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O x rate. Ts her building Unfortunately for him Naomi is prepared to fight tooth and nail to keep the business right where it is And when Samuel finds out his work visa is going to xpire soon Naomi sees a way to get the upper hand She proposes a deal if she marries him to keep him in the country like he desperately wants he has to let her keep her business While Samuel agrees to the deal on paper it’s going to be a lot hard.

A bit Launch Sale Just 99c for 24 hours only Save 75% over the regular price of 399 A sexy marriage of convenience romance brought to you by Nicola Harris of African American club What do you get when you cross a passionate bakery owner and a real Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography estate developer who wants to buy up and replace old buildings with modern condos Well not what you'dxpect Naomi owns a bakery which has been in her family for years Samuel wan.

D for me. Er to keep his promises in practice Will Naomi and Samuel be able to get what they want while gradually growing real feelings for ach other Or will their ulterior motives mean a genuine relationship could never be Find out in this sexy 'cat and mouse' marriage of convenience romance by Nicola Harris Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot you'll be looking for your own property tycoon to get into your fl.

PDF or EBOOK (Marrying My Sweet) ✓ Nicola Harris

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