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Tionship and break up on the victim The remaining chapters were a bit disappointing as they where simply the description of the patterns seen in such relationships and I expected psychological analysis Not mentioning that one of the chapter was a copy of the other book of the same author Mind Games which in turn I found extremely interestingNevertheless this book could be helpful for people new to the topic and in this case I would rate it with 4 stars This is a poorly written and edited book It contains factually incorrect and thus misleading information The spelling and grammar errors are appalling and I was immediately put off as soon as I came across the sentence It s addicting There are much better books out there on the same topic Don t waste your money as I di. Subtle red flags of the abuser you must look for • The dangerous cycles of abuse and how they eep you trapped Take back your life • How you’re being emotionally manipulated • Types of intervention and therapy • How to leave your abuser safely • Aftereffects and how to heal Learn to love and empower yourself again When you can understand the abuser you can understand yourself and what is happening under your nose on a daily basis You can gain back your sense of confidence and freedom and break free of your mental prison The love safety and support you need – you deserve it and you will find it again This book is the first step Hope starts by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page.

Men who can be abusiveA good informative book that hits on all points A must read for those wishing to find answers to some hard uestions I was hesitating between giving 3 and 4 stars for this book I ended up with 3 because I already read few books about abusive relationships so some of the information in this one was nothing new for meI had an expectation for this book to read the psychological analysis of the abusive relationship the reasons and conseuences of behavior of the abuser and the victim Unfortunately my needs were met only in 2 3 chapters our of 13 I found valuable the information about the clinical disorders types of illness abusers may suffer from and control codependency pattern with the perfect example of the boiled frog plus some effect of the rela. Ar the stories of strong confident people – the people you would never expect – that were reduced to husks of their former selves and exactly how it happened and how you can avoid it No fear and walking on eggshells If your partner continually hurts you and makes you feel unlovable and makes you think you’re crazy for wanting to be treated with basic human decency stop everything and start the first step to breaking free Pamela Kole bestselling author guides you through the inner motivations of abusers and how to deal with them and stop them Gather your courage and now that you’re not crazy • The true statistics and prevalence of abuse • 5 types of diagnoses for abusers – spot yours • The.

A very short and uick read I wish this book was published sooner and I had this in my hands 2 years ago Nonetheless it has helped me process a lot of the baggage from my previous relationshipI realize I was a victim just like how some are victims of car accidents It wasn t my fault and there wasn t much I could have done to change the situation Been there done thatI have been through this Seeing some people I love in thee situations now It felt good to read about it and bring it all to consciousness Sometimes being mistreated is just a feeling in my stomach or my heart But it is good to read and see what abuse looks like on paper It is so easy to miss it and rationalize it and see it as something else Wish I had this book some time ago Although it is peoplenot just. Are you forced to smile and justify your relationship to everyone – even yourself Struggling with self doubt shame but feeling hopeless It’s not your fault and you have nothing to be ashamed of You wouldn’t blame a car accident victim and you can’t blame yourself The Psychology of Abusive Relationships is your guide to understand exactly how you ended up in an abusive relationship no matter who you are Get inside the head of your abuser Abuse – it’s a vague term that seems like it would always happen to someone else The Psychology of Abusive Relationships will unveil the dark dynamics that are created when you cross paths with an abuser and how you are dragged into their toxic orbit You’ll he.

E–pub/Kindle The Psychology of Abusive Relationships Ä Pamela Kole

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