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Twain s Autobiography is just undigested dictated notes of his old age The best bits appear as self standing pieces in his books Holy crap That was awesome If I were stranded on an island with only one book to read I hope it could be this massive three parter The 2000 plus pages are not nearly enough to satisfy wanting to know about Twain or at least wanting to hear about how he saw himself his family his friends the overnment and the world I liked and respected Twain prior to investing in these books but now he is otherworldly to me Good King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies god did he hate Roosevelt Remember when Oprah eviscerated the Million Little Piecesuy or Jon Krakauer took a flame thrower to Greg MortensonTwain hates Roosevelt way than that For that alone this is a Rescuing Gus great readHighly highly recommended MP The Diaries of Adam and Eve 4 starsThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer 4 starsJoan of Arc 3 starsThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 3 starsThe Innocents Abroad 3 starsLife on the Mississippi TBRMark Twain by Ron Powers TBRorI think I will read these insteadAutobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1 The Complete and Authoritative EditionAutobiography of Mark Twain Volume 2 The Complete and Authoritative EditionAutobiography of Mark Twain Volume 3 The Complete and Authoritative Edition Review title Goodbye old friendWith this third massive volume the Complete and Authoritative Edition of Twain s autobiographical writings is complete You can read my reviews of Volume 1 and Volume 2 to learn about the best autobiography never written The same praise applies here as Twain brings his writings to a close within six months of his death in April 1910This volume showcases three aspects of Twain s mind1 His political concernsWe have already encountered Twain s well documented deep dislike and distain of Teddy Roosevelt in the first two volumes But reading this venom expressed in exactly the same tone and language directed against President Trump in his first year is both powerfully prophetic and cautionary One example of severalHasn t he kept up such a continual thundering from our Olympus about foot ball and base ball and all sorts of little nursery matters that we have come to stand in fear that the first time an exigency of real importance shall arise our thunders will not be able to attract the world s notice or exert any valuable influence upon ourselves And so on and so on the list of unpresidential things things hitherto deemed impossible wholly impo This compendium of autobiographical material like the other volumes available freely for online reading is an entertaining and in insightful view into the wit and world of thereat American humorist For me this concluding volume I don t know that are planned by O of C Press is in two parts The first part is the wit and worldview of Twain from a detailed examination of Wapping Alice and the case of the supposed cross dressing to his considered views of the deficiencies of Teddy Roosevelt as president his opinions on simplified spelling and even considering the buying into the Baconian theory of Shakespeare authorship due to the paucity of biographical details for William Shakespeare The second half is a saddening look into the twilight of his life he the The Autobiography was wasted and had to defend himself from a married servant couple from drinking theft of property and wealth and the cruel confinement of his epileptic daughter Jean Clemens beyond what was humane With this volume the Autobiography of Mark Twain as he intended it or less see below is fully published over a hundred years after his death Many pieces of it had been published before in very different form often expurgated always out of order in bits and piecesThis third volume is the most consistent one if you look for a linear narrative not necessarily what Twain started out to produce It follows the last roughly two years of his dictations which in turn follow this years relatively closely There is still the odd older anecdote usually when Twain tries to Class of 92: Out of Our League give context to people he meetsTwo larger episodes stick out His visit to England foretting his honorary degree from Oxford which tends to drag a bit with overblown reverence almost adoration of the European noble class An episode with lines upon lines upon lines of boring insubstantial details about long forgotten rich bourgeoisThe second is contained partially in the Autobiography proper but the bulk is in a manuscript not having been published before this volume the so called Ashcroft Lyons Manuscript It deals with a the events surrounding two of Twain s employeesacuaintances who appear to have skimmed off his riches With all corrections false starts deletions ramblings The surprising final chapter of a Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story great American lifeWhen the first volume of Mark Twain s uncensored Autobiography was published in 2010 it was hailed as an essential addition to the shelf of his works and a crucial document for our understanding of thereat humorist s life and times This third and final volume crowns and completes his life s work Like its companion volumes it chronicles Twain s inner and outer life through a series of daily dictations that o wherever his fancy leadsCreated from Marc.

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Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 3 E–book ↠ Mark Twain

Olume ends when Twain finds his daughter Jean dead having drowned after an epileptic seizure He shares his rief in his last dictated sections his reason for writing the autobiography one There is an addition to the official part of the autobiography In subseuent years Twain realized that his secretary and his housekeeper had been defrauding him He writes a story to describe the situation covering uite a few pages in the same style and wit he exhibits throughout The case never went to court so this story was not released It contains some interesting details on his life his finances and his frame of mind He was too trusting and you can feel him just kicking himself on being taken for so long by the people he mindlessly trusted You learn much of Twain s character at the twilight of his life from this storyThe essays or stories themselves are of a wide variety of topics but all containing Twain wit and style There are descriptions of investments including a wireless telephone that takes messages Twain had a reat disdain for President Teddy Roosevelt pillorying him in a few of his essays He also took on the media The writing was fresh but I found it truly amazing that for a few pages I would have believed it had been written this week the topics were how unpresidential the President was acting followed by a condemnation of the media printing stories without facts in order to keep advertisers happy Ripped from today s headlines but written 110 years ago After listening to the audiobook version of all three volumes of Twain s autobiography I ot what I was initially looking for insight into Twain and a lot of stories told in his style He was a reat writer and this volume reminds you of this in every section Literary historians are certainly indebted to those who made these volumes available I was amazed in this volume by how much Twain did not like Theodore Roosevelt Actually he says he liked him as a person but hated his politics I could not help but wonder if Twain resented TR being the only man in America with a bigger personality than him and who was even loved than himPerhaps the most interesting thing in all three volumes is the end of this book Twain had a Secretary and Financial Manager whom the totally trusted There are a couple of books and a movie that suggest that Twain had an affair with his Secretary But these came out before this autobiography When all of this controversy was oing on Twain wrote an extended account of everything that happened which was again not to be published until long after all of those involved were dead Twain s case seems compelling that the villans were his employees Further it seems doubtful from all that he says that he ever had an affair with the Secretary A fascinating and often hilarious series of anecdotes and observationsand Twain HATED Teddy RooseveltThe third volume of Twain s autobiography continues in its unorthodox style as less a narrative of his life than a series of random asides that he decided to dictate between 1907 and 1909 The almost cynical way Twain decided to write is autobiography is continuously amusing Ultimately it was a scheme to extend the copyright on his written works so he d as the copyright was about to expire he d append 20000 or so words of autobiography to the book and therefore extend the copyright another 24 years It was so blindingly cynical as to be commendable The combincaiton of irascibility self deprecation and egotism prevails throughout this work as Twain rails against everything from banuet speeches hates them honorary degrees loves them because he didn t do anything to earn it and his own laziness unsurpassed in his eye This book is like sitting at the feet of a crotchety old man who keep hitting you with and another thingThe venom Twain has for Teddy Roosevelt is both substantial and uaint in hindsight Example Mr Roosevelt is the most formidable disaster that has befallen the country since the Civil War but the vast mass of the nation loves him is frantically fond of him even idolizes him This is the simple truth It sounds like a libel upon the intelligence of the human race but it isn t there isn t anyway to libel the intelligence of the human raceThe autobiography ends with the tragic death of his daughter Jean who drowned in a bathtub following an epileptic seizure His reminiscences after that point are heartbreaking as he recounts all the little things throughout the house that now without an agent behind them feel so empty It s uite moving and an understandable if sad way to end the work The long poem for his daughter Olivia and his parting thoughts on his daughter Jean are each worth the price of this volume. Iously unpublished Ashcroft Lyon Manuscript Mark Twain s caustic indictment of his putrescent pair of secretaries and the havoc that erupted in his house during their residencyFitfully published in fragments at intervals throughout the twentieth century Autobiography of Mark Twain has now been critically reconstructed and made available as it was intended to be read Fully annotated by the editors of the Mark Twain Project the complete Autobiography emerges as a landmark publication in American literatur.

Tc kept intact by the editors details on why and how are found in the editorial notes introductions and explanations in the three volumes it ives a Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi goodlimpse of Twain as a man and of his work processThat brings me to the editorial workSome readers have been less than flattering about this edition particularly when the first volume was published They don t like that there is anything but After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 genuine Twain between the title and end pages Sure an edition without any notes or introduction is conceivable and was I think done for the first volume the so called reader s edition I have not had a looked into it but if it reallyot rid of all the explanations provided by the proper edition it cannot be much funApart from the fact that Twain all to often bends reality to suit a better tale or because he forgotmixed up things most of the characters he talks about many of the then big events are now at best mere footnotes to literary political theological history Even specialists do not necessarily know them Without the painstaking work of the editors the reader wouldn t know anything about themIn some cases this may work in others not so much Sometimes Twain simply forgets to mention the function of a certain person he mentions without which their actions doesn t make any sense or the actions are not even mentioned explicitly but are obvious when we learn the profession In other cases out of narrative choice Twain introduces details iving a completely false image of the real persons involved as with Ah but I shouldn t spoil the particular episode I have in mindTwain had two oals in mind when he started in fits his Autobiography He wanted a true image of the man in all his lory and all his infamy He was aware that nobody could honestly write about themselves especially not when trying their hands on a linear narrative from birth to Hence his decision for an anecdotal approach It is curiously the Ashcroft Lyons Manuscript presenting the most honest to many possibly sobering even horrifying image of Twain the man This is of a very long rant and intended as such than a well thought through abstract of events and feelingsIt is still open to debate what really happened between the Clemenses and the Ashcroft Lyons although I tend to believe the core of Twain s accusations are true but he blew it out of proportion for very personal reasons He was clearly deeply hurt by what he perceived as treason it didn t help the accused to drag in his daughters who he dearly lovedHis second aim was to provide his daughters with income from his books only feasible by extending copyright on them Hence many a piece was intended to be stuck onto new editions of his old books As a whole his Autobiography was to be published a hundred years after his death as not to tarnish any living person s reputation In the case of the Ashcroft Lyons Manuscript no publication seems to have been intendedThe three volume Autobiography as it now stands is a treasure trove for historians and literary scientists specialised in US American Modernism of the second half of the 19th century It shows us how not only thought and writing processes of a specific person Samuel Langhorne Clemens but ives a picture of the times of how people lived mostly prosperous people but Twain and many of his acuaintances weren t always wealthyand what they thought about current events Twain at his short essay best This volume of the autobiography has Twain dictating whatever stories came into his mind while purportedly writing his autobiography over three years of his life It comes across a lot like a newspaper columnist with free reign to write whatever he wants knowing the strength of his style and his storytelling capabilities will pull him through with what could well be a em There are ems here but take the stories together and they tell of Twain s life his worries his interests his opinions He loves his own opinions The backstory here is very interesting and Twain himself tells it near the end of this volume Throughout this and previous volumes of his autobiography Twain complains about how the copyright law was taking away the ability for his family to earn revenue off of his work his writing after the copyright has expired He explains in this volume that he wants to provide for daughter Jean His other living daughter has married and is provided for but Jean is not Twain s way to ame the copyright law is to write additions to his autobiography and to have his daughter release new versions of the autobiography when the copyright is nearing expiration each new edition containing a few thousand words from this volume of stories uite a smart idea But the bulk of the H 1907 to December 1909 these dictations present Mark Twain at the end of his life receiving an honorary degree from Oxford University; railing against Theodore Roosevelt founding numerous clubs; incredulous at an exhibition of the Holy Grail; credulous about the authorship of Shakespeare s plays; relaxing in Bermuda; observing and investing in new technologies The autobiography s Closing Words movingly commemorate his daughter Jean who died on Christmas Eve 1909 Also included in this volume is the prev.

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