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Hid this because looking at it now I et kind of disgustedWell my friends probably know what s coming I loved this bookLOL JK JK I had you for a second there didn t I I agree with reviewers that realistic Part I of Demon Angel exceeds Part II by far In Part I we enjoy tension between medieval knight Hugh and demon Lilith as enemies and lovers euals Lilith tries to lure him and Hugh parries yet admirably remains a entleman though she throws herself at him repeatedly They engage each other and laugh together despite the dangerous undertone to their ame Their banter s by turns clever innuendo and intriguing theological debates about sin both uintessential to their period Props Brook must have some medieval British literature instruction By Part II the remaining 33 chapters of the 40 events have undergone a seismic shift Hugh wallows in uilt Lilith plays the wounded enduring heroine while the hero takes her actions at face value and responds accordingly He s kept in the dark the better to make a martyr out of Lilith Later he feels uilty because he did not know that under the lying cocktease for centuries there s really a complex woman dying to be loved He ought to have known that when she said no she really meant yes I m sure rapists everywhere will be vindicated Chapter 20 reveals almost all of Lilith s woes and the hero forces himself on her justified with an explanation plausible only in Romancelandia Once again we must pity Lilith and vilify the male It s notable that our hero only has the advantage or control of their interactions during love scenes animal that he is Good to know that if the hero can t be ood at least he can still rouse an orgasm from the heroine What else is he ood for after all Following this he becomes fawning He repeatedly flagellates himself for everything He exposes his feelings and when she balks to reciprocate he lets her wheedle out of it Some readers might have found him patient I didn t care for their one sided relationshipRinse repeat Meanwhile as the hero is expounding upon the heroine s Mindful Yoga-Based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Simple Postures and Practices to Help Clients Achieve Emotional Balance greatness apologizing to the heroine for the umpteenth time receiving reassurance from the heroine or borrowinguilt and thinking about the heroine in melodramatic fashion Spilt milk oh no Will she be upset Will she think it was her fault Oh no demons kidnap people The suspenseaction takes a distinct backseat to the romance and freuently involves demon s bargains that hinge on a technical point in the demon mythos invented by the author so already we re relying too much on telling and nested convoluted lies that would only interest the author I was lying when I said this and this so what I really meant was There wasn t a lot of action in this PNR It was a bit like reading about Lady Gaga without mentioning her wardrobeToo bad I liked the writing style and the emotion was deep the characters and story complex and layered I just cannot find their one sided relationship and all the uilt and pity and martyrdom romantic Even for a lover of angst like myself this was too melodramatic This read almost like women s fiction Lilith and Her Progress using Hugh as a Conduit Or misandry For those interested I recommend reading this in chapters since the dialogue is self referential and imbued with subtext Although this encourages continuity one loses the vein of events or dialogue stopping in the midst of a chapter just FYIUpdate After reading some excerpts from her other novels I think I ve come to the conclusion I don t care for Brook s one sided relationships They seem invariably to feature a heroine who doesn t need the hero cause she s all that while the hero oozes admiration and lust Also the heroine is invariably A Strong Female She s had to endure so much and with spirit The hero cannot compete Despite the fact that her narratives sometimes speak from the male s point of view they are always exulting the heroine I wish she loved her heroes as much as her heroines I wasn t sure I would like this book The blurb is really not descriptive of what it isAfter reading the third in the series Demon Night I went and backtracked to this and loved it I devoured this book in one day Could Not Put It DownIt really is far to nuanced and complex to explain in a few words Let s just say there is a fantstically thought out world which the characters inhabit The characters themselves are flawed and damaged and heroic and all kinds of other things The sex is hot All in all a fantastic book which I will have to o back and read again because I didn t so much as savour but devour itLet this be one book you don t judge by it s cover for it is U G L Y Bound tightly within its Drink This In: Uncorking the World of Alcohol (US English) gorgeous cover the words upon the pages of DEMON ANGEL spans eight hundred years and tells the tale of how layers upon layers of deception and the twisted spin of lies can against all odds shape an unbreakable bond of eternal loveAs a demon halfling Lilith was forbidden her humanity Born as the creation and daughter of the Morningstar Lilith served Lucifer at first with utterlee and devotion reveling in her role of collecting the damned for the armies Below But with the simultaneous change in her role from collection to temptation and the kindness of one young knight Lilith s existence would rely upon the stolen and coerced kisses of that very same knight turned Guardian at her behest For the one man to show her kindness Lilith will risk Punishment within the bowels of Hell even possible death just to keep himWith the HAMSTERS! A Fabulous Anthology (for Fabulous Raye) glimpsed evidence of Lilith s humanity Hugh embarks upon the role of Guardian with not only the burden of protecting mankind from the demons of Hell and the nosferatu upon Earth but he also vows to save Lilith Yet as the centuries slip by and the unveiling of Lilith s saving continues to elude him Hugh s soul slowly turns to ice Lilith s determination to serve Lucifer baffles Hugh while hardening his heart to her Unleashing his Gift of truth upon her only makes Lilith s willing servitude unbearable But Lilith isn t the only corruption that festers within Hugh for his role as well has turned into a mockery with the modernization of the world While a Guardian can protect humans from demons and nosferatu they cannot prevent their Free Will If humans are intent to harm and maim one another Hugh cannot interfere the Rules prevent it Tired of witnessing destruction with his hands tied behind his back Hugh makes his decision He s known all along what can save Lilith his only hope had been a different outcome than the one available With one last kiss Hugh slices Lilith s heart in two and FallsSixteen years later Hugh is once again human and unbeknownest to him Lilith is still aliveDespite the fact that Hugh knows that Lilith s death was necessary toive her freedom he s still yet to fully recover from his rief He loved her even though Lilith s demon nature would have prevented her from the same emotion Slowly Hugh has pieced together an acceptable existence but his soul has become restless and he feels that doom lingers upon the horizon It s because of this that Hugh isn t necessarily surprised to find Lilith alive What s surprising is the coincidence of their meeting and the fact that Lilith isdifferentAlthough saved by Hugh Lilith only experienced two hours of freedom after two thousand years of serving Lucifer before he revives her to life with a bargain A life for her life and the life he demands she take is Hugh sA new world has developed for demons The corruption of the federal and overnmental bureaus offer a smorgasbord of opportunities to infiltrate the inner workings of mankind like never before Lucifer s demons now possess congressmen and senate seats controlling positions within the FBI and other powerful outlets Lilith aka Agent Lily Milton works for the San Francisco FBI under Agent Smith aka the Demon Beelzebub and justice is not what they seekWhen Hugh learns that his assumption of Lilith as a demon was wrong that she was in fact human and a halfling he s than devastated For eight hundred years he denied his passion for her thinking that her emotions would only be that of a demon s Although he s a mere human now Hugh is once again determined to save Lilith despite her bargain If he must sacrifice his life for hers then so be it But soon it s not just about saving Lilith Hugh s college students are being abducted and found later with Show Me How: Quilting: Quilting Storybook How-to-Quilt Instructions gruesome symbols carved into their bodies and their blood drained There is also a large concentration of nosferatu in the San Francisco area and no Guardians or demons slaying them When the FBI come knocking at his door with uestions Hugh is soon pegged as the prime suspect in the students abductions and slayingsIn the midst of avoiding the FBI stopping the nosferatu protecting the college students and trying to outwit Lucifer Hugh and Lilith s repressed lust comes bursting to the forefront Already wrought with sexual tension when these two come together it s positively combustible Stripping away her demon form and illusions Hugh burrows deeply within the woman that Lilith has hidden for two thousand years He rips forth her humanity in such a way that she ll never again be able to hide who and what she truly is Human With that being done of course Lucifer calls in his bargain that Lilith is to take Hugh s life but Lilith has another plan that s absurd in the extreme But perhaps a little absurdity is shocking enough to break the bonds of her bargain save the abducted college students and maybe even close the Gates from Hell to Earth for five hundred yearsI don t believe that any review can convey the sheer epic uality that is DEMON ANGEL The passage of. Half demon half human Lillith is bound by a bargain with the devil and forbidden to feel pleasure She draws upon her dark powers and serpentinerace to lead men into temptation That is.

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F Hell and the world Hugh holds back from his feelings for vague reasons This was partially explained on page 346 when he said Four days are not enough to make up for the eight hundred I was too foolish to take for my own yet I would try He is talking about having a lovingsexual relationship with LilithThe romance between Lilith and Hugh for the majority of the book felt like too many mind ames An example from page 229 She said You cannot save me He said I can try She said I hate martyrs The conversation continues for a little while Then she said And when you are kind to me when you touch me I desire what I cannot have Lilith then has a few inner thoughts as Hugh is walking down the stairs leaving I didn t understand why they couldn t be together and why Hugh left I felt like I was hanging without answers hide spoiler This book was full of emotion and centuries of wanting from afar It took me a little bit to et into it as the beginning was confusing specially because I had to keep stopping But once I understood where the story was خداوند الموت: حسن صباح going I really enjoyed itHugh and Lilith are just destined to be together They meet while she s a demon on the job and he s a mortal about 800 years back Even then there s something between them and it all comes down to a night where Hugh sacrifices himself for theirl he had a crush on and Lilith wanting to keep him alive and not able to make him a demon bargains with an angel to make him a Girl in the Blue Coat guardianThey meet constantly in battles and Hugh s intention has always been to save Lilith until he figures to do that he has to kill her which he does and then falls becoming human again Except she doesn t die and 15 years later she s back to help him fight the nosferatu s killing his students protect his life and friends and she has to kill him for LuciferThe characters in this book are all likeable Lilith is a tormented soul but she s still able to make light of situations she sot a really fun and easy Hunter Kiss going personality and at the same time can be bitchy Sir Pup is just adorable a hellhound with charisma I can t wait to read about him Savitri I didn t uite connect with much but she s young and she was out of the loop so I ll wait to form an opinion in her book I was kind of disappointed when I read the next book is Colin and Savitri I loved Colin in this book and even though you could tell they were setting them up as a couple I had hopes for him and Selah Oh wellI m curious to see where Michael ends up I want to read his story there has to be so much thereAnd then there s Hugh Hugh is an honest kind hearted male of worth yes it s a BDB reference but it s the best description that comes to mind for him And refreshingly he s the virgin sacrifice LOL He has so much love for Lilith he loves even her demon form OUCHI m really looking forward to see what happens next in this series DNF 75 pagesBecause fucking BOREDAnd because I know this is very shallow and vain of me and blah blah blahBut I am having a hard timeetting into a book where the lead female is described as bulky and having BOVINE features This is a really really hard book to rate On one hand it was so intense and deliciously angsty and just freaking epic But on the other hand it dragged so much in points that I literally found myself asking does this book ever end several times throughout the storyWhat worked for me The love story for all intents and purposes it s an angel and a demon who fall in love okay so not really he s a Guardian and she s a Halfling or whatever but bloody close enough The fact that the love story spanned 800 years That s right 800 Years Lemme tell you that s a whole lotta UST right there lol Did I mention the UST I swear Meljean Brook is the freakin Doctor Sleep goddess of Unresolved Sexual Tension fans self HOTTTTTTTTT Sir Pup I so want one for my own 3 Hugh wantinglovingbeing attracted to Lilith in her full demon form when she was convinced he d find her repulsive I think I liked this for the comparison to real life that the reader could draw a man being attracted to an imperfect looking woman be she old heavy scarred small breasted or whatever other physical insecurities she might have than the idea of him actually wanting to bang a red skinned full on scaly bat winged woman Two words Virgin Hero D The sex Was Hot It wasn t superraphic but the buildup and the climax heh were just so incredibly steamy that it made some of the negative points so worth it What didn t work for me The story just draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd in spots I m talking yawn inducing I may just skim these next four chapters dragged Sometimes the UST actually Karma's A Sexy Bitch: Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy Adventure got a little annoying every time it looked like something was about to happen nope something dramatic came up and no nookie for them While I adore UST in novels after a while I actually started to lose interest because it looked as though nothing was ever reallyoing to happen Their senses of humor bothered me I ve noticed this as a definite trend in her Guardian series everyone laughs at in my mind the strangest things and I really feel like she loses a lot of opportunities for dramaangsttension when all of her characters are so amused by things that would piss off or hurt anyone in real life Granted it keeps things from descending into the melodrama of a Harleuin Presents or something but I wish she d tone it down a littleOverall it rather felt like two books in one It kind of reminded me of Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon in that it almost could ve been split into two volumes without really losing anything had the segue between Parts I and II been tweaked a bit While on one hand this is a Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay: Three Book Collection: (Mythology Erotica) good thing because youet a crapton of backstory and character development it can also be pretty exhausting for the reader4 Stars Hugh and Lilith wow They really are a This All Encompassing Trip: Chasing Pearl Jam Around The World great couple Looking at it objectively I am almost shocked that I liked them as much as I do becauseenerally characters like Hugh overly earnest naive than a bit self righteous very prone to deciding that he knows what is best and then charging forward into that course of action with no discussion and a freaking martyr annoy the crap out of meBut for whatever reason he really didn t In this book all those ualities came together to make a very charming character He definitely made mistakes but everything was driven by a bone deep love for Lilith one that Hugh himself found boggling I think but couldn t denyAnd how can you not love Lilith I loved the topsy turvy Scouts gender bending relationship they had she was the seductress the rake Charmed by Hugh in spite of her very best efforts And she was whip smart strong resilient defiant and able to hold on to her humanity despite everything she went throughI still don t like Michael Sorry but he seems like an asshat I wish we hadotten some of the actual story around Lilith s transformation Michael clearly feels The Organ Grinders guilty about something there though Lilith doesn t seem to feel that s the case though of course being a demon she uses hisuilt against him but when she was being frank with Hugh about it she didn t direct any blame at Michael Regardless I don t like him He s heavy handed secretive he seems to have done something that REALLY pissed Hugh off though again we re iven no details we only see the evidence Hugh can barely be civil to him when they encounter each other in Part 2 he also seems to be happy to manipulate the situation as if he was a demon himself Anyway He s a douchecanoe And I am sure we are oing to see of him later and he also strikes me as a character the author plans to dig into perhaps in a redeeming wayAnyway the book was tons of fun I am The Complete Idiot's Guide to Detoxing Your Body glad I snagged the first 3 in this series so I can continue on with it 35 starsThe first part of the book is much much stronger than the later part The first part begins in the middle ages where Hugh is a young suire newly knighted Lilith is already a century old demon who is sent to the castle where Hugh lives to send corrupt souls to Lucifer Lilith is a Demon who serves but even though she is sarcastic manipulative and lies alot you can t really dislike her Hugh isood smart and so pure in spirit it practically shines out of him And even though Lilith should be able to corrupt him she can t Through a series of events Hugh is killed and is made a Guardian an angel who lives on earth and protects mortalsThe next few chapters details almost 1000 years of the two of them crossing paths taunting each other alternately suppressing their feelings or flirting lightly with each otherThis part was really Silver in the Wood good I liked the establishment of both their characters personalities and relationshipsBut then weet to the present time and there is a turning point in their relationship that precipitates a life altering event for both charactersNow they are both on earth as humans Lilith is an FBI agent and Hugh is a college professor The remainder of the story becomes a somewhat plot heavy almost muddled story of Lucifer manipulating Lilith to steal Hugh s soul Along the way they deal with nosferatu vampires and a faction of demons who are trying to steal Lucifer s throneI thought the second half of the story especially the overtly byzantine plotline with all the hidden agendas and betrayals bogged the story considerably I actually struggled to stay interested The only part that kept me involved was the intense relationship and continued connection between Hugh and Lilith I have to ive the author a lot of credit she did a reat job of creating a deep emotional romance between two characters who probably should not be together And she made them both very likable even in their extreme natures. S hunger for her When a deadly alliance unleashes a threat to humans and Guardians angel and demon are forced to fight together against evil and against a passionate desire for each oth.

Unimaginable time is depicted clearly with the incredible rowth of the novel s characters Even Hugh s love for Lilith has been shaped by eight hundred years How does one even describe the evolution of a love that complex Yet Brook pulls it off and the complexities and the rampant emotions of Hugh and Lilith are captivatingLilith s personality resembles the emotionally closed off bad boy heroes that we hussies love so much in romance First she s freakin bad ass The woman is a serious hardcore superhero in an anti superhero sort of way She s a woman who cuts herself off from any relationship with a rapier wit and excessive cruelty knowing that one day she may be asked to lead them into temptation Gentleness is not a highly prized attribute of hers but with Hugh she is someone that no one else is allowed to see Even after she s made tentative friends she cares naught but for HughThe romance in DEMON ANGEL ranged from brutally tragic to fearsome and combustible Both Hugh and Lilith are adrenalin junkies and their lust for one another is ramped sky high with each brush with death but they re also able to slow it down and luxuriate in each other s embrace What Brook did with DEMON ANGEL is unlike anything that I ve read before or since Her world is amazingly intense and complex yet its also broken up with laugh out loud moments and passionate love affairs There is only one aspect of DEMON ANGEL that dragged down the experience a bit In some instances the happenings are just too complex and Brook looses the flow of the novel from time to time Occasionally I had to stop and re read sections to better understand the characters and their motivations Truthfully I think that the themes she tackled in DEMON ANGEL were just for lack of a better word huge Good verses evil is never easy to write for the concept is not black and white but rather it s a spectrum of countless shades of ray Even knowing that though one can see and appreciate the talent that Brook has and it shines brightly with DEMON ANGEL I put off reading this book for years Let s just say when I thought the heroine was the Lilith of Biblical infamy I wasn t sure I could wrap my mind around her being a heroine in a romance novel Well I m The Second Cure glad that I finally did read this book It was a veryood story And by the way she isn t that Lilith I think Ms Brook did a reat job of writing this story about a love affair over eight hundred years in the making Two people who should have been mortal enemies who ended up falling in love and finding their soulmates in each other The die hard romantic in me couldn t help but be enthralled with this concept And that pull between Lilith and Hugh kept me reading although this is a story that reuires the ability to wait for delayed ratification That in itself is not a bad thing Instead it was appealing to see the back and forth between Hugh and Lilith through the years Watching their verbal foreplay and the fact that although they often went head to head as opponents on opposite sides of a war but didn t treat each other as the mortal adversaries that they wereThis is a very character driven book The ood thing about it is the character are very interesting Although Lilith is correctly thought of as a bad irl she has aspects that show that she really isn t all bad In contrast Hugh is definitely the white knight type of character But he has some Eagle's Gate gray areas too I loved that they were each other s weaknesses Hugh was a very chaste righteous man but Lilith was the one woman who had the power to utterly seduce him and he had to work hard not to show it Hugh made Lilith want to defy her father Lucifer even though it was areat personal cost to her Ms Brook did such a World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi great job at laying theroundwork for this reat love story and the execution was very oodNow this is one of those books that I had trouble rating The reason why is well it s a very Who Is Muhammad Ali? good book However it had a tendency to be uite slow moving It was character driven which isood but I think the action seuences needed to be vivid There was Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything great potential for rip roaring intense battle seuences and that didn t come to fruition I think there needed to be showing and not telling in that arena Since this is the first full book in the series I suspect that the further books have expanded in this area because this story has all kinds of potential Another issue I had was sometimes Iot lost with some of the aspects of the worldbuilding I didn t always et what the objective was of everything with the nosferatu and the inscribing of symbols and the drinking of blood with the murders of Hugh s students I will probably need to reread this book to ain a better understanding of all thatOn the positive I was really impressed with this story the uardians versus the demons The eternal struggle between the forces of light and dark The worldbuilding had a uniueness that spoke to me The scenes describing Hell sent shivers down my spine I loved Sir Pup Lilith s pet hellhound I thought it was awesome how the uardians nosferatu and demons could store weapons and other items even bodies and evidence in what s called a cache which I interpreted to be a psychic storage area That was very cool What made me uneasy was the parts where Lilith called Lucifer father and talked about obeying and serving him I m a devout Christian which means he s the bad A Secret Kept guy to me so it was just really odd to have the main character in allegiance to him But I liked the interesting dynamic of it all after all Lilith knew she was playing for the wrong team The best thing about this story was the love story Hugh and Lilith were made for each other They had sizzling chemistry that made the slow moving story worthwhile for staying tuned into I really wanted things to work out for them I loved all the love scenes because they were sizzling hot and the passion between them really burned You definitelyot the feeling that this was a fire that had been stoking for almost a millenium Hugh is a sigh worthy hero I loved that he was such a ood uy a virgin with strong principles Yet he was not a supercilious self righteous plaster saint He was very much a man with a man s flaws He was determined to save Lilith even when she didn t seem to want saving He was even willing to sacrifice himself to do so And Lilith was a reat character I love a complex heroine She s dark but has a strong sense of doing what is right to her She put herself in jeopardy several times out of love for Hugh and didn t take the many opportunities she had to destroy him and make a mockery of his principles I liked her and I wanted her to et her man and for things to work out for her Because of their strong bond that made them both stronger and complete as people and a powerful unit together I was seriously rooting for their happy ending And I liked how Ms Brook pulled it offDemon Angel is a book that I was pleasantly surprised with It has a fresh spin on the ancient battle between heaven and hell It The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World gave me something to ponder but I didn t feel like I was compromising my personal beliefs in reading this book The love story was rich and involving I definitely want to continue this series and see how this war between the Guardians the nosferatu and the demons unfolds Too hard to follow and characters didn t draw me It was not a pleasant read I wanted it to be overHARD TO FOLLOWPart 1 of the book is 97 pages Hugh a human and Lilith a demon meet Hugh becomes auardian Then he and she meet each other 172 years later have a conversation and separate They next meet 72 years later have a conversation and separate This continues for about seven meetings In each conversation the reader learns a little about their worlds but the scenes are confusing For example in one scene a cathedral is burning but the reader doesn t know who set the fire or why or why Hugh and Lilith are therePart 2 of the book has of a plot but that too is hard to follow Throughout that part I had many unanswered uestions Some of them were answered later and some were not It was hard keeping track of who the bad Tricycle (HISTOIRE) guys were It was hard to know what wasoing on and why In eneral it was unsettlingON THE POSITIVE SIDEThe ending was creative and enjoyable but not enough to make up for the hours spent with the rest of the bookCLIFFHANGER WRITING STYLEI ve read enjoyable mysteries and suspense stories which switch scenes among characters time etc But this author switched scenes too abruptly at cliffhanger moments which frustrated me See Spoiler for example Some mysteries are important to keep hidden but I didn t see this as one of them Knowing the why and where earlier would not have detracted from the ood Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell guys vs baduys plot Instead of anticipating andor experiencing an adventure I felt annoyed There were a number of cliffhangers other than this that added to my frustrationview spoilerEXAMPLE OF CLIFFHANGERA and B teleport to a place they believe is safe but accidentally end up in a place of horror and fear page 267 The author then switches to other characters and scenes I wanted to know where they were and what would happen to them which was not answered until page 347 Page 347 has a short scene in which A Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts got out but I still didn t know where they were or why The author switches to other characters and scenes On page 362 the author states that Bot out of that place Finally on page 369 the author describes where they were and why CHARACTERS DIDN T DRAW MELilith and Hugh loved each other probably from the beginning It is Lilith s nature as a demon to lie but she is also half human She lies to Hugh about her feelings for him and about her knowledge Until she faces her reatest temptation Heaven's own Sir Hugh Castleford Once a knight and now a Guardian Hugh's purpose has always been to thwart Lillith even as he battles treacherou.

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