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Reak revenge lust and moments that makes you want to re read a chapter several times because you are still shock for what happened Laid Bare was just as fantastic and powerful as the first two I love how V E Campudoni writes He can pull a scene together like no other I say scene because that was what they were Steamy yes erotic yes but one with such taste and style and passion Even the pace of the book with the mafia side story has me convinced who is the series antagonist Lochlan McKenna The man is smart Aliens Vs Predator dangerous and spells trouble for everyone in the series There s even a mentioned within the book about hisaughter and if my suspicion is correct would make him the most hated character in any BDSM book series I had read so far Now I m going to say something a little weird for me If I have any complaint about the book it s that I wished he would For Discrimination do a spinoff on the O Shea s and the syndicate There s gold in that side story In this book we get to see Raul s family and I love Jamie Donnie O Shea and their relationship with him The Suare itself seemed to be a living breathing character like the Looking Glass and I just want of the two Now for the sensitive readers there might be well too much sex Nowon t get me wrong the smut is SERIOUSLY top notch I mean panting while reading smokin hot But there s a LOT of it and in ways that some may feel that it Academic Writing, Real World Topics don t necessarily add to the story However itoes Without giving spoilers there s several scenes that is hot and heavy and Repressed Memories A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse FiresideParkside Recovery Book dark and scary and amazing andefinitely adds to the plot Our lovers are wounded in the worst possible way and in order to heal some of those wounds they have to go to some scary places That means that the sex is an important part of the story Then there s the many twists within this story Without giving away spoilers I must say that I found myself screaming at my tablet as well as being left in a state of shock and for the first time so far in this intense series No cliffhanger Our characters have a HFN but it s obvious that it s going to be short lived thanks to Joslin s aka Claudette s stepbrother Duke I looked at past reviews on this series and I found it funny how they kept comparing Enzio with Gideon Cross and Christian Grey when I see no comparison Cross maybe better than Grey but he is nothing in comparison to Enzio If anything the two of them would be members of the Looking Glass whom Enzio would have to teach a lesson to Enzio Salazar is no longer my book boyfriend he s my book husband and V E Campudoni you have made a serious fan out of me and inspired me to review books once again It s books like yours that makes this all worth wild and I cannot wait for your fourth installment Laid Bare Masked Emotions Book 3 by VECampudoniThe next instalment of this series is great Once again VECampudoni manages to juggle the complex characters and their uniue situations in the air all at the same time The ease with which the author tells a story is almost breathtaking as all the strings are brought to Lana and Enzo I love to hate you Steamy sinful sexy but having trouble finding love The cast of characters come into play and you get sucked in Laid Bare was a very hot steamy and very Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic dark 5 star readThis is the third book in the Masked Emotions series Suspense Mystery Murder BDSM FMF FF very hot scenes between Dom and SubsEnzio is recovering from his stabbing by an obsessive sub and losing LanaLana is now seeing Jayce Harrison and Enzio is not happy about it He has vowed to get revenge if he ever hurts Lana Enzio also has to prove that he is still the Dom he was before his attack All I can say is OH MYLana s relationship with Jayce is getting abusive He has taken to physical violence There is one shocking scene that was horrific and had me in tears I almost have her eating out of my hand and if not then I ll break her like any other whore When Enzio gets wind of the abuse that Lana has endured he plots his revenge Lets just say he is a very sly man revenge is sweet There is so many things going on with all of the secondary characters There are twists and turns along with a surprise towards the end I had so manyifferent emotions African Literature 9 during this read I am really enjoying this series thank you VE Campudoni for another great readWarning There are some scenes that may be triggers for some I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book Reviewed by MAustin from Alpha Book Clu. Ad your legs” he ordered and sheid as she was told Jasper watched as Enzio slowly undressed His body was tight and buff and when he Alien Conquest dropped his pants out sprang eight thick inches of what Jasper could onlyream of giving his wife Enzio smiled at Jasper and told Martha to face her husband as he wrapped his arms around her from behind gently kissing her neck Then he picked her up and slammed her onto the bed He spread her legs and licked the insides of her thighs Enzio then looked Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide directly at the camera lens and with a wink and a smile herove into her hard When Enzio finished he took the camera from Jasper’s hands and focused it on Martha’s face “Now kiss your wife” he ordered but Jasper hesitated Enzio yelled “Now” Jasper Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery did as commanded and Enzio made sure that he got a close shot of the couple kissing As they began to become intimate Enzio turned the camera toward himself and winked He smiled as he left the room While he was walkingown the corridor he saw Jayce’s sister Karen walking into the pool house “Well I id bring all of these lovely toys Might as well put them to good use” he thought as a wicked smile came onto his face.

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PDF NEW Laid Bare (Masked Emotions, #3) ¼ V.E. Campudoni

I have to give you five stars for effort I binge read all three of the Masked Emotions books written by local author V E Campudoni Now I am writing this review based on all three books on what I had read so far and I will copy and past this review for all three book With that said This book is not like your traditional BDSM novels there are a lot of characters beside the story main ones The writing style strongly reflects both James Patterson or Stephen King Meaning that beside the main characters the side characters also plays an intricate part of the tale However jumping from character to character within a chapter will fend off readers of this genre Readers Womens Political Activism in Palestine do not care about the side characters they only want to care about the main characters and their interactions with one another They will not care about Enzio s sister who was gang rape by Lana s boyfriend Samuel and his buddies and she becomes hell bent on revenge They would not care about Samuel becoming instantly remorseful for what he hadone They would not care about Akira who is trying to get Enzio to work in his club or his adopted Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, daughters Juno and Miko They would not care about Joslin or Rachel who in part help mold Enzio to who he is Or his stalker Gia who in my opinion is written very well especially herecent into madness Then there s the characters who get introduced later on in the other books Jayce Raul Donnie and Lochlan Readers who would want a instant hot and heavy read will not like thisYet for a reader like myself I The alphas abused mate do care Mr Campudoni created a world not a story and in that world there are gears that are movingifferent paths on a long road that all leads to the same Word Alchemy destination The pacing of the writing felt like fun and mayhem There s comedy love hate conniving murder lieseception and lust go into making this series something new for a genre that felt like a cookie formula than anything else It s great when you know the primary characters know what kind of people they are and how well they interact with one another At first it was confusing trying to figure out who the villain were but I completely understood where V E Campudoni was going with his story and he The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures did an excellent job on keeping the chemistry between the characters so perfectly in tune Basically its a standard soap opera formula and I applause V E Campudoni for at least trying to break the mold The Masked Emotions Series Linger Longing and Laid Bare plays out like an interesting television series in your mind Keeping my interest and kept me turning the pages I wanted to know about all of the characters and their personal struggles with their inneremons I truly enjoyed the sexual scenes and the hardcore BDSM scenes and I truly appreciate that unlike all of the Doms and Masters in every single BDSM books out there Enzio is a Dom who cares He is not a perfect Adonis of a man He has An Endless Lie doubts he has fear and has feelings This vulnerability is what I always wanted with a Dom character Not some jackass who instantly comes into the room and take a helpless woman with no self worth and basically treats them like their personal whore I appreciate the realism to the story I appreciate the raw emotions and I very much appreciate that he is using none of the common formula that I am used to seeing in these types of novels The Masked Emotions Series is aiamond in the rough People will hate it without a shadow of a ROMANCE (BWWM Military Romance Boxset) (African American Urban Series Short Stories Book 1) doubt People will get confused on the amount of characters this series has and how they all are connected People may not like the cliffhanger endings Yet people like myself will enjoy this soap opera All of them are great reads with good writing and I learn something new about each character and their relationships with each other as well as a peek into their lives Then there s the club The Looking Glass has to be the best sexual club ever written and the way it wasescribed and the culture makes it a character on its own I am excited for the fourth installment of this five book series Don t be surprised that in a couple of years My Hero Academia memes for kids - Funny New Memes 2019 down the line this series becomes a live action cable series I say this because that is how it plays out when you read it and I can guaranteed you that will be the only time everyone will realized just how precious and uniue this series really is Wow justwowThis book is jam packed with twists and turns My emotions ran so high at times that I had to put itown and walk away LAID BARE is Book 3 of this Smoldering BDSM Erotic Romance Series He is the King of SMand a much After the Tears darker Dom The Grand Mistress of the Master’s Society arrives to make sure Enzio can still perform as a Dom after allowing himself to become emotionally involved with a client as well as feeding into a stalker’s obsession Daring her tooubt him with his voice low and coarse Enzio instructs the Grand Mistress in a game he has chosen just for her showing her a much Daddy Blames Me darker Dom Revenge may be aish best served cold but Enzio serves it up hotvery hot after learning that Lana has been abused by her boyfriend Jayce Harrison Discovering that Jayce’s father is a member of The Looking Glass Enzio plans a very special night with the man’s wife Excerpt “Good evening Mr Harrison” Enzio said “or should I call you Jasper” “Enzio” Jasper cheerfully spoke “Are you a member of The Looking Glass as well” “Something like that” Enzio said with a wide smile Jasper looked around nervously “Martha is here as well but she’s in one of the rooms” Enzio raised an eyebrow “It’s something she wanted” “That’s good to know” Enzio said smiling wi.

Ou ve opened my eyes abs my previously closed mind to a lifestyle I never understood You have truly inspired me my friend job well Statistical Arbitrage: Algorithmic Trading Insights and Techniques (Wiley Finance) doneI highly recommend this series to everyone When I finally started reading Laid Bare knowing that I would be returning to the world of the Looking Glass Enzio Lana and the others I was like However the first few minutes into the story I was already fighting back the tears and I was shocked toiscover the choices that Lana made but it was understandable Laid Bare is Facing the Rising Sun dark and sets the tone for what s to be ahead and I am enthrall for the O Shea s More characters are introduced but itoesn t steal from the heart of the story Let s talk about the sex oh my GOD the scenes and sessions had me And Then once again Enzio proves just how perfect of an Alpha and Dom he really is Despite his problems he still felt the need to protect Lana but at the same time he was moving on Then when he started his little revenge plan and seeing it all unfold had me Then came the session between Lana and Enzio in the club OMG I almost forgot Joslin session with Enzio Then came her surprise And then came the part when Lana confronted Jayce Which had me I cannot wait for the next one I really cannot remember any book I was annoyed by than this one I still love the story about Lana and Enzio I Best African American Fiction 2010 did not fancy the turn their lives had taken in the ending of the second book and the beginning of this book I fell that they are growing apart in this series I feel that Enzio is a whole other person than in the beginning of the first book The story is still way to long with so much going on All the other persons and their stories and it all ends up being one whole story There is enough stories to make this into a 1000 episode series What frustrated me the most was that I thought this was the ending but no there is not just only one book but two I can kind of guess where the nest two books will lead and that is enough for me I will not read of this series What Lana willo to get back together with Enzio is just not for me and in the end I feel that the book is way to longI still give credit to the writer to come up with the idea and how all the characters is connected in some ways This is the third book in this continuing saga So many twists and turns with all these characters with being added in this one Lana and Enzio still haven t resolved anything really it just goes round and round in circles With BDSM content as well as violence this story is Her Alien Bodyguard (The Guards Of Attala, driving me crazy I just want these two to sort them selves out Both have made mistakes both feel letown and both love each other but still get involved with others I hope the next book is the last as I feel this has gone on long enough now it is good but is being stretched out to far At the same time I need my ending so have to keep reading I Teacher For An Alien Doctor (Intergalactic Exchange Program, do think you need to know ahead of starting the first book that you will need them all Cliff hanger endings in each book if youon t mind being invested in at least 4 full length books then this is worth reading AnticipationEnzio Lana Joslin the Japanese billionaire s and the O Shea s stories continue in this book Enzio remains the lead character but the leading ladies well there are changes Each chapter left me wanting to know and the anticipation and angst revs into high gear Many New Trends Generations in African Literature Today, Alt 20 details are revealed backstories and backstabbing corruptionrama erotic sexual scenes but another ending that s left me hanging Luckily I m prepared and purchased the next book I can t recommend this series enough It s some of the best writing I ve ever read Onwards V E Campudoni what is it about your book series that has me captivated Was it the cliffhangers of both books Your character The Battle over Marriage development or perhaps it was the world you created Whatever the case may be when I saw the third book to your series Laid Bare available this morning in my inbox for review I uickly opened it sat crossed legged within my indoor Rattan egg chair swing and immediately began reading The kids would have to go to grandma s mommy got a new book and she needs silence Mr Campudoni You had me gasping swelling up in tears and I even began fanning my face several times through multiple chapters I loved it that theeeper I Teaching History for Justice delve into this world the I could see it play out in my mind and it makes me wonder why there s only a few people who know about you Laid Bare is an action filled tale filled with sex heartb. Cked thoughts swirling in his mind When Martha cameownstairs she grabbed her husband and began kissing him Laughing to Keep from Dying deeply Enzio watched as Jasper licked the insides of her mouth and around her lips and he noticed the small thin line of semen inside her mouth Enzio looked at Martha and smiled and she immediately recognized him She blushed embarrassed that she was wearing only a garter belt and stockings and whispered something to her husband Jasper spoke up “Enzio we were wondering if you could accompany us to our house so the wife can talk to you about aonation to mycampaign” When Enzio arrived Jasper attempted to set a few ground rules Enzio casually asked “What are your conditions” “No kissing my wife” Jasper growled Enzio smiled at him “I’m going to fk your wife and I will fk her hard I will kiss her and she will experience an orgasm that you have only fantasized about giving her” He handed Jasper a igital camera “You are going to watch and you are going to record it” Enzio grabbed him by the chin “That isn’t a reuest” he spat Jasper’s wife removed her robe and Enzio walked behind her “Sit on the bed face the camera and spre.

V E Campudoni always has a knack for seeing things from interesting and unusual angles and then sit back relax and enjoy the view He had written over twenty three stories from long and short fiction including horror paranormal and action adventure The BDSM series The Masked Emotions is his personal favorite He lives in Liverpool NY with his wife and five children When hes not writin

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