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Don t think I have read yet that is 100% applicable or that I even agree with 100% so that doesn t take away from this one that much InformativeHad to read it for one of my classes informative if you didn t have any prior knowledge about negotiations as it has some nice examples in it However if you have some experience in the field this might not be the best choice out there Provide basic understanding about negotiations The Truth About 53 series on negotiationWell written negotiation books using 53 truth to manage negotiation challenges in business and other environmentTo sum up everything you need to know to enhance your negotiation skillsWhat I found interesting in this book about win win negotiations You have not what you deserve you have what you Another reat book about negotiations The format is several bite sized Truths as they are called each ranging around 5 15 pages that highlight a different aspect of negotiations Again this. Each book aims to cover an entire field of knowledge cut to the ist of each subject in an entertaining way and when necessary pull the curtain back and pop the bubble of commonly held assumptions Each Truth is a tool to make you successful Life is a negotiation Negotiation whether it's a job offer co.

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Easy read and reat takeaways I don t think this could be your only book on negotiation because it doesn t Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens go into enough detail but it is a solid companion to existing knowledge This book is a no nonsense concise and practicaluide for enhancing your negotiationsThe book describes strategies to move from loss loss or win loss situations to ideal win win situationsHighly Recommended This is a dense summary of research based negotiation insightsNot recommended as the main source to learn about negotiation Yes this is a uick read but unless you have done other reading on the topic of negotiation I think this is a reat introduction to the subject I have been able to put a number of these principles into action and feel like I have otten better results so it meets the initial smell test Were all of the truths useful Not for me Maybe I don t et all of the final points yet or maybe I just don t understand how to apply them At the same time The Truth About Series offers in each book the collected and distilled knowledge on a topic and shows you how you can use this knowledge in your daily life With an 'aha' on every page information is presented in a clear and accessible style that the reader can easily reference Written in short chapters.

E–book The Truth About Negotiations Truth About author Leigh L. Thompson

Focuses on interest based negotiations and ways to ensure that each party oes away with the best experience and result as possible It s short so I recommend it to anyone that hasn t read it so far as it would help with anything from asking for a raise to engaging in discussions about differences of opinion with a partner Great fast readIt is a uick read on negotiations However I read it as part of a class It does not Jimmy: The Terrorist go intoreat detail This book by Kellogg Professor Leigh Thompson presents a uick concise handbook of 53 negotiation tips The tips themselves vary from common sense to academically interesting to valuable reminders For what it is a handbook on negotiation the book served it s purpose and did so uickly and concisely My only complaint would be that the physical book should be about 12 the number of pages it is formatted to make it appear voluminous that it in fact is That said I appreciated the concise direct writing in the book. Ntract discussion decisions between colleagues or customers is an elemental part of one's professional life At home we need to resolve differences with spouses and convince kids to do their homework The Truth About Negotiations explains why reat negotiators are taught not born and why your BATNA is ke.

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