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Library written specifically about Sufism Looking over some of the reviews for it here I think it s clear this has something to do with it s tepid reception What people were expecting to find an introduction to the history and practices of Sufism from a purely academic angle This is not really an accurate description of this book which is certainly not the author s fault What it is or at least seemed to be a socio political examination of Sufism and its role in shaping Muslim culturetheology across the ages Naturally some history and practice is involved in accomplishing this but they aren t really the focusThis is also not some propaganda piece hoping to se a diluted western friendly philosophy to pacify the Islamaphobes at the expense of other Muslim sects The author is A Way Youll Never Be upfront about being a Sufi himself and warns against seeing Sufism as a cure for radical Islam or a PR tool for American politicians in their various and sundry military expeditions abroad Using a religion like this will always produce bad fruit its adherents will eventually see through the facade Nevertheless he also makes the case that Sufism presents a valuable third way to Muslims caught between minority extremists and an often ignorant paranoid West that can t tell the difference between themIf nothing else the book helps dispel such lump assumptions Just as there are many different sects and schools of thought in Islam there are many types or tarias within Sufism Some are rather staid and conservative the sober Sufis as he calls them Others are remarkably progressive and liberal like the Bektashis who advocate gender euality I kept lookingp names places and events he would mention briefly about such things because I wanted to know In that way this is a great jumping off point for further studyAnother positive was his demystification of this mystical Islamic branch in the sense of pop culture trends The five minute college class lesson on Sufism which I am certainly guilty of possessing is basically whirling dervishes and Rumi This short sighted abbreviation of something much complicated and deep has lead to Sufism s inclusion in western New Age spirituality turning it into a fashionable cheap enlightenment tool like Kabbalah much to the author s chagrin As he points out in many places it is dangerous and even life threatening to be a Sufi and it can be insulting when over privileged westerners adopt it like a costume in some facile attempt to find themselves He does not judge however those who pursue Sufism out of a genuine desire to know God In the end this book was a tantalizing start to something bigger which is still praise worthy In addition to the tarias mentioned above he touched on the interesting cros. Elation of Muhammad A reforming movement against the increasing worldliness of Muslim society it focuses on Islam’s spiritual dimension Described as “Islam of the Heart†Sufism has attracted adherents among both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims as well as Jews Christians Hindus and BuddhistsIn The Other Islam Stephen Schwartz traces the origins and history of Sufism elucidates its teachings and illustrates its links to the other religions He comments on such celebrated Su.

WHile there is some good stuff in this book particularly at the beginning where he provides a rough history of Sufi Islam he spends the better part of the book focusing on his own interactions with Sufis and their shrines rather than offer a detailed account of the faith they practice and the persecution they sufferI do like his thesis about the need for Westerners to work with Sufis as a bulwark against Islamic extremism but this seems like a long magazine article which he strained to extend into a book And he could make a very good long magazine article or shorter book A wonderful book that connects the ancient chain of Sufism to modern link which is Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers uitenknown A must read for any one who wants to Present Pasts understand humanity it s hard enough to find a book that talks about sufismghpretty western focused looking at it i figured it would just be of an accessible history of sufism that i could give to people nope it s completely aimed at the global north and is afraid to challenge anything if you wanna read a shitty weak kneed text that talks about sufism like it s a high school social studies project here s your shit The counter argument to the Two Faces of Islam This book is exclusively about Sufi and mystical Islam The author s main argument was that Sufi Islam is the key at defeating militant Wahhabi extremists This book is well written but overall tends to boost Sufi Islam as a tool in a propaganda war against Wahhabism It did not provide enough information about Sufi beliefs except in a very cursory and epigrammatic way I would be keen to know whether Sufism is a plausible interpretation of the Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie ur an a difficultestion that reuires much exegesis and debate If the Egyptians believed that all religions are true and the Greeks believed that all religions were false Stephen Schwartz believes that Sufi Islam is particularly The Possible Police useful for the Pentagon This book is an excellent introduction to Sufi Islam the mystical tradition that is often discussed but about which I have found very limited resources in English The book discusses the history of Sufism some of the main branches of Sufi Islam today and how Sufis can promote a moderate Islam The author also discusses the attacks by Wahhabi Muslims against Sufis I highly recommend the book as an introduction to anyone interested in Sufism or Islam generally However I thought the book was a little too detailed for the general reader in some places Also the author appears to live in the Balkans and he focused very much on Sufism in Balkan countries While this was interesting it wasnclear whether Sufism is particularly common in this region or if the author was simply focusing on his area of expertise This was one of the few books at my local. This eye opening insightful exploration of Sufism the spiritual tradition that has supported Islam for than a thousand years shows why it offers a promising foundation for reconciliation between the Western and Muslim worlds Many Americans today identify Islam with maniacal hatred of the West The Other Islam transforms this image and opens the way to finding common ground in our troubled times Sufism a blend of the mystical and rational tendencies within Islam emerged soon after the rev.

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Sover between the mystical traditions within Christianity Judaism and Islam all of which either started or surged in popularity around the same time 11th 13th centuries This is a curious and apparently neglected area of study by most scholars of all three religions book about Sufism tracing it from beginning to the present day linking together various things of which I was aware and in which I was already interested the Bektashi R m the whirling dervishes Said Nurs into a longer historical narrativeUnfortunately it s not all that good to start with it s a work of apologetics written by a true believer viewing events and people jumbled together through a partisan lens A lot of effort is spent on denouncing Wahhabism fair enough but that then means you don t let your own people stand on their own merits The net of historical adherents to Sufism is cast rather with including some people who I suspect had never heard of it in reality The narrative is curiously A Letter To Pakistan unmoored from the wider historical context the explanation of Sufist ideas seemed relatively clear but I was irritated by the failure to link it convincingly to other things I know about I m sure there are better books about Sufism out there and I ll keep an eye out for them The Other Islam Sufism and the Road to Global Harmony by Stephen Schwartz is a reminder about the dangers of generalization and closed mindedness Now that the Russian Commie menace has been subdued we are all encouraged to hate and fear Islam But Islam is multi faceted and diverse It is certainly reasonable to be concerned about the Wahhabi jihadists But there are dozens of other manifestations of Islam and we owe it to ourselves to become informed about the opposite end of the spectrum Sufism a little known sect of Islam is based on love acceptance and tolerance It is ecumenical diverse and global Schwartzrges an effort to reach out to Sufis and attempt to build bridges of Before Our Eyes understanding and cooperation in order to counteract the insanity of religious fundamentalism and the poisonous notion of spiritual exclusivity In a sea of jingoistic intolerance and misinformation the Sufis are a hopeful voice for harmony At present the voice is but a whisper Much grief and suffering can be avoided if we would only open our minds and hearts to listen Schwartz s book is based not only on extensive scholarly research and wide ranging travel to scared Islamic sites but also on interviews with Islamic scholars and leaders As a person who previously knew nothing about Sufism I found this book to be very helpful The writing was informative but not so academic that it was dry The book did leave me withestions about Sufism than I had when I started but perhaps that s a good thin. Fi poets and philosophers as Rumi and Al Ghazali and narrates their influence on the Kabbalah on the descendants of the Jewish philosopher Maimonides and on Christian mystics like Saint John of the Cross and Saint Teresa of Ãvila as well as the American transcendentalists Further Schwartz presents a fresh survey of Sufism in today’s Islamic world anticipating an intellectual renaissance of the faith and alternatives to fundamentalism and tyranny in Ira Saudi Arabia Turkey and Ir.

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