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Remise of this story This is my first book from the series and after reading this book I definitely want to read The story was we ll developed and contained the perfect blend of romance discipline and sizzling hot sex I liked all the characters but loved Jakk as he struggled to be accepted with his physical abnormality His struggle to accept Mira s love added a nice touch to the story Sci Fi is not my favorite genre but the author definitely made this story workI received an ARC of this book from the author Alien stories are one of my favorites This one was really uite good although I will need to read the others in the series to determine if the whole culture is one of Ds or just these few storiesMira Janison an engineer was on a small space ship that was hit by space debris and crashed onto the planet of Pra Kir Pra Kir does not yet have space travel ability and as their ship was destroyed the 5 women have no way to get home We meet Mira in a jail cell being mistreated by her huge jailers Her fate is yet undecided death life in prison or rehabilitation to the ways of Pra Kir The Council of Nine has decided that each of the 5 women will be sent to foster and recondition to the ways of Pra Kir Mira is assigned to the home of one of the victims of the crash that left 3 children the wards of their twin uncles Their uncles are sadly not euipped to handle three young girlsThe men Jakk a judge and Gav n a police commissioner are big brawny alpha males with strong DOMINANT personalities They demand that Mira be submissive and respond with all sentences ending with Master Hmmpf The first thing they do when they get her home is strip her Then spank her Her life seems to be one increasingly masochistic non consensual series of spankings whippings cannings and failings They can do all that in the name of reconditioning her to their world but she has to ask if she want to have sex with them Makes me wonder about the future lives of the nieces or is this something special because she accidentally illed their sisterThe eldest girl is a belligerent teen the middle one has not spoken a word since her mother was illed Only the littlest one accepts Mira readily after she reads her a bedtime story Even the middle child listens raptly to the story while the eldest pretends not to listenMira s interaction with the children is one of the best parts of the story and brings it to life The story with the brothers I found less enjoyable but I will read the other stories and see if this is the way of their society or just the three of them A well written erotic story worth your time to read This was a wannabe non con Mastersex slave story All of the punishments morphed into sexual reward for the slave The alien brothers were insecure the human was bratty and they all acted out It was an endless cycle and became tiresome The relationship lacked respect and trust all the way around Disappointingly there wasn t any affection either Towards the end the MCs had internal thoughts leading in these directions but unfortunately they didn t physically express them through words and actions The relationship development was really poor The three MCs professed their love for each other but there wasn t a strong enough foundation for it to be believable. Igent and best of all bound to them for lifeRead USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose's stand alone contribution to the steaming dark romance sci fi series Captives of Pra'kirPublisher's Note This MfM no action between the males stand alone romance is part of a five book series with authors Maren Smith Dinah McLeod Megan Michaels and Kate Richards HEA guaranteed no cliffhange.

I loved this storyall about the hardship of being on another planet and possibly gaining a new family and being acceptedThe twin brothers who have very important jobs in their community are very sexy and very Alpha and take control of Mira who is very determined to stay true to herself and force her into conditioning submission and train her I loved all the characters and the story just pulled you inThis is a hot steamy book and anyone would love to have Jakk and Gav n as their caregiversI voluntarily read a readers copy of this book Her Alien Masters revolves around Mira whose ship crash landed on an alien plant illing some citizens in the process The humans have been fostered out to different people as a way for them to be watched as well as live un imprisoned Mira is placed with twin males Gav n Jakk whom are raising the three daughters of their sister that was Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society killed in the crashThis novel was entertaining and had some good love scenes but I wish the story was fleshed out It would have been nice to get tonow the characters etc I did enjoy the relationship Mira developed with the girls Although the third book in a series it is unnecessary to have read any other books in the series to understand the plot line Each book in the series is written by a different author so it would be cool to read the other stories and see how they combine into a whole I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Her Alien Masters by Renee Rose is the first installment in the Captives of Pra ir seriesMirella Janison and her 4 crew members crashed on the planet Pra irShe is ordered to tend to 3 ids who s mother was illed through their crash And there are twin brothers Jakk and Gav n who ll be her masters The brothers start her submission training immediatedly A training that contains BDsM element Ther is punishment and sex lots of scorching hot sexAnd in the end all 6 beings get their HEA SwoonHer Alien Masters is part of a 5 book series with other authorsI liked this book and I rate it 45 Stars Thank you Renee Rose 35 StarsMira a human and her ship mates crash on an alien planet The Pra Black Heart, Red Ruby kir people believe it was an attack on their planet and imprison all the women The Council of Nine decided to have each woman fostered and trained Brothers Jakk and Gav n have been chosen to be Mira s foster and masters Since her ship caused the death of their sister she will now be the new nanny for the three little girls as well as Jakk and Gav ns slave I have read a couple of books by Renee Rose and the first two I absolutely loved Unfortunately I seem to rate all her books based against those two and have not found any that I like just as much This is still a good story and I am interested in reading the books of the other ship mates so I don t mean to be harsh on this book but I just didn t enjoy it as much as the others I think what held me back is the unfair circumstances Mira were in Mira is being accused of an attack that is not her fault She can no longer go back to earth leaving her family behind and is stuck on this new planet where she is treated with hate by the people of Prair and basically used as a sex slave by the brothers Yes she is attracted to the brothers and gets off on the spankings so why am I SHE SURVIVED THE CRASHTHEY'LL MAKE HER WISH SHE HADN'TMira thought the crash into an alien planet was bad Even worse was their police chasing her through a mall and shooting at her Imprisonment for her and her shipmates' supposed crimes took the cake But now they've sentenced her to a lifetime fostering with two enormous males who punish her eep her subjugated and force her to.

Ritical about her punishment I can t seem to get past the injustice of some of it when I don t think it s deserved If you want to spank just to spank then say so I think spanking in erotica books can be very hot but it seems the brothers used any excuse to punish Mira and made her feel and like a prisoner Even then it probably wouldn t bother me if the punishment was deserved and some of it was She foolishly disregarded her safety in some cases but that lack of communication was frustrating By the end of the book you do see growth from all of them and I think if I got to see them treat her as someone they loved and not the prisoner I would have enjoyed this book ARC provided by Netgalley This was a fun book to read It s an interesting series with a different author writing each book centered on the same storylineThis is Mira s story and it s touching and sweet as well as hot and sexy She s fostered into the home of Gavn and Jakk sentenced to be the nanny to their 3 nieces because her spaceship crash illed their mother What follows is the story of their training her and seeing their relationship develop Gavn is sweet but Jakk is hot I fell for him It s got romance spanking hot sex and a sweet family relationship building I really enjoyed this book Don t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Mira doesn t realize her circumstances have changed for the better when two twin brothers are assigned to care for her in lieu of her being put to death When the spaceship she is an engineer on hits debris in orbit around the alien planet of Pra New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood kir and crashes onto a roadwayilling some of the aliens the 6 human women are charged with murder Even though it was an accident they are jailed and tried and convicted and imprisoned The judge decides they will be sent to various high ranking men in order to be reconditionedJakk and Gav n are the two twin brothers Both are professionals Jakk is a judge his brother is the police chief They have custody of their sister s three daughters because she was one of the people Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey killed by the spaceship It is poetic justice when Mira is forced to be the nanny of the girls and a play toy to the two brothersThe society of this planet is very prejudiced and judgmental to say the least The men are mostly deviants of oneind or another It s a Mad Mad worldThe human women have no hope of ever getting home to because the Pra ir have no space travel as of yetJakk has one brown eye and one blue eye so in the rigid society of Pra ir no woman will have him they are actually afraid or disgusted by him He will never have a mateBoth men want a family and have shared a woman on occasionNow with Mira they have their own woman even though she s a human both men are enthralled by her Mira is a smart mouth and she gets punished by the men every day usually spankings or sometimes canings or whippings But afterwards they make to her because they do love her It s sick I ЯED knowbut hey they re AliensYEHAW Ride em Bareback Cowgirl For an erotic explosion Ms Rose is always dependable I must confess I did not read the blurb to this story In fact I did not evennow that this series is written by different authors All I saw was Ms Rose s name so I picked it up I am so glad I did I really enjoyed this story than I thought I would The Call them master And they've given her a job raising their three nieces whom she inadvertently orphaned when her ship crashedTwin brothers Jakk and Gav'n already have their hands full trying to manage their three unruly and grieving nieces The last thing they need is a rebellious human Except they find she's than worth the trouble She may be unwilling but she is beautiful intell.

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