and vanilla and the slight hint of waxy plastic they pick up from the cups in which they re served In a blindfold taste test I could pick out a Frosty every single time It s truly the most uniue generic item I can think ofAnd that my friends is where we re at with the Pendergast series On its face it s a series that features a modern day Holmes knockoff in Pendergast a Watsonian sidekick in the form of Vincent D Agosta and even a twisted Mycroft simulacrum in the form of Diogenes with all the trappings of modern day serial killer thrillers ranging from advanced forensic techniues to absurd plot twists to stock supporting characters particularly in the form of law enforcement officers and bureaucratic officials And yet Lincoln and Child have created something utterly distinctive It may be at least in part the fact that they are ust better than the majority of their peers when it comes to their technical skills they are to be sure craftsmen of the highest order when it comes to plot pacing and overall story construction They are also solid writers and I say that not as a tepid endorsement of them relative to others working in the same genre they truly are good But it goes beyond that as well Perhaps it s the chillingly creative origin of Pendergast and Diogenes the interjection of horror elements across the series the expert use of setting or the blurry line between fantasy and reality whatever the case like a Frosty the combination of all aspects of the series elements that taken individually are neither remarkable nor especially original transform it into something utterly distinctive and irresistible Nowhere is that evident than in The Book of the DeadIf you ripped the cover off of this book and replaced the characters names with generic alternatives you d still know you we rereading a Preston and Child Pendergast book This book features aspects of all of its predecessors characters locations plotlines tone atmosphereit draws on so much of what has come before yet combines it all in a way that makes this book the perfect encapsulation of the series as a whole thus far at any rate Sure it s got flaws willing suspension of disbelief is perhaps essential here than ever but it s entertaining as hell and were it not for the last 50 pages or so I d call this 45 starsWhat happened over the last 50 pages Well imagine Wendy s decided to offer 50 different Frosty flavors ranging from mochi to lychee It would be over the top and off brand and completely unnecessary That s the last part of this book I won t include spoilers here but let s ust say a heretofore meek character basically becomes a combination of Dwayne Johnson and Robocop and things Rescuing Gus just get utterly absurd So that gets us back to 4 starsThis feels like the conclusion to the first major arc of the series and I m looking forward to seeing what Messrs Preston and Child have in store for our heroes going forward In the meantime I d better start increasing the variety of my food intake so that I m prepared to retain that awesome new writing award that weust decided to create in my illustrious honorBon appetit. Ing Egyptian temple it was a popular museum exhibit until the 1930s when it was uietly closed But when the tomb is unsealed in preparation for its gala reopening the killings and whispers of an ancient curse begin again And the catastrophic opening itself sets the stage for the final battle between the two brothers an epic clash from which only one will emerge ali.

O brothers was that impressive in terms of the lengths Diogenes went to to destroy his brother This was definitely the poorest of the Diogenes trilogyThe next in series is also not popular with fans of the series as it is in a different setting and without the supporting cast so I may give that one a missA tepid contribution to the series I really hope it picks up again I normally never buy NY Times bestsellers as it s usually the morons of America that cause the shittiest books ever written to end up on this list The Book of the Dead was an exception I made This time American readers got it RIGHT I Class of 92: Out of Our League just finished this book and I m still reeling This book is the way a thrillermyster should be written It s full of complex well developed characters it has an evil genius part Hannibal Lecter part Sideshow Bob conspiring to ruin lives a cooped up mysterious girl living in a NYC mansion seduction explosions hypnosis prison escapes murders light shows ancietnt Egyptian curses a final showdown on a FRICKIN VOLCANO in Italy AND A BOMBSHELL ENDING Christ this book RULES and it s all written in such a fast paced way that you NEVER get bored Extra bonuses1 You can NEVER predict anything Any half wit could have predicted the ending of The Da Vinci Code and elements of other great thrillers like Red Dragon and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo also have predictable parts Not this one The writers are too smart for you and they stay 10 steps ahead at all times 2 The two main characters KICK ASS The evil genius isn tust bad he s a meniachal nut case that you almost have to admire for his psychotic brilliance His brother the eually brilliant FBI agent gets his ass kicked Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story just enough to make him believable but not a wussy ROCK ON 3 I didn t even know until half way through the book that it s the most recent in a series They give away nothing about the other books so I can go back to number one and start reading without knowing what happened WOOHOO 4 Most importantly this book isn tust a story When a book is ust a story I get driven nuts Good authors like these ones include other shit in their books because they re SMART and they know how to keep a reader interested This book will have you googling shit looking for places on maps trying to find out information about historical figures downloading classical musicians you d never ever heard of and checking up on Oscar Wilde uotes etc THIS to me is what makes a novel great elements of intelligence and not ust a stupid story Think I m wrong Uhhh two words for you Ken Follet Here are some AS Byatt William Styron Margaret Atwood I can keep this up all day Anyway AWESOME READ am SO going to read this entire series ROCK AND ROLL It s been suggested by me that I am the James Beard of Pendergast reviewers and I m inclined to agree with me Does that mean there should similarly be an award named after me Yes Yes it does I propose The Sean Gibson Terrible Food Metaphors for Books About Serial Cereal Killers Award It all began with a somewhat dubious comparison of Relic to a hot dog and snowballed from thereIn keeping with tradition once I finished The Book of the Dead I climbed to the top of a tall mountain closed my eyes and meditated for seven straight days and seven straight nights to find the right comparison for this review After climbing down from the mountain and cleansing myself of the detritus that had accumulated from having not moved to visit the bathroom for a week I reached my conclusion a Wendy s FrostyFor those of you who don t know Wendy s it s a fast food burger chain akin to McDonald s or Burger King whose signature dessert item is a frozen chocolate vanilla ice cream like treat called a Frosty It s tasty especially on a hot summer day But it s not so much its. Ves their pilfered gem collection background down to dust Diogenes the psychotic killer who stole them in Dance of Death is throwing down the gauntlet to both the city and to his brother FBI Agent Pendergast who is currently incarcerated in a maximum security prisonTo uell the PR nightmare of the gem fiasco the museum decides to reopen the Tomb of Senef An astound.

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Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1956 and grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley Following a distinguished career at a private nursery school he was almost immediately expelled he attended public schools and the Cambridge School of Weston Notable events in his early life included the loss of a fingertip at the age of three to a bicycle; the loss of his two fr

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