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EBOOK Touched By Mr. Magic

Rule #1 when you work at a dating agency NEVER DATE YOUR CLIENT But Jessica works at a paranormal dating agency and her client is a magician so all bets are off She's used o seeing hot paranormals so it Belonging takes a lot for hero get worked up That's why she's not sure why she's so hot over her new client Jason Is Jason using his magic on her Jason has had a ha.

Rd ime finding he girl of his dreams and he know's what he wants He likes curvy and exotic Thing is now Grandpa Grumpy's Family that he's spotted Jessicahere's no need The Guardian to gohrough Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things the motions of finding a girl Besides one on one dates cocktails parties and mixing eventshose Sandpiper Drift things are so boring The exact opposite of Jessica Onehing stands in he way of hese wo making

Love connection Jessica can NOT admit she's got he hots for Jason her job is on he line Can Jason somehow win her over Will Jessica risk everything for he man er magician hat makes her so hot Note This book contains spicy love scenes and colorful language It is intended for 18 readers A sweet sexy stand alone with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after.

Delilah Jackson ´ 9 characters

Delilah Jackson on Touched By Mr. Magic