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(SOUL OF THE SEA) PDF/EPUB ´ Nishan Degnarain

If you love oceans this is a great book to ead I found Soul of the Sea to be different from other books elating to global environmental issues perhaps because it doesn t portray oceans as such It transforms oceans from an abstract sciency or industrial concept into a space that all of us can identify with and work onWhat I liked is that the book combines scientific and economic expertise to make a compelling case about how each of us has a ole to play in saving our oceans but also how bold solutions can be implemented to A Wizard in Love reverse the threats that are affecting it It is all presented in a simple accessible way A greateview of problems and potential solutions of the world s ocean today It was written by two authors one Greg Stone taking stock of the history ocean civilisation and the other Nishan Degnarain attempt to provide a vision and the way forward the leadership moment in succinct manner The book was given to all delegates at the UN Ocean conference in 2017 which I attended This publication draws upon the fields of science economics and business strategy to chart the future of humankind’s elationship to the ocean A healthy ocean provides the basis for a prosperous world and oceans have been largely ignored as a

T was a moment when Ocean has fully arrived on the world agenda SDG 14 is the first one to have such a forceful conference aising awareness as well as tackling challenges Climate change unsustainable and overfishing land based pollution and plastic crisis occupied most of the discussion The book touches on key concept planetary boundaries tragedy of the commons ocean health etc and provides a good overview of human exploitation of the ocean from pre industrial ocean explorations both Western and Asian nations to the first industrial 1750s 1850s the birth of steam engine whaling slavery piracy the second industrial 1850 1950 petroleum based electricity screw propellers and navigation system gave birth to large modern vessels and started to exploit marine esources like never before the third industrial 1950 present industrial fishing international agreement like UNCLOS globalization all come together and put pressure to marine environment in unprecedented speed and scale Evolution in River of human well being until now Ocean health has been in a serious state of decline for the past 100 years from a ange of pressures including human population growth energy consumption and use of natural Presidential Secrecy and the Law resources Humanity will exceed thee.

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Ur collective awareness is also very useful from 1950s militarisation 1960s civil awakening 1970s civil engagement 1980s vive la esolution 1990s public private partnerships 2000s events 2010s dawns of the fourth industrial evolution Then the book takes turn to looking ahead discussing about the prospect of the fourth industrial Hume on Religion revolution Digital innovations AI Internet of things Fin tech Blockchain The author put forward some very ambitious ideas euipped with new available technologies like censors internet decision making crowd and system acupuncture how to stimulate self healing process Some ideas may be far fetched but I guess that s the whole point to lay out some of ambitions that go beyond the traditional thinking and confined discipline It is interesting idea and countries thatecognize the potential will surely be in a better position to Master Plots: Race and the Founding of an American Literature, 1787-1845 realize this Blue Economy grand vision forging development ahead whileestoring critical ecosystem Good City Schools: Lessons from New York reference for Ocean agenda settin. Sources and environmental conditions necessary to exist within the next century if nothing changes Solutions to these challenges lie not only in traditionalesource conservation management but in new fields of technology governance and innovatio.

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