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The Optician of Lampedusa (KINDLE)

F my fateI am the captain of my soul Yeah maybe a little f you are rich and powerful you can pretend thatBut t s a delusion only allowed those cis white men womb lottery winners who believe that they are The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance in controln direct contradistinction to the fact that the earth The Doré Illustrated Balzac Droll Stories is a speck of random matter crashing through space only heldn tenuous orbit by the physical pull of a star that will die as assuredly as we will News flash Big Guys whether taken down by the shift of a tectonic plate or the change n a viral nucleoid you will be outta here Zuck Bezos Bloomberg Trump Boris J you could stop the pain See belowThe Optician he dhad his own moments of pain but he had had no dea that such profound depths of sorrow existed He could never Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species imagine feeling such an acute sadness again Later that day the police diver found the body of a young woman wedgednto the prow of the ship clutching a bundle of rags When the rags were pulled from her the cloth had fallen away to reveal a tiny baby boy still attached to his mother by the umbilical cord And the Optician realizing his naivet thought there would always be greater sorrow deeper and unfathomable than any of us could ever Feminisms at a Millennium imagine Beautifully written And true But that sorrow does not need to be sonevitably wide and huge and deep and endlessly long and spread across continents and peoples who were never to blameThere are those who have the power and the resources to make Gwydion's Dawn it so much better orn some cases even make t stop No cages for children on the southern border of the USA Easy peasy The myopic world was a softer one What a ripping line for an opticianSelective MyopiaIsn t that why so many people n wealthy countries Mj 12. Die Geheime Regierung imagining themselves ourselves worthy of comfortable lives choose tognore the majority of the world who live and die Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel in struggle and discomfort But really who wants to look farther than they need to I mean beyond the closest Dunkin Donuts Perhaps that s why MediCare MediCaid don t provide vision coverage I am particularly snarky today If Bernie doesn t win may snark myself Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon into oblivionA misanthropically myopic character the Optician must serven his clinic shop El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! is an Italian pissed about the migrants effect on business Not our problem What st got to do with us What have any of these people got to do with us It becomes so much harder to tolerate the hateful once you know Once the Optician knows Once he had held these people to his chest After he has cried without end with these people about all of our lost babies It was just that sometimes he wished that his head could be still again the way Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana it had been before they took the boat trip Before he knewToday 2 March 2020 Greek soldiers killed two migrants and wounded a third to prevent their entry and a child died when an overstuffed boat overturned trying to reach a Greeksland The most mportant book I read this year I did cry all the way through t but I am glad I read A Mistaken Match it A deeply upsetting read thats 100% relevant Anyone who thinks they understand the human element of the current refugee crisis should read this as soon as they can This Lodz is not anssue of any bullst reclamation of a nation or any other fascist cp that seems to be being spouted currently this s a human ssue with real human suffering at The Diminished it s core I urge anyone and everyone to read this book now I also urge peoplen the UK to go and buy a copy from their local Waterstones or from the Waterstones website throughout November every copy sold by Waterstones will result n a donation of 5 being given to Oxfam so that they can continue to provide aid and assistance to the people caught up n this most horrific of problems This book was a pretty bland reading experience and I think that s because I was expecting either a non fiction style recounting of the event and ts political backdrop or a first person account from the journalis. The source of that terrible noise I hardly want to You won't understand because you weren't there You can't understand You see I thought I'd heard seagulls screeching Seagulls fighting over a lucky catch Birds Just birds' Emma Jane Kirby has

T s perspective n Claimed by a Cowboy interviewing him Instead the style com I m so grateful to Waterstones forncluding this marvelous little book Discipline in their 6 best books of 2016 list otherwise who knows when I d have come acrosst He could not Claim the Night (The Claiming ignore the fact that the waving hands had always been visible to him They had wavedn the water yes but they had also waved from the reception centre from the church steps and from the roadside where he had jogged past them blindly They had waved from the newspaper columns and from the television screens where he had filtered them out and switched them off They had always been Claimed by Desire in his line of vision and he had chosen not to see them The Optician of Lampedusas one of the most moving eye opening books I have ever read It made me feel so guilty and cold Say Youll Remember Me it constantly made me cry my eyes out But that s the pointThis novella outlines everything thats wrong with Europe s lack of humanitarianism and Accidental Bodyguard its refugee policy through the account of the true story of a group of friends who chose to spend a night at sean late October 2013 and who wake up to a nightmarish sound they first believed to be the screeching of seagulls I thought I d heard seagulls screeching Seagulls fighting over a lucky catch Birds Just birds The horrible sound turns out to be the cries for help of the few people who had survived the sinking of one of those flimsy ships attempting to cross the Mediterranean from Lybia with a load of 500 migrants onboard The optician and his friends manage to save 47 of them with a boat that was built for carrying a maximum of 10 before they are stopped by the coast guard and have to go back to shore They were all drowning I thought how do I save them all I can still feel the fingers of the first hand I seized How they clamped down with such a grip that I saw the sinuous veins of the wrist pounding The force of that hold My hand n a stranger s hand n a bond stronger and Mehr als das intimate than an umbilical cord And my whole body shaking with the force of the hold as I pulled upwards and dragged the naked torso from the waves The narrative follows the Optician whos given no name and thus he could be any one of us for a year during which we get to witness the psichological and emotional The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, impact the events have had on the group of friends and we also get to know or less what became of the 47 people they saved and how the lives of the rescuers and the rescued become linkedn a bond of mutual loveThe Optician s real name Abby and the Bachelor Cop is Carmine Menna and his story serves to shake a desensitized public myselfncluded really who has become accostumed to hearing about boats sinking and hundreds of migrants dying on an everyday basis Eye to Eye in order to make us aware again that they are than numbers they are people just like you and me and they deserve to be saved and they deserve to be helped because their only faults going Accidentally Expecting in search of a better life Don t we all relate to that Thirteen thousand asylum seekers had arrivedn Italy so far this year Gabriele had told them that when he d come to fetch them n the car to take them to the aircraft hangar Until now t had just been a random meaningless figure an empty statistic Yet here they were before them flesh and blood bone and gristle with the salt of their tears mingling with their own Boys with names that sounded like music men whose hearts thumped with life and promise Names not numers Names He forced himself to look at the forlorn survivors They would have visualized only positive things for their new life Herzrivalen in the place they thought was Paradise Everything was to be fresh and excitingn Europe and they would have expected only laughter and jobs safe homes and freedom He sueezed his eyes shut to try to stop the tears He felt useless Yes he had saved them but for what kind of future No one had told them that n Europe n Paradise people also suffered and were wretched. Eported extensively on the reality of mass migration today In The Optician of Lampedusa she brings to life the moving testimony of an ordinary man whose late summer boat trip off a Sicilian Alaskan Nights island unexpectedly turnsnto a tragic rescue missio.

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Just Wow What a powerful accountThis book stunned me nto silenceFor one so small t swells tears with words ts paragraphs pull punches each chapter s a slap n the face to the reality we ve become accustomed numbed toIt made my jaw slack my nsides twist we re all guilty of looking the other way like the Optician Always Look Twice initially does with the call for charity donations but we have to hope or we have to change so that we re the onen whatever way we can being those helping handsThis also serves a poignant reminder of the truth humanity All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night in all this what the Mr Abate s of this world can t fathomn their cruel little minds cold hearts that for a migrant there Any Man Of Mine isn t choice that that risks actually better than what they re currently subjected toThat s what hurts But Annalee And The Lawman it should doAnd themages The Apollonides Mistress Scandal in this book do that far better than any news report but they also beautifully convey the human spirit within the saviours the saved the lostWe can t always do as much as we d like but just by buying this book that s something especially at places where they donate to charity readnform yourselves change your perspective for the better SHARE THIS STORY He could not gnore the fact that the waving hands had always been visible to him They had waved n the water yes but they had also waved from the reception centre from the church steps and from the roadside where he ha How naive he d been thought the optician how naive Because there would always be greater sorrow deeper and unfathomable than any of us could ever Anything For His Son imagine p 83Bad things happen all the time Sufferings a feature of life for many people When this suffering happens on our doorstep an Anticipation initial flurry ofnterest s followed by a long steady wane as what was the extraordinary becomes routine So t s with the boatloads of people making their way towards Europe For a brief moment Europe seemed to care The passage of time saw even these tragic stories become absorbed nto the fabric of normal life Emma Jane Kirby s book The Optician of Lampedusa hits the pause button on our collective forgetting This s an Italian optician s story a short tale of his coming nto contact with the raw human This Annie and the Outlaw is a story that needs to be told but I just don t feelt was told that well ANNIE AND THE PRINCE in terms of story character or writing Not one for me If you re like me then you ve never heard of Lampedusa It s a tinysland with a huge problem Every year thousands of refugees fleeing Africa wash up on The Single Dad's Redemption its shores The Optician of Lampedusas written by BBC reporter Emma A true story written by a BBC reporter trying A Christmas Affair in any way possible to draw attention to something the lucky only care aboutf t nconveniences them huge numbers of our fellow humans currently dying The Apple Orchard in desperate dangerous flailing attempts to reach livable situations habitable countriesThis Normal Italian Optician goes for a sail with his wife and 6 others at the end of the summer Sweet Not when the gulls crying aren t gulls but hundreds of drowning Eritreans less than a km off the coast of his home They manage to save 47 people all but one of them males The remaining almost 300 people died For this man his wife and 6 friends what had been an abstraction perhaps even a bother suddenly became the mostntense human moments of their livesHe lived acute human misery When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son in the eyes heldt n his hands felt the desperation of life lost and barely saved against his chest the burning tears that never stop And because his heart was open he was changedWhat would the world be like f folks could get t without developing PTSD which of course he and his wife and friends didPrior to this day He had always been a man who had been confident about where he was going a man sure of himself and his decisions I have always thought of this as the Invictus conceit of the EuroUS white man My father who I adored had a severe case of this I am the master From an award winning BBC journalist this moving book turns the testimony of an accidental hero nto a timeless story about the awakening of human courage and conscience 'I can hardly begin to describe to you what I saw as our boat approached.

Emma Jane Kirby is a reporter for the BBC where she has worked as a foreign correspondent since 2001 She is currently a reporter with BBC Radio 4’s The World at One For the last two years much of her time has been spent on the migration trail In 2015 she was awarded the Bayeux Calvados Award for War Correspondents for her reporting on the Lampedusa disaster A graduate of Oxford she lives i

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