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McKay has carefully unpacked the ways that Nova Scotia has constructed for itself an image as a purer simpler idyllic place populated by less complex idyllic people He presents a cultural history that shows the production of a tourist culture based on invented traditional folk values that obscure the province s urban society capitalist way and class ethnic and ender differences and power relations It is a fabulous analysis the significance of which extends well beyond Nova Scotia or even Canada Not easy to et hold of outside Canada but thoroughly. The use and abuse of the idea of the Simple Life in tourism promotion and the massive dissemination of folk images are analysed in depth McKay examines how Nova Scotia's cultural history was rewritten to erase evidence of an urban capitalist society of class and ethnic differences and of women's emancipation He sheds new ligh.

The uest of the Folk: Antimodernism and Cultural Selection in Twentieth–Century Nova Scotia E–pub/E–book

Ring ideas of modernity and folk Read for PhD comps A classic McKay s central argument that popular notions of Nova Scoatians as a simple and idyllic people are wrong is compelling as is his focus on the capitalistic marketplaces that help construct these myths Indeed the book is full of many brilliant observations though far too many are buried in thick page long paragraphs And the book could have benefited from some prudential trimming One chapters runs no shorter than 110 pages Nonetheless cultural historians will likely find it a compelling rea. Texts by drawing on Marxist notions of political economy Gramscian models of cultural production and hegemony and Foucaultian structuralism The uest of the Folk will be of interest to folklorists cultural historians literary scholars and anyone with an interest in the local history of the Maritimes or Maritime regional identi.

Worth it In the pushback against modernist aesthetic anti modernism became the popular flavour citing a authentic and real basis of existence in opposition to the inauthentic modernism McKay here offers up an argument that much of what is considered anti modernist ie the folk is just as constructed and lacking in authenticity as that which practitioners claim to hate I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this and how useful McKay s arguments will be as I continue with my own research This book is a definite must read for anyone interested in explo. T on the roles of Helen Creighton the Maritime region's most famous folklorist and Mary Black an influential handicrafts revivalist in creating this false identity McKay also looks at the infusion of the folk ideology into the art and literature of the region McKay puts the folk concept into contemporary and international con.

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