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A distance And whatever became of Well I ll leave it at that Gwydion s Dawn was such a fun read that I was disappointed when it ended I d like to see these characters carried over into a full length novel A well written shrewdly observant and humorous exploration of those characters whom we have all met who believe themselves to be esoterically gifted The instance in which Gwydion authoritatively informs Hugh that despite his own assertion that his band name merely satirises such beliefs he is in fact subconsciously attuning to the esoteric is priceless almost a carbon copy of my own experiences with such enlightened fraudsBulstrode weaves an exciting tale replete with details that vividly depict the reality of life in the Glastonbury community blessed by the presence of members who believe themselves to be in touch with otherworldly powers The reviews below come not from me but from readers on A real. Or what is he Is he a fraudster or a sage It’s for you to decideThe people of Glastonbury know only so much although to them he is but one of any number of nconventional characters who grace the streets of their town For the best part of the last decade he has devoted himself to the 'Great Work’ which he now believes himself to be pon the brink of realising; an esoteric acti.

The author has a terrific command of the English language He s from the UK and the writing has a distinctly British flair about it The prose contains some of the most enjoyable turns of phrase that I ve read in a long time Unhurried wraiths of mist drifted across the road It s a short ick read with mystery magick and murder and the main character Gwydion is deliciously The Rich One (Persephones Awakening, uirky But I guess we should expect him to be seeing as how his ambition is to resurrect the defunct Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Google it if you renaware of its intriguing history and the involvement of the Great Beast Aleister Crowley master occultist and then he intends to complete the task of implementing the Great Work for reasons I ll let you discover on your own But what about that sweet mysterious young woman Dawn What is her role in all of this And who were those folks surreptitiously observing the funeral ceremony from. Librarian's Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereMurder mystery and magic a satirical journey into the occultLust mushrooms and the est for immortality meet Gwydion Turner an inept portentous psychedelic demon raiser; a wannabe Crowley in crushed velvet From Haight Ashbury to Glastonbury this eccentric figure has been known by many but nderstood by few; just who.

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Page turner I found Gwydion s Dawn very hard to put down A well paced story of mystery with very enjoyable characters Set in and around Glastonbury giving the story a great atmosphere Highly recommended Charlotte Smith UK Thoroughly fun Fleshly raiments am I glad to have discovered this wryly humorous mystery it pulled me in not just with the ornate descriptors but by virtue of it also being a mystery holding my attention as I lumbered through the stout grandilouence You can rest assured that I shall be perusing other works from this esteemed scribe D UK Nicely done Engaging and has the trick of being relevant to the genre while also being innovative and surprising Kath Baker UK Another excellent story The story was well thought out with a cast of characters that ickly become believable and bring the story to life I do not wish to introduce spoilers as even one could affect your enjoyment Malcolm D UK. Vity that many if not most would regard as lying beyond the bounds of sanity One night in September 1985 his partial disclosure of the nature of his occult obsession reveals him to be far from the harmless buffoon that people had supposed There is it seems a whiff of death about the man Also available in paperback or for Kindle download with four other tales in Anthology Wry Out We.

The author's childhood and formative years were spent in the English West Country a region in which reality and fantasy are freuently confused and where what elsewhere would be taken as peculiar regarded as nothing than an everyday occurrence Soaked in myth folklore and cider his imagination eventually whirred into life and prompted him to pen or at least type a number of understated

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