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Paul Butler Ô 3 ree read

Can sit back and enjoy the action of which there is plenty Captain Valens and his crew are mercenaries who defend communities of Britons rom Saxon raids but once they hear of an even greater threat they are embroiled in a ight against the results of evil alchemy Loved the characters and the idea It some lovely comic moments too A uick and easy read I would recommend if you want something both light and entertainin. Lly with a bitter enemy or else rogue alchemy could consume all of Britannia.

Cup of tea thus the length of time it took me to read it However it was well written with solid characters I d recommend it to those who A World on Fire follow this genre or want something good and different in this this genre A shortbut enjoyable read Set in post Roman Britain it s a sword sorcery tale of theight to save the island rom the Saxon hordes Once you accept the idea of an alchemy powered airship in those times you. It as a new threat emerges something deadlier than any invader Valens must

Very Interesting and Fast PacedI really enjoyed this book I especially loved how characters thoughts were written out The pace of the book is ast and it truly engages the readers attention rom the beginning I loved the addition of historical accuracy within the antasy realm My 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate favorite scenes were definitely in battle I am so glad to have read this book and I am very excited to read theollow up This wasn t my. Gaius Valens dreams of driving the Saxons rom Britannia Those plans must wa.

New (A Taste of Alchemy Alchemy and Empire Book 1)

Paul Butler3 on A Taste of Alchemy Alchemy and Empire Book 1