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Ars It s so very important that books like this are written and published and read and IF I WAS YOUR GIRL heralds the beginning of a promising new YA imprint at Flatiron Books I m specially heartened by the fact that not only is this a story about a trans girl written by a trans woman but that the cover art also features a trans model More of this please Still in my yes there are two major obstacles that prevent this from being a truly great book rather than just a solidworthwhile one But I m glad I read it and I d be interested in seeing what the author does with a little seasoning Review to come This was freaking INCREDIBLE y allTrigger Warning depression suicide suicidal thoughts severe bullying 45 Stars I really njoyed this read It was a super uick fast paced novel yet still conuered sensitive topicsThis is definitely a cute sweet book that finds an Schmerzmedizin - 1000 Fragen eual balance with some intense subject matter It was a lovely readingxperience to be able to be smiling with giddiness one moment but feeling heartbroken and wanting to cry the next Definitely a book with a whirlwind of Psychologische Homöopathie. emotions If I Was Your Girl was the first book I ve read with a trans main character and I m definitely satisfied Especially considering it s written by a trans author the praise I ve heard about it is definitely deserved I liked how we get a lot of flashbacks from Amanda s past from the time of confusion before her realization that she s a girl the bullying the support of her counselor her suicide attemptaftermath all combining with her present Her parents reactions were also very interesting as one parental figure is better adjusting to Amanda s growth than the other I think I would never have imagined a parent sxperience in this situation had I not read this book As a cis woman I felt I really learned a lot about the The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 days to a flatter stomach and a younger you experience people like Amanda go through and it was a very informative and valuable read It made me realize my knowledge on trans issues and what it is like to be a trans person is limited than I previously thought which was a nice wake up call as well as a push to beducated On a related note I d really recommend reading the authors note in the back as I feel it includes Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain extremely important information for trans folk and cis readersI did have a few issues with this book despitenjoying it overall I think at a lot of points there was telling than showing this is R High Performance Programming excluding the flashbacks obviously It s a fairly short book with short chapters which inevitably made the progression of the story feel very fast without deepening certain scenes I freuently had to reread scenes because importantvents would occur within just a few sentences and I would be reading the character s reaction before I could ven comprehend what had happened I think I would have preferred it to be a bit longer and have the scenes drawn out a bit The climax of the story felt very rushed with too many vents packed into what could not have been than an hour or two it was a little overwhelming and overpowering It s aspects like this that Scala for Java Developers enable you to tell that it s a debut novel but they are also factors that can be improved with writingxperience and time so I m definitely understanding of these faultsOverall If I Was Your Girl was a fantastic novel I d highly recommend it to literally anyone The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur especially if they re interested in a book about a trans person EDIT TW for sexual assault domestic abuse It has been brought to my attention that the author has been accused of raping and abusing her spouse a crime she has seemingly confessed to overmail yet publicly denied This is the source you can also find her booking information and a much better article here thanks to Catherine for this information This article points out that though Russo has accused her Vermeer to Eternity ex spouse of being a terf they are in fact nonbinary and married to a trans woman Here is their go fund me I do not think rape and domestic abuse are forgivable crimes I will no longer be reading or supporting anything by this author I went into this slightly paranoid it would be a generic Book Written To Be Important From reviews I couldn t tell if people had thought they shouldnjoy this book or whether they actually had But after only a half hour of the audiobook I realized this was not a book written just to Heaven to Betsy educate it s a story that stands all on its own There s something very powerful about the story of a girl finally getting to be a girl finally getting to date and go to the school prom and dance and find a supportive girl gang My heart fucking felt this book the lead character Okay The main reason I liked this is because Amanda is written. 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Find all of my reviews at was going to not post anything in my review space and make some sort of disclaimer instead stating sometimes you just probably shouldn t write anything at all but then I saw my friend Rachel had already done that and I didn t really want to get sued for plagiarism so here I am Instead of leaving nothing I m going to use the author s own words I have in some ways cleaved to stereotypes and Cabaret even bent rules to make Amanda s trans I know this is a book that will stay with me It walks a truthful line between ueer tragedy and a positive reality which can be a difficult topic to straddle It is honest and it ismotional and it is absolutely a story that veryone will get something out of screams from the rooftop READ THIS BOOK congratulations semifinalist in goodreads best young adult fiction category 2016 It s asy to act like my past never happened but it feels like I ve put up this wall around my heart that stops me from being really close with himYou know walls are there for a reason though right They keep things safe and they keep things from falling apartreviewing this book in terms of whether it is good or not good is almost irrelevant because it s one of those books that needs to xist for reasons that transcend a reader s njoyment of ittake the first x ray machine was it perfect outta the gate no but it was the best of its kind at the time and we needed it and it came in handy and it saved some lives the fact that a big five publisher put out a young adult novel about a trans girl s Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice entr into the dangers and opportunities of high school romance written by a trans woman and featuring a trans model on its cover would be En plein coeur enough reason to celebrateven had the book been terrible which it wasn tit s a very fast read with a strong narrative voice and a clear story overall it s a little breathy and reference laden for my tastes the rushed tone of a first time novelist who s The Bookshop on the Shore excited to share her story and maybe not confidentnough to let it take its time to unfold naturally but it s honest and motionally authoritative although the author tries to back off a bit from the double dged authenticity label in her afterwords yes plural one for her trans readers and one for The Art of Memoir everybodylse the boo hiss sibilance of the cis prefix makes my skin crawl sorry i appreciate her honesty in these postscripts where she The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life explains her decision to make some aspects of amanda s journey a littleasier than it would realistically have been not her motional journey but its financial and medical realities which are glossed over in favor of the important and resonant motional situations this isn t about self discovery or process it s about what comes next this is a love story it s a coming of age story and a family rebirth story and the fact that it xists at all is a step in the right direction towards making some teenagers less likely to be assholes and other teenagers less lonely because it s a fucking hard path to be onrusso does a good job covering the various angles parents who are supportive or at least want to be supportive but fear so much for their child s safety knowing how much of the world is made of assholes the social clumsiness of people who mean well but don t always know what s appropriate the weight of the constant and casual sexual assessment of men and the fear of misplaced trust which i think is the best part of this book and the reason it was smart to not get bogged down in the medical or physical components this is a really fast paced book where the pacing allows the details to blur as the reader is carried along although there are obviously many lements specific to the trans PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition experience there s also so much that s universal here this could be any YA romance with a secret any girl worried a boy won t like her any when he finds out her past I buried my face in his neck and breathed him in again I thought about what he had said that I could tell him anything and I knew that he was right or at least he thought he was But until the moment he learned the truth I couldn t know how he would feel and that was a risk I wasn t ready to takeas simple and straightforward as that is it s thelegant simplicity that cements it into truth you can trust anyone until you can t and it s so hard to know where those lines are drawn when a miscalculation can have conseuences beyond some harmless gossip so yeah it s an important book and it s such a fast read that it s generally asy to overlook the first novel jitters although it needs to be said that view spoilerthe star wars homecomingposal scene was intensely cheesy and absurd hide spoiler 35 st. Só porue tens um passado não uer dizer ue não possas ter um futuroMudar de scola no último ano ser a miúda nova do liceu nunca é fácil para ninguém Aman.

So well Not to be that weird person who only cares about character development again but she has suuuuuch a strong character voice I finished the book kind of in love with her and also mpathizing with her so much Basically I love Amanda so much 1010 would protect her with own body Special shoutout to the audiobook narrator for adding to this ffect I don t know who the hell this narrator is but she is a Talent She s also trans which I think let her understand the xperiences far better than a cis reader might have And I have an immense crush on her southern accent I think she might be one of the reasons I fell for this so hard Go audiobook y all side characters In terms of side characters I was kind of mixed I thought Amanda Chloe Anna and Layla made a really great girl gang and I liked how supportive they were Buuuuuuuut they sort of ran together in my head I liked them a lot while reading but reviewing this I m sort of thinking of them as Religious Girl The Gay One and The One I Don t Even Remember which isn t a good sign I will say that I have super positive things to say about the love interest Grant is one of the sweetest love interests I have ver seen in YA and I liked him a lot throughout Except for a few things at the nd And in the same vein there s a certain character in this book who I loved until the The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl ending the story progression andnding You may have noticed there were several characters I liked until the Exile and Pilgrim ending soooooooo let s talk story progression and tone This starts off as a BIT of a typical YA contemporary withlements that discuss Amanda s feelings as a trans girl and weirdly that s what I liked about it It s really nice to have a story like this for trans girls one that s realistic about transphobia in the flashbacks but also not ten fucking hours of torture porn It s a super dark book but also a super hopeful book which some of you may know is my specific favorite thing in literature SPOILERS The only thing I disliked about this book really was the incredibly dark nding segment I thought this book was trying to make itself a book for trans readers to relate to and adore and I felt that way up until the incredibly cruel outing I will say that it was so obviously the direction the book was going so it wasn t really a surprise And I think this segment was meant as ducation for cis readers to really understand how awful life can be for trans women which is really important don t get me wrong But can I be totally honest It was really awful to read and I think it would be Hannah Montana: The Movie even awful to read for a young trans reader I don t mean this in a condescending way at all I mean I m a seventeen year old very out of the closet cis girl and I think thending of this was one of the most difficult to read ndings I have read in my whole life I honestly cannot imagine reading this as a fifteen year old closeted trans girl I do think the nding is done pretty well for what it is it nds on a super hopeful note and I respect Meredith Russo for bringing up important topics like SPOILER the rape of trans women But I couldn t shake the feeling that if this book were published in 2018 Russo would have been able to write something a bit less awful for trans readers reading this Maybe Amanda telling Grant herself Maybe her best friend not outing her to a hundred transphobic people I don t know man I just really want Amanda to have the chance to come out herself It s what she deserves But also okay I do understand this as a writing decision and an opportunity for Amanda to develop I just would ve preferred something different overall OVERALL I REALLY LOVE AMANDA AND THEREFORE I REALLY LIKE THIS BOOK This is getting on my favorite audiobooks list and I would definitely recommend Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube The thing with If I Was Your Girl is that it s not xactly ntertaining nthralling Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts extremely interesting or surprisingInstead it s importantye opening thought provoking and motionalIt all depends on what you want If you want to read a book that you ll breeze through while laughing and smiling and just having a great time If I Was Your Girl is not the right pickThis is the type of story you read because you want to learn about Please note it is wonderful to feel like your opinion is valued but this is a trans book by a trans woman and I am a cis reader please consider the limitations of my perspective and seek out the reviews and commentary of trans readers For xample Thank you You can have anything she said once you admit you deserve it If I Was Your Girl is an important book It fills a gap that needed to be filled It will make many people feel be. 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