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EBOOK or PDF (The Aliens Guide to Conuering the Planet Earth) ☆ Philip R. Mills

Real story I was confused half the timeI like how the author reflects on American values and the stupidity in America but other than that I didn t ind it enjoyable at all Also I Slo Mo! felt like the characters needed to be explained and have personality I didn t connect with a lot of the story When selecting this book and reading the cover as well as the description myirst impression was that this would be a comedy First note This is not a comedy Sure it has some Poor Mrs. Rigsby funny lines here and there but no than a horror novel would haveThe novel is divided into two distinct sections running parallel chapter by chapter One part is a book written by one of the charactersrom the other part that is entitled The Aliens Guide To Conuer The Planet Earth The other part chronicles the story of the guide author and others connected to his storyThe guide examin. Book isbn 9781539707981 ormat Paperback and others 174 page.

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S or a ull blown whacko This book is a great read It has some very unny stuff in it Big Brother and the WebErnest Zulli a professor in uantum physics is a case study in both the strengths and weaknesses of humans He is caught in the middle between politics relationships and terrorism The plot is a collection of observations tips and contradictions Language used may offend some readers I was randomly chosen through a Goodreads Giveaway to receive this book ree rom the publisher Although encouraged I was under no obligation to write a review The opinions I have expressed are my own Everyone should read this My avorite book by this author so A Boy in Winter far It is aun read that has unexpected profound observations about our time Disappointed in this book I was expecting Frost at Midnight funny and alien type stuff What Iound was it was boring and there was no. By Philip R. Mills There are many interesting things in this.

It took a little to get into but I liked it While I liked this book it s Princess Baby, Night-Night funny I liked The Chronicles of Spivey a little This is really two books in one in that it is a story about the Alien s Guide and it has the Alien s Guide in it I liked the parts with the Alien s Guide best I gave itive stars because of the writing Not what I expected but ended up being a good read I thought it would be a straight up comedy written The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post from the perspective of an alien race while taking pot shots at society It does do that but there is another narrative running throughout the story which ends up being interesting as wellI received this as aree Goodreads giveaway Interesting style part guide part actual story I do agree with the guide itself and highly recommend others to read it This is the second book I ve read by this author He is either a geniu. Popular Ebook, The Aliens Guide to Conuering the Planet Earth.

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