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19th Akshauhini E–book/E–pub

Had finished this book long ago and got the opportunity to share my views Haribakth the author has given new dimensions to the discussions on Shrimad Bhagwad Gita The modern allusions and analogies that he has tried to draw are something courageous as well as suitable for the modern eaders For the first time I have seen use of tables in a book on Gita The second section of the book with sketches by Vaishnavi is also eually important The book is a uality ead for experienced people as well as first timers Got this book from the author to eviewA very nice and informative guidehandbook Murder in Gutenthal regarding the GitaThe book gives a lot of unknown info about the majestic epic Most of the uestionsegarding the Gita have been answered and a lot of wrong views and perspectives have also been pointed outSo when one will One of Our Thursdays Is Missing read this guidehandbook heshe will know some new thingsegarding the Gita and a lot of wrong views On the Field of Glory: an Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski regarding different scenes and saying of the so called well known epic will also be correctedOverall it can be said that it s a awesome guide to know the exact and true message of the Gita These days many writers are publishing books based on Gita or their own version of Gita It is good to see such books doing good in Bestseller s List because this generation needs to know about the Indian mythology and there is no better way thaneading such books which are written in simple and friendly language The latest book that I have Lassie Come-Home read based on Gita is 19th Akshauhini which the author calls it as an explanation of algorithm of the Gita The book is written by the father daughter duo Har. 19th Akshauhini answers all the uestions about the Gita that are plaguing minds The illustrative list of uestions answered in this book are How can Krishna who himselfan away from battle earned the sobriuet RANCHORmeaning one who

Ibakth and Vaishnavi The author have tried to answer many uestions that he feels people want t Read the full The People from the Sea review here the videoeview here there are many books that are based on GITA this book offers a whole new perspective on this epic While the book has been written for a specific audience those who believe in Gita it offers answers to a lot of uestions that one might have The authors have used St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves research methodology in order to gather information and lay it down for it seaders in a very simplistic mannerThe first part of the book eads just like an in depth esearch Mr. Majeika and the Dinner Lady and Mr. Majeika and the Music Teacher report would look with the premise which is followed by data analysis and finally the conclusion The next part is the pictorialepresentation of the data and its Twilight of the Idols results so we have various sketches of what Gita says vs what we understood dialogues between father daughter and much Including the pictorialepresentations was a stroke of genius as it helps break the monotony and explain all the complex details uite simply the person who said a picture is worth a thousand words could not have uttered truer words 19TH Akshauhini Algorithm of the Gita Stirring the Hornets NestI was taken in by the attractive cover page and the blurb of the book decided to buy the book I found Ito interesting especially the stories given to justify Authors view point and the very good illustrations It is a nice Ninth City Burning (War of the Realms, read in the category of MYTHOLOGY or FICTION It does not ualify for category Religion or Philosophy or Spirituality as has been claimed I will list out my observations both positive and negativeVery Interesting stories some An away from battle advise Arjuna to fight his enemies How can a forty minute discourse of the Gita be complete knowledge How can a 5300 year old dialog beelevant to modern times If the Gita is unchanging isn't it too igid and uns.

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F them are are and being heard for the first time Illustrations are very good and make the book interesting Illustrations cater to the children The Use of Legal concepts Computer jargon Management principles mathematics angle scientific tools etc for mining new perspectives on Gita are original and acceptable to all and the efforts are worth appreciatingOn the flip side The Author has stirred a hornets nest His theories are flights of fantasy and bear no likeness or Chinaberries and Crows resemblance to the teachings of any Acharyas of any school of thought He assumes that he is knowledgeable than the acharyas of any sampradaya be it vaishnavite or a saivite or any other sampradaya That is theeason it cannot be termed Religious or Philosophical or spiritual The Author claims that those are God s words but in fact it is author s words as the authors words contrast and contradict every acharya s words The Author appears to be megalomaniac and is attempting to subrogate to himself and style himself Guardian or keeper of God s words As per the bio data of the author He has no formal ualifications in espect of Hindu studies like the great seers and Acharyas have and makes him unfit to comment on Gita The Author has taken the services of the firm 3ADE for translating from English to Sanskrit evealing that he does not even have elementary knowledge of Sanskrit so as to Blessed Are the Wicked read the original version and make comments It is like a studenteading guide or 40 uestions on law and writing commentaries on Legal issues A good book for light eading but not for believing the concepts and philosophy enunciated therein. Uitable for modern times How can one discourse cater to the needs of diverse types of people Does the Gita encourage violence Isn't the Gita sectarian and meant for Hindus Read on to get a new perspective on the Gita and its teaching.

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