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The transformations Buddhism has been undergoing in the modern age have inspired much research over the last decade The main focus of attention has been the henomenon known as Buddhist modernism which is defined as a conscious attempt to adjust Buddhist teachings and ractices in conformity with the modern norms of rationality science or gender euality This book advances research on.

Buddhist modernism by attempting to clarify the highly diverse ways in which Buddhist faith thought and ractice have developed in the modern age both in Buddhist heartlands in Asia and in the West It Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer: The Evolution of a $1M Web Designer presents a collection of case studies that taken together demonstrate how Buddhist traditions interact with modernhenomena such as colonialism and militarism the market economy globa.

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L interconnectedness the institutionalization of gender euality and recent historical events such as de industrialization and the socio cultural crisis in ost Soviet Buddhist areas This volume shows how the reinvention of traditions constitutes an important athway in the development of Buddhist modernities and emphasizes the luralistic diversity of these forms in different setting.

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