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Absolutely fantastic break down of Detroit as a case study of neoliberalist capitalism that is ripping society apart at the xpense of the non 1% PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition especially poc poor and ueer peoples The writing was incredibly approachable which is usually the downfall of academic style research books Detroit is mostly seen through a lens of former greatness a broken city with a glorious past We never talk about the people who still live there and what the community is about This uick history of segregation brokenconomic poli. On July 23 1967 the yes of the world fixed on Detroit as thousands took to the streets to vent their frustrations with white racism police brutality and vanishing job prospects in the place that gave rise to the American Dream Mainstream observers contended that the “riot” brought about the ruin of a once great city; for them the municipal bankruptcy of 2013 served as a bailout paving the way for the rebuilding of Detroit Challenging this prevailing view Scott Kurashige portrays the past half century as a long rebellion whose unde.

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Y own community and how will that impact other communities A must read for anyone infuriated by the Trump administration And if you have a working heart you SHOULD be This book tracks the history of corruption privatization and cannibalization of Detroit the Rust Belt marginalized communities and a vulnerable population And how that became a horrible blue print for Trump and related big money cronies to do the same thing at a federal level Very interesting perspective Definitely causes the reader to contemplate. Here billionaire developers are subsidized to privatize and gentrify Downtown while working class residents are being sueezed out by rampant housing victions school closures water shutoffs toxic pollution and militarized policing Grassroots organizers however have transformed Detroit into an international model for survival resistance and solidarity through the creation of urban farms freedom schools and self governing communities This pochal struggle illuminates the possible futures for our increasingly unstable and polarized nation.

Pdf (The Fifty–Year Rebellion) BY Scott Kurashige

Cies and failed or rather forced public policies As it mentions in the book Detroit is a tale of two cities that do not match up If we look at Detroit we can see the trends that we are seeing global bigotry ineuality and institutionalized racism I really loved this book as a deeper look at our racial divide and as it gave me a better understanding of Detroit and our history of deindustrialization It s uick and filled with really interesting facts And at the nd of it I was left thinking what can I do to improve Rlying tensions continue to haunt the city and the US nation state He sees Michigan’s scandal ridden mergency management regime set up to handle the bankruptcy as the most concerted ffort to put it down by disenfranchising the majority black citizenry and neutralizing the power of unions Are we succumbing to authoritarian plutocracy or can we create a new society rooted in social justice and participatory democracy The corporate architects of Detroit’s restructuring have championed the creation of a “business friendly” city

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