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Ting in its own way A fun read Future world corporate survival at masses expense thin. The plot at the near certain cost to his life and with near zero chances of saving the world anyway He astonished himself that anyone when he made the third choice and set off a planet wide chase employing all the dazzling ingenuity of a technologically sophisticated age with all the weapons in the hands of his ruthless opponen.

An eco catastrophe book Entertaining action drama presenting an over simplified solut. The Phaeton Condition Once upon a future century a young man with both feet firmly planted on the ladder of Establishment success discovered that the powers that be the powers he served were plotting to lock the planet into a suicidal course for their own profit For the earth was in the same condition as Phaeton's sun chariot

Ion to the problem arguably less silly than the antics of beltway ostriches but irrita. N the myth hurtling towards destruction So Tom Lockhart had a choice to make He could pretend not to now what he new and protect himself from those who would certainly ill a lone man to preserve their genocidal scheme He could at considerable risk exploit the nowledge to save himself when catastrophe came Or he could fight.

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EBOOK / KINDLE The Phaeton condition

John Rankine and by Douglas R Mason Mason was born in Hawarden Flintshire Wales and first attended Chester Grammar School and in 1937 went to study English Literature and Experimental Psychology at the University of Manchester where he was a friend of Anthony Burgess as mentioned in

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