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God had not provided but Heather refused to allow that to shatter her faith She owed that much to her fatherThere s not much to say about this bookIt s a romantic suspense novel about a woman being stalked by her murderer ex husband who has escaped from prison The Deputy US Marshal assigned to her is her love interest Heather Miller and Zachary WalkerNO CHEMISTRYThe first thing I d like to address is that these two have no chemistry I don t believe they are sexually attracted to each other Nor do I believe that they are in love with each other Stone s not selling this one effectively They are bland uninterested in each other and tepidTHE MYSTERYI have to say that Stone surprised me once or twice As per usual in romantic suspense the romance if one can even call it that takes a backseat to the mystery story The book wasn t as predictable as I had thoughtMENTIONS OF GOD 33HOW S THE SEX CARMENNo sex this is Christian romance Some light kissing Four light kisses one kiss on the cheek and one kiss on the fingersHonestly these characters did not seem sexually or romantically interested in each other at all I couldn t buy this romance TL DR This book wasn t terrible but it certainly failed as a romance IMOROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceInspirational RomanceRomantic SuspenseNon Virgin HeroineRapeAbuse SurvivorPolice RomanceHe s a Deputy US Marshal She Runs a BB Plain Sanctuary is by Alison Stone It is a Love Inspired suspense The past and the present collide Heather Miller was once a member of the Amish community of uail Hollow She and her sisters were taken from the community and the religion when she was six and her mother was murdered They had cut all ties with the community and their randmother Heather was now back after inheriting her The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda grandmother s house and land She intended to turn the house into a Bed and Breakfast and had spent areat deal of time money and effort to The Tomb of Iuchiban get it ready to open in a couple of weeks That is if the construction is finished by then She certainly hoped the rain would not interfere inetting her windows put in the back The storm was making her nervous and when she heard a loud crash downstairs she was sure someone had entered the house When she realized that it was the tarp over the hole in the wall coming loose she ot dressed to try to fix it before damage was done with the rain She definitely was not expecting to come face to face with US Marshall Zachary Walker US Marshall Zachary Walker was on vacation in uail Hollow when he was put back on duty to protect Heather Miller Heather s ex husband Brian Fox had broken out of prison and was thought to be headed towards Heather for revenge He blamed her for his being in prison for murdering his second wife He didn t mind iving up his vacation but he did mind having to deal with Brian Fox Brian s second wife had been Zachary s little sister He wanted to be in on the hunt for Brian not being a babysitter for Brian s ex wife As the hunt for Brian Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) goes on Heather is taken into hiding in the Amish community Here she finds knowledge of her Mother and her death She stays with Ruthie s family Ruthie is an employee at the BB However Heather finds out she was also her Mother s best friend What does her Mother s murder have to do with Heather s present situation I really enjoy Alison s work I love suspense and I love Amish stories so it s a no brainer that I love her books This book is well written fast paced and full of faith You areoing to love itHeath. AMISH COUNTRY DANGER Returning to her Amish hometown to open a bed and breakfast Heather Miller thinks she's finally safe from her violent ex husband until he escapes from prison Now with her ex determined to hurt her she must

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(Plain Sanctuary) EBOOK/PDF · Alison Stone

Is a young former Amish woman who for the past few yr has been running from her abusive ex husbandHer and her sisters fled the Amish community after her mom was murdered Since her ex Brian was put in prison because of testimony she now feels safe to Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow go with her life She decide to return to her Amish roots and start a b and b in herrandmother s house She has moved home to uail Hollow NY But things don t o as plan when her ex escapes from prison and comes straight for her Can she manage to keep herself safe from her ex Will her b and b be successful Will the Amish community support her and her business How will they react when they learn about her past and the danger it could bring to their community Zackary Walker is an US Marshall who is assigned to track down Heather s ex husband and protect her He is personally involved in this case because Heather s ex killed Zach s sisters when she was married to him Zach is determined to bring Brian Fox to justice and protect no matter what it costs Will Zach be able to protect Heather Can he put his personal feelings aside and do what it takes to et the job done or will his feelings Norte: A Novel get in the way I really like this one It has lots of suspense and lots of action I enjoyed the Amish background and how the author included that in this story Brian Fox is a typical dangerous man who makes aood villain This book had some surprises to and I really liked that Heather is a fighter and wasn t oing to let this man keep her from living I enjoyed meeting all the Amish characters and can t wait to read about these characters I hope this series lasts for a while because it will be a ood read BACK OF THE BOOK BLURBReturning to her Amish hometown to open a bed and breakfast Heather Miller thinks she s finally safe from her violent ex husband until he escapes from prison Now with her ex determined to hurt her she must rely on US Marshal Zachary Walker for safety For Zach this mission isn t only his duty it s personal The escaped convict killed his sister and Heather was instrumental inputting the man behind bars But with Zach s natural protective instincts toward Heather turning into something deeper he must keep his emotional distance He can t be distracted because the danger that lies in wait is as evil as it is unexpected and a lapse in judgment could prove deadlyMY REVIEWI was not disappointe A Nice uick Suspenseful Easy read I loved all the characters the ending was a typical harleuin ending although I LOVED the fact that SPOILER it took a year for them to Mi karma y yo get married I always feel like they rush the endings of harleuins they usually only know each other a few weeks or a month before marriage so I really enjoyed the fact that they waited had a long distant relationship and ended up marrying in a nice long timeline Can t wait to read from this author Plain Sanctuary by Alison Stone is a Love Inspired Suspense story It is action packed with a few twists and turns to the plot that keep interest high As Heather is trying to make ao of a bed and breakfast in an Amish community the past returns to haunt her in the form of an escaped con ex husband Can Zach the US Marshal who was sent to take her to a safe place keep her safe or will she continue to live in fear and hiding Good suspense realistic characters and a budding romance who could ask for I look forward to reading from this new to me author I won a copy of the book in a contest and was not reuired to write a review The opinions are my ow. Tive instincts toward Heather turning into something deeper he must keep his emotional distance He can't be distracted because the danger that lies in wait is as evil as it is unexpectedand a lapse in judgment could prove deadly.

Er Miller had been in hiding due to her abusive ex husband She came forth and testified against him when he killed his second wife Now that he is in prison she decides to Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved go on with her dream and open a bed and breakfast in her late mammy s home She has a crew renovating the home now When she discovers her ex husband has been in her home US Marshal Zachary Walker is on vacation when his boss notifies him that the man who killed his sister has escaped prison and is coming to kill his ex wife He is to protect her and help capture the killerWhen he arrives at the bed and breakfast he is told she has had an intruder and sees theraffiti he left on the wall He moves Heather to a safe house so he can protect HeatherA journey of two heartbroken individuals struggling to stay out of the cross hairs of a killer God has a plan for these two a plan for a hope and a future God has a plan for you too Surrender your heart to Him and watch Him move in your life His plans are much The Prime Minister of Paradise greater than anything you ever imagined Creepy stalker isolated farmhouse spine tingling suspense Love the interesting connection the hero and heroine have The last time they saw each other was in a courtroom where Heather s testimony put Zach s sister s killer in prison for life Now the man has escaped and Zach is determined not to let another woman become a victim I do so enjoy reading about a US Marshal in hyper protective mode Heather seems to appreciate him too though she s trying to put the past behind her and embrace a new start One that doesn t include a hovering marshal Suspense builds slowly and there s plenty of Amish input which adds a different dimension to this Love Inspired Suspense Edge of you seat can t put down book Set in Amish country Plain Sanctuary introduces us to Heather who is opening up a Bed and Breakfast and Zach a US MarshalZach shows up at the BB after learning that Heather s ex has escaped from prison for killing Zach s sister Progressing through the book it leaves the read Alison Stone has done it again with this on the edge of your fast paced suspense book that will have you up all night turning pages Plain Sanctuary Alison Stones newest Love Inspired Amish Suspense is a must read Heather Miller who lived in the Amish ways until the age of 6 has come back to her home town of uail Hollow New York back to the place of her Amish roots to start a Bed and Breakfast and a new life After being hidden away from her ex husband and putting him away in prison she has finally decided to move on with her life a new life back in the Amish community sherew up in She is there no time when she Charlie O. and the angry A's gets word that her ex husband Brian whom she helped put away in prison has escaped and is believed to be coming after her Zach Walker a US Marshall is called in to protect Heather but this case is not just any other case it is involving theuy who murdered his sister Zach vows to protect Heather and catch Brian whatever the cost Brian however is a very smart criminal He knows exactly how to out maneuver Zach Heather and the police Will Zach and the police be able to catch Brian before he kills Heather Even a drive down the road is not safe with bullets flying through the back windshield Alison Stone did an amazing job catching me from the first page Her characters and plot were very well thought out and described And just when you think it is about to be over she throws in an unexpected turn to keep the pages turning Five stars all the way Heather miller. Ely on US Marshal Zachary Walker for safety For Zach this mission isn't only his duty it's personal The escaped convict killed his sister and Heather was instrumental in putting the man behind bars But with Zach's natural protec.

Alison Stone writes sweet romance cozy mysteries and inspirational romantic suspense some of which contain bonnets and buggiesAlison often refers to herself as the accidental Amish author She decided to try her hand at the genre after an editor put a call out for Amish romantic suspense Intrigued—and who doesn't love the movie Witness with Harrison Ford—Alison dug into research incl

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