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Second of the Florida Files this is nurse Claudia Goodwin s story as she seeks to stay alive in order to testify against her ex husband a murderer To do so however she has to survive until the trial and she knows there s a mole in the prosecutor s office Thus she refuses going into protective custody and hides on a private island owned by the father of one of her patients Too bad she s discovered there but the private security expert charged with keeping the island private decides Claudia needs his skills than the island s rich people do So off they go to his personal property in northern Florida where oh oh Jackson Richard s hard iving mother has broken into his property and is taking up space Jackson is convinced he can t keep both women safe but getting rid of his mother isn t ikely When word gets out how did that happen where Claudia is the chase is on How Jackson manages things thereafter is heart poppingly exciting and worth. She can't make the same mistake again Claudia Goodwin oved and trusted once Now she's running from the man she thought would never hurt her Hiding in the breathtaking beauty of a private Florida is.

A read I chose this one just for the pure fun and it provided as much but not much The writing was slick and some of the side characters were well drawn and oveable My primary complaint was that the hero alternated between being too perfect and having a side that I really did not find particularly ikeable but that the heroine seemed to be completely willing to put up with Normally I LIKE when the hero or heroine is NOT perfect has obvious flaws but I need them to be recognized as FLAWS and be something they are working on whereas here the hero s moodiness and snarking speech toward the heroine and other family members seemed to be just accepted as one of his uirks and it was all good This made it hard for me to fall for the hero which is kind of the point of a romance novel I also felt the depth of the conversations between the hero and heroine was sorely acking I needed to see genuine emotional connection between them beyond anim. Land until she can testify against her ex husband a ruthless terrorist she has to stay focused on survival Sexy security expert Jackson Richards is the perfect man to have on her side but trusting

(Accidental Bodyguard The Florida Files #1) PDF FREE ã Sharon Hartley

Al ust to believe in the growing Mesagerul love between them That said the story did have its moments but I think I had to kind of create the hero and heroine into what I wanted them to be in my head and fill in some missing conversations in order to fully appreciate the writing Theocations were well described and evoked and I did enjoy that The emotional conflict between the hero and heroine needed a Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens little complexity because I feltike I was just being taken around the same oop over and over again and I was getting bored with the same simplistic roadblock Overall I would say it s a decent category title and it serves its purpose if that s all you expect from it But I have read others from the SuperRomance ine that exceeded these expectations and competed with the uality of many single title novels Not as much the case here I absolutely enjoyed this story the characters were good I What Am I Doing with My Life?: And other late night internet searches answered by the great philosophers love how it all turn out Miniseries The Florida Files. Nyone even him isn't an option The one thing she can't keep hidden is the crackling attraction between them And desire for the man keeping her safe might not be enough to protect her heartor herif.

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