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League he can do nothing but look at her from afarCharlotte thinks that her brother s best friend Archie looks down at her because she s immature and brash Knowing this she can t help but find a little pleasure in making him uncomfortable Charlotte s lived a very privileged life but not necessarily in a loving or happy household Her father loves his mistress than his family and her mother resents her husband for being with his whore than her It also seems that Charlotte s brothers are growing up to have a similar attitude to the duke The heir supposedly has a wife and a mistress and the spare keeps a constant line of mistresses and no plans to get married All of these xamples of infidelity are so unappealing to Charlotte she d rather stay unmarriedFunny thing is Charlotte and Archie have the hots for ach other At first it s obvious that the two of them are blind to ach other s mutual attraction and suffer in silence Then once the attraction has been confirmed they can t keep their hands off Humanism each other Charlotte starts thinking that maybe she has found love but Archie knows he loves her but doesn t want his families issues to impact Charlotte s standing in the ton Will love conuer their reservations Are they doomed to live withoutach other This is a very steamy read What makes this a little different from most is that both the hero and the heroine are very inexperienced They turn to their friends to learn how to pleasure their partner I think this part is where I find it not really true to the time From what I understand this is not something that would be discussed Smokin' Hot even with a near and dear friend or mate you ve known for years I also find it unlikely that Archie would havexposed his vulnerabilities Look I actually Placing Memory enjoyed this part of the story I just know that if you re a stickler for a historically accurate tale this one might be seen as lackingOverall I reallynjoyed Lady Charlotte s Maruess and found the love story sweet The additional characters are great and I m curious to see who will be the next spare to become an heir Lady Charlotte s Maruess was the first story I have read by Fiona Miers and I am keen to read of her work in the futureTo pre order your copy of Lady Charlotte s Maruess from m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance drink coffee be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews fashion food and pervathons Drama and angstThis isn t your usual froth and bubble historical romance Lord Archie learns just before his ighteenth birthday that his brother the heir to the Maruisate is dying of syphilis He is now the de facto heir and his father makes it clear that he is to keep healthy and not to visit any brothels In fact his mother and father come across as very cold people on this their only appearance in the story Archie being an upright young man took this to heart which led to him still being a virgin at the age of 27Lady Charlotte is the daughter of a Duke but has refused all offers of marriage After all as she said a husband would take all her property and her dowry and would be able to use her body as he wished She was therefore determined to remain single or to do as gentlemen did That is to wait for a non xistent gentleman one who was pleasing to the ye wealthy and a virginArchie s friends gave him away and Lady Charlotte started to look at Archie differently Archie on the other hand has been in love with her for years but knowing the disgrace that his family will face once his brother s condition becomes known is determined to be noble and not pursue CharlotteIt isn t clear what period this story is set in which would determine the reaction of society to this scandal Somehow I can t believe that society would cut the heir to a maruess and friend of a duke After all a maruess is second in rank only to a dukeSo all the drama and angst is a bit unbelievableLovers of historical romance will probably lap this up as long as they are ready to suspend belief Not too bad Together they make a great sexy couple who are both inexperienced and I found it ndearing and I really Wanton Nights enjoyed the story unfolding around them Veryntertaining A really good story Hard to become a suitable heir but he dreads the coming time when he must give up all his own dreams and assume their father's mantle The only source of joy in his life is the lovely audacious Lady Charlotte who brings his dreams into bold vivid color But dare he ask her for her hand when it means dragging her into scandal Can the two find a way to claim While My Soldier Serves each other's heartsven against a backdrop of family tragedy and sha.

This is the second time taking this story The first time I read it too fast and skipped some parts because I wanted to know what happened lol So I think that time doesn t count Anyway I needed to read all from the beginning and I thoroughly njoyed it The first story of The heir and a spare series I read was actually Lizzie s recalcitrant arl that s the third in the series After that I read Sarah and Oliver s story that s the first one I think I read them last year but I m not sure if I review them Anyway I found all stories very good but I specially liked this one because of the unlikeliness of both main characters being inexperienced It gives their ncounters a novelty and a passion different to other stories The story is well written very sexy but has a background of deep love hope and loyalty The story has some angst but not much Archie behaves in a silly way 50% of the book and breaks Charlotte s heart in a vane intent to protect her from his lost reputation but they fix things in the nd very satisfactorily I will The Fiend Next Door expand my review at a later date I think thend was a bit too fast though it has an pilogue but there is not much story about her family s reaction or the things they had to ndure due to his lost reputation due to his brother s unfortunate demise I like how they learn to communicate and fix problems together both of them learning to build a solid marriage in spite of the bad பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் examples of their families Over all very good story very passionate and romantic and fast to read I recommend it This was a wonderful story about an adult Lord Archibald Turner a male at twenty seven years of age was still a virgin and the object of his affection Lady Charlotte Dunford who was also a virgin Lady Charlotte is twenty two and was considered nearly on the shelf Charlotte was fiercely independent witty way too argumentative and loved life with a passion This is why Archie had fallen in love with Charlotte Since she was sixteen he knew he would love no other Charlotte felt the same way but did not know if Archie would return her affectionThen onevening Charlotte had proclaimed to her friends that she would only marry for love He must be a gentleman handsome financially stable a little older than her and he must be a virgin Everyone laughed when one of Archie s friends Rupert told Charlotte she need look no further than Archie Archie was stricken speechless Charlotte now understood that she had found the right one She wondered and worried if he could return her love When she realized that he did but at the same time was pushing her away she became confused hurt and angry Archie was shouldering a terrible burden a secret that if known would tarnish his and his families name for all time He would be given the direct cut from polite society and he did not want to drag Charlotte into his affairs Charlotte did not know this But sometimes Archie s resolve failed him and Charlotte could see how he really felt about her Then Archie s feared nightmare came to pass He became reclusive rejecting his closest friends from visiting him Charlotte would not be turned away by Archie and visited him without a chaperone and at his bachelor home What would happen when they were finally alone Would Archie finally let Charlotte break down all his walls How would two innocents know what to do with The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 each other if they chose to be intimate Would Charlotte be willing to live a life with Archie knowing of his disgrace Would she be able to bear the scrutiny of the ton These and other uestions are answered when you read this delightful story of true love I absolutely loved reading this It grabbed my attention and held it throughout the book There was sadness suspense comradery loyal friends happiness fun love and passion allxpressed in this book I highly recommend it I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review What a great read This one was such a page turner that I read it all in one day and A Meditation on Murder even though I was pretty sure there was going to be a HEA it was still a roller coaster ofmotion and uncertaintyThe plot was somewhat different from the average and felt fresh and interesting I wa. Recently been updated newly dited version uploaded Enjoy This Duke's daughter swears she will marry only for love but can she convince a certain gentleman to do the same Lady Charlotte is the daughter of a Duke She's been raised with verything her heart desires xcept for love Her parents' arranged marriage brought wealth influence and power but their happiness was never considered Must she accept a union like theirs Cert.

S completely sold on the story line and all of the characters Even supporting characters were well developed and I was almost as invested in what was happening with their stories as I was with the main characters Charlotte and Archie Both main characters were complex and realistic and I loved that Charlotte was portrayed as a strong woman with her own opinionsThe writing style was relatively simple and crisp with xcellent dialogue and really good descriptions There s no filler in the book very chapter adds to the plot and the story and kept me completely ntertainedWhile this is part of a series it can be read as a standalone It does feature characters who appear in the other books Recommended for all romance fans and a must read for any who like historical romance I received a copy of this book from Booksprout and have chosen to leave a review Customer Review50 out of 5 starsCharlotte Seduces her manBy sewsum TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 30 May 2018Format Kindle EditionArchibald is the second son of the Maruess of Hunting and for tens years he has been waiting for the death of his AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 elder brother and the scandal it will bring with it So terrible will be the scandal that there is no way he will consider marriage to Charlotte the only woman he hasver loved Tired of waiting for Archibald to see her as than his best friend s sister Charlotte takes matters into her own hands and sets out to seduce him instead This is an The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? engaging love story of two members of the ton her naughty seduction of Archibald destroys WARNING There is depiction of and talk surrounding miscarriage in this story It is not overly graphic or descriptive but it is there I will start with what I liked about this story The idea itself the bare bones of the plot The consent before and checking in during sex however there is one time that it should have happened but didn t view spoiler Not to be too graphic but Archie finishes in Charlotte without getting the okay to do that hide spoiler I loved the first part of the book when Charlotte has reallymbarassing conversations with her friends I just can see their shocked faces What can I say Charlotte isbold and beautifulThe latter part of the book I liked a bit less in which she practises what her friend told her about sex Again and againWhere the first part of the book is sweet and funny the latter is sexy and ntertaining in a totally different wayI love the friendships And Charlotte is such a strong and beautiful characterI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Wellthat was steamyI m not sure how historically accurate Lady Charlotte s Maruess is but I can definitely vouch that it was very sexy It s not a kinky historical romance steamy and concentrating on love and a mutual devotion I think that was the appeal of Lady Charlotte s Maruesswhich unfortunately made it seem a little less historically accurate In some ways it was a bit of a reversal in roles too We have a hero that followed his father s rules to the T and led him to live his life practically a saint On the flip side we have a Lady who is the daughter of a Duke confident a little brash and determined to not settle for less than what she desires Will his good behaviour now help him in the future Or will all the hard work and sacrifice be for naught Will her confidence and brash behaviour in the past mess with her future Or will her determination to find the perfect husband leave her a lonely woman Poor Archiehis family SUCKS His parents are unloving and have never acted in a way to show they care about him or his older brother His older brother being the heir is given a little freedom and attention This in the nd has not really done Archie s brother any good because his reckless life of freedom has shortened it dramatically Archie has gone from being the spare to waiting and knowing he will become the heir He is NOT happy about it He never wanted the responsibility or the title and now the family name will be in tatters as well The chances of him finding an advantageous marriage prospect are slim and lovealmost impossible Unfortunately he knows where his heart is and she is so far out of his. Ainly she won't find the gentleman she's looking for in her family's social circle The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online except perhaps her brother's mysterious handsome friend Archie He draws her attention like no other but can she convince him to trust his heart Archibald Turner second son of a Maruess lived the carefree life of a 'spare' until he wasighteen That was the year he learned his older brother would not live to inherit the title Archie has worked.

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