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Asy to miss the advice since it s in boxes by itself and unlike most books the copy in those boxes is not just a memorable uote from one of the paragraphs One of my favorite lines and one I wish I had the uts to say at times is How dare you wear designer clothes when your children s teeth are rotting because you can t afford to send them to the dentist Have but need to read Building a rich spiritual life is what I am about I found many wonderful suggestions It was Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia good food for thought Great read TD Jakes includes multiple illustrations that helped to solidify the principles taught This book is packed with wisdom and will definitely assist in improving the uality of one s lif. N the euation for success Bishop Jakes removes the veil from this freuently neglected topic and shows that not only is it not profane to focus on this area it is essentialBishop T D Jakes’soal is to empower every woman and man With this new book he provides the tools for us to chart a course for success and accomplish everything that God has promised This is truly a book of our tim.

Balance Balancing is keyI have been really encouraged that even though I may have missed many years and many opportunities to invest it s never too late to begin and change my life for the better With Read but want to reread Good Stuff You don t have to read the entire book to شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى get out of it what you need I think the author has someood points particularly in the finance section but he does tend to fall closer to the prosperity preacher in some of his comments despite his protests to the contrary I wish his snippets of advice were not just scattered in boxes throughout the chapter but also brought all together in a list form at the end of the section for easy reference It s All that we want to achieve Bishop Jakes explores the impact faith can have in healing and restoring uality of life to those whose history has caused them setbacksFamily is the anchor keeping us rounded supporting us and allowing us to stay focused A healthy family sustains us while iving meaning to our endeavorsFinally and no less crucial Finance is the often misunderstood factor

The Great Investment Balancing Faith Family and Finance to Build a Rich Spiritual Life E–book ☆ T.D. Jakes

I really enjoyed reading this book This was my first TD Jakes book and I am now one of his biggest fans The book was practical and down to earth with many suggestions on how to live a prosperous life A Riding Hard great way to manage your lifeBishop Jakes deals with the 3 major components of life and exposes the truth in a way that you will have to agree with This is the first book I ve read by the author Great practical advice This book is wonderful It made me see the importance of having these three bags in the journey of having a fulfilling life FaithFamily and Finance There have been times I could have focused on one bag at the expense of the rest but I am challenged to strike aood. Bishop T D Jakes preacher author motivator and entrepreneur is one of the most respected and influential voices in the country today Now in The Great Investment Bishop Jakes ives readers the blueprint for balanced successful living He explains how the triad of faith family and finance is the cornerstone of a life of moral success success based on God’s planFaith is the foundation of.

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Bishop TD Jakes is the author of the bestsellers God's Leading Lady; The Lady Her Lover and Her Lord; Maximize the Moment; The Great Investment; His Lady; Woman Thou art Loosed the film of which won the Best Film Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and He Motions His daily morning show The Potter's Touch and weekly broadcast The Potter's House air on Trinity Broadcasting Network and Bl

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