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Psyche on the grass and left then Adora showed up who was a slave girl who lead psyche through some trees to a palace that the slave girl said was her masters that she had not seen but sometimes got messages rom Psyche was to have whatever she wanted Then Psyche became aware of a Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners familiar sensation of something unseen Psyche hadirst had this sensation when she was sixteen three years ago It was almost like an invisible man watching Psyche several times Over the last three years she had Janae (Blacktop, felt like she was being watched by unseen eyes Then One time the slave girl tied Psyche to the bed and blindfolded her but she is not eaten or killed but shown gentleness in the way of physical The God agrees to marry Psyche but she must always be blindfolded when he comes to her but she does eventually manage to see him and it is the God of love but then he kicks her out of his palace Psyche goes to Venus and begs Venus to return her to Cupid the God of love Psyche is then put to three impossible tasks Psyche must do all the tasks or never see her husband again and die I had mixedeelings about this story I liked the beginning of the story but as time went on it was harder to keep going but i did I liked the plot I loved that Psyche would not give up on the God she loved I wondered how Venus coped with Cupid and Psyche being together again But this reminded me of Hercules and how he had tasks that he wasn t suppose to be able to complete so not an original concept there But still didn t take away rom the story I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend Never thought I would enjoy a historical erotic romance but I could not put Unbound down She wove the tale of Psyche into a most memorable yet erotic story Two thumbs up or Unbound I ve always loved the story of Eros er Cupid and Psyche and this is a un VERY hot retelling Especially interesting was how prominent Venus was in this take but I loved the way the author handled itDisclaimer I m acuainted with the author via social mediaIf you prefer the Greek versions of names Eros Aphrodite it might take you a ew minutes to wrap your head around this version which uses the Roman ones Also there is a hint of lesbian play which stops short of ull consummation So if that suicks you out this might not be the book or you if you are LOOKING or intense girl Dfolded and tied to a bed Psyche awaits the monster vowing to be brave as she aces death Yet when the monster arrives he marries her on the condition she never see his ace As she grows to love her shadow husband she can’t stop thinking about the God of Love Consumed by curiosity Psyche breaks her promise by lighting a lamp Awaking in a rage.

Find this and other reviews at I get too ar ahead of myself I want to note I don t read a lot of erotic lit I ve Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., flirted with the genre on and off over the years but I identify almost exclusively as a reader of historicaliction and that is how I approached Zenobia Neil s Psyche UnboundPsyche Unbound is essentially a retelling of the Cupid and Psyche myth God and mortal Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, fall in love their bond is tested promises are broken and a vengeful and jealous goddess offers a path to redemption This path takes theorm of a series of impossible tasks each designed to drive Psyche to despair Thematically the myth explores love trust betrayal and redemption all of which are paralleled by Neil in Psyche Unbound The author however puts a uniue twist on the tale adding a sensual component to the mix while aligning sexual confidence and experience to Psyche s developmental arcNeil s work isn t Everyday life in medieval times for everyone those who can t palate eroticism should look elsewhereor their next read but I ound this take on the classic intensely creative Neil understands the danger of repetition and liked how she diversified the action of each encounter to keep her audience engaged What stood out to me however were the tonal shifts of her sex scenes especially as the novel progressed to Venus tasks Neil s passion or antiuity transcends the text and while she puts her own unmistakable spin on it I couldn t help but appreciate the care she took in tempering her voice to compliment the themes of the original story Psyche stood alone on the beach as the priest of Apollo had commanded Wearing only a red linen shawl and a golden necklace The oracle had not said if the monster would eat her or keep her or ill use There was very little in Psyche s life she wanted to remember Suddenly the Goddess of love and beauty Venus towered above Psyche Venus was dazzling than any mortal woman could hope to bet gorgeous than a man could dream Venus hated Psyche Then after examining Psyche Venus left Then Psyche sensed another presence But it was not a monster but a beautiful winged man It was the God of Love Venus s son Then he pulled Psyche to him and started to rise in the air with her Then Psyche decided she didn t want to die that she actually wanted to live Psyche was suppose to die her only crime was that she was too beautiful Then He started to drop and then he left. The celebrated beauty of Roman princess Psyche has enraged Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty As punishment Psyche is left naked on the beach to be sacrificed to a monster When Cupid the God of Love swoops her up and lies her to the monster’s palace Psyche mistakenly wraps her legs around his waist looks into his eyes and alls in love Blin.

Irl action likewise I really liked the grittiness of Psyche in this version and her conflict over who she was really in love with The addition of minor deities to the mix added richness Very much looking orward to tales Andrew Lost In the Kitchen from this author Psyche Unbound is one of those books that draws you in with each page Zenobia Neil has a uniue voice and I lookorward to Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism following her path as an author This is such an interesting unexpected book about a mortal amidst the world of gods I wasn t completelyamiliar with the story of Psyche and Cupid and I know the author took some liberty Nope from the original tellings but I was uite captivated The story beginsairly innocently but uickly turns into an Odyssey type adventure through grueling trials all in the name of love If you re looking Rejected Rejected Rejected for a uniue read set in roman mythological timesdive in 25 stars ARC kindly provided by Tule Publishing via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This is the story of Psyche and CupidThis book is based on the mythology around the love of Psyche and Cupid Theirst part of the book was really nice and I honestly enjoyed The second and third part were difficult Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison for me as I couldn t understand the purpose of Psyche andeel the strength of her Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz feelings Unfortunately the interpreation of Ms Neil in this part of the story was a bit shallowor my taste and it lost its markThe writing of Ms Neil is kind of poetic which matches the style of the bookThe end of the book was nice and intense since Psyche and Cupid re connected but I wished I knew what happened to Venus and how she dealt with the choice of her son Psyche Unbound was a completely different reading experience Steeped in mythology it told the tale of a love ound a love lost and a love renewed This story was dark and troubling and yet it was also passionately sweet I loved the determination and drive that Psyche had She was certainly stronger than I had originally imagined She was also wise although that took some time Each experience she had revealed a different part of self The god of Love was uite the character Misunderst This story started off very strong and it had a lot of potential I elt Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors for the main character and however the love scenes jump all around or random The b Fast moving soft porn retelling the myth of Psyche and Cupid with aew other gods and goddesses thrown into the mix. And Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series furious with her betrayal her husband banishes herrom the palace Psyche begs Venus Five Days Left for another chance at love Unmoved Venus demands Psyche perform three impossible tasks If Psyche succeeds her husband will return If sheails she will be condemned to death Can Psyche satisfy Venus and win back her true love previously titled Psyche Unbound.

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