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Ll of action and drama and nside I was bouncing with glee at having found another great book However the second she went Dreamsnake into the gamest just steadily went downhill I mean you get thrown straight The Warlord, the Warrior, the War (Rise of the Penguins, into the hunger games Except there are only two players The hero starts out alpha and dangerous and then a few days after meeting the heroine his entire personality changesnto a love sick fool practically saying pretty please to everything He repeatedly states the games are being watched from cameras above and around and for her to look and act frightened and chased and yet uite freuently they show massive displays of pda out The Parker Sisters: A Border Kidnapping in the open I just didn t feel the chemistry between these two The action scenes became drawn out and boring Overall I wasn t really a fan of this book But hey the beginnings good FREE on today 2132018 WowAn actual storyline not just sex scenes and some storyline thrown Nach allem, was ich beinahe für dich getan hätte in for fun It was well written book Theres a sex scene but the heroes are strong and well developed I loved Eloise She used her brain and had an nner strength Axen was an honorable warrior who didn t have a high opinion of humans and was sick of the Fraken games like Hunger Games I am going to read the next book and see what the author can do next This was a book recommended by a different author I thoroughly enjoyed t It was a bit like a hunger gameAxen s a Vortex warrior sent by his elders to fight n the Fraken games The games usually put the warrior against other warrior races The arena area s staged and Fraken beasts are sent out to encourage violent deaths The beasts are animals from other planets that were then bioengineered with cybernetic parts The games are a big money maker for the Fraken because some of the other aliens love hunting and killing Plus there are millions of side bets going on n the galaxiesEloise How to Worry Less about Money is from Earth which has been mostly destroyed by nuclear weapons fighting amongst them selves Shes enroute to help negotiate better trade agreements with other aliens when Fraken boarded their ship and took prisoners to fight n the gamesThe Vortex think humans are weak and don t want to fight them n the games especially the females But the Fraken think t will bring n lots of money because their deaths will be very violent and fastAxen goes nto the game with the mindset of killing her uick and painlessly Eloise has othe I received this from nstafreebie with no obligation to review I was surprised that I enjoyed this book I ve picked up books with great covers before to be totally disappointed so didn t have my hopes up on this one But I was pleasantly surprised There were a few places the story didn t flow as well the beginning was a bit choppy with not enough background There were also a few places that seemed off Children of the Future in he story But overallt lined out The characters Eloise Axon were likable The story felt uniue enough for me to not really compare Bettina Von Zwehl: Lament it to other stories Some are sayingt s a little like Hunger Games but I think there s only a few small parts similar I would definitely like to read A TYRANNY OF GOD in the series especially Bladen s book. Love and honor do battle against ancient beliefs The outcome will change the star system But onlyf the warriors survive Axen s the first n a four book sci fi adventure series following the complete story of Axen and Eloise as they fight against a common enemy and lose their hearts to each other Other books n the series Lazet Thunde Blad.

Axen (Vortex Alien Warriors, #1) (KINDLE)

35 stars Reminded me of an aliensci fi version of the Hunger Games but with a tad bit romance Though I have had some terrible experiences with science fiction romance I do believe my luck changed finding this fabulous series There are no disappointments This book s about an alien warrior race called the Vorten The first warrior s the leader of an elite suad of warriors whose nitial role was protection of the Vortex It takes place during a time where the earth has almost completely destroyed A Deadly Trade itself through nuclear war People on earth were dying of radiation when an alien race of lizard liken people offer their help to the planet but their motives are not helping at all Many people are leaving earth trying to escape before the radiationssue worsens On a spaceship there are some women heading towards the Vortex when Framed for Murder it s attacked by the Fraken Eloises mprisoned on the Fraken and was going to become one of the prey n the Fraken s hunting games She would be fighting Axen the best of the best n the games That s t folksyou have to read the book to find out There s fantastic character development You can picture Axen so clearly his personality personal conflicts his looks his knowledge his skills his curiosity and the history of his race Whoa this so rarely happens The author developed the human the same The game which was the Vorten hunts down the human and kills them n a specialized environment The manner Squeak! in which the author develops the remainder of the books simply terrific I enjoyed every single word and couldn t put this book down It s not too complicated science wise but Claiming His Bought Bride / Seducing the Enemy's Daughter it s not overly simplistic Great reading I highly recommend Thiss a trilogy and t s not a stand alone book Enjoy reading my friends And I believe Pick Three if you like sci fi romance action adventure and out of this world writing read this series Let the games beginWow I love sf love actionadvnture stories and I lo o ove sexy alien romance And I hit the trifecta with Axen Book 1 of the Vortex Alien Warriors series Axen s a gen modified Vortan from a race of warriors who must now serve the Fraken The Fraken are the alien bad guys The human females like Eloise are supposed to be the sacrificial victims of Vortex hunters n the Fraken games translate llegal hunts to the death a gaming sport to the Frakens But Eloise s smart and brave and Axen Across the Table is principled and opposed to Fraken tyranny than anyone suspects Pitted against each other Axen and Eloise do what no one expects join forces against their tormentors It s suspenseful gory and hair raising not to mention very steamy and I couldn t putt down Off to Book 2 Three and a halfI fancied something different from the usual chest beating alien abduction stories where they need human females I spotted this and thought that the Accidental Commando (Eagle Squadron idea of landingn a game to the death whilst entertaining truly despicable bullies could be really differentEssentially Axen s a warrior who obeys the Elders of his planet and partakes n barbaric hunts that are streamed to other worlds making the nasty Frakens very rich Accidental Commando indeed Coincidentally whilst wat. A jaded alien warrior A hopeful human An opportunity to change the star system Kill or be killed Axen's battle worn ways are tested when he enters a Fraken game and discovers a human who will change his life and the world of the Vortens forever Eloise Harper has her future stolen from her when she's ripped from a starship and draggednto the.

Ching the various life forms compete the Frakens can learn each life forms weaknesses Axen s tired of the senseless killing but honourable and loyal to his people but all he believes n takes a huge kick to the crotch when a small and to his mind defenceless human female becomes his preyEloise The Adventurer's Bride is used to diplomacy and talking her way around people but needs all her skills to get through to the warrior sent to kill her All she wantss to live to be free and Moto ondoso stabile e altri racconti if that s not possible then no way will she maket easy Axen no doubt has the skills to survive but can he learn there s to life than death Perhaps not as sexy as some books I ve read but I found All About Me it whiled the afternoon away uite nicely We meet other warriors who no doubt will meet human females of their own I enjoyed the jungle setting and would really like to see the horrible Frakens get taken down If honest I m confused why so many races aid them but hopefully the author will address thatssue Son of the Sheriff (Delta Justice, in other booksThiss free on kindle as I type Eloise Harper a negotiator n the Intergalatic Council was on her way to another meeting when her space ship was attacked and boarded by a lizard like species called the Franken Eloise was familiar with them from dealings n the Intergalactic Council She did not like them then and detested them now They captured and unknown number of humans Son of the Sheriff including the women with Eloise at the time and took them to one of the small planets they previously seized Its on this small planet that a vicious game The Best of Us: A Memoir is set up pitching one of the finest warrior species the Vorten against anyone they choose They have millions of viewers and take bets on the outcome and how longt takes They Franken became extraordinarily wealthy and have some sort of hold over the elders of Vorten and sent their finest warriors the ones supposed to guard the wormhole to various galaxies to the Franken for their bloody sport The bloodier and vicious the better the crowd likes t even members of the Intergalactic Council watch and bet on these gamesThree women are taken one at a time never to be seen again when they grab Eloise and tell her t s her turn at the games Meanwhile Axen the leader of the Vorten warriors s disgusted and day by day hates these displays of viciousness Now he find out that he The Anarchist Roots of Geography: Toward Spatial Emancipation is to fight a human woman They are a weak species several million yearsn evolution behind the Vorten He does not plan on giving his viewers the bloody spectacle they want but a uick and painless death for the human womanThey enter the arena which has been transformed nto a tropical jungle humid heat biting nsects and deadly predators Annie and the Confirmed Bachelor included Cameras follow the action to all areas exceptnside small caves and the densest part of the jungle This April in Bloom is a story with almost non stop thrilling scary action I LOVED IT There was only one sex scene andt was tastefully doneI rate this wonderful unusual alien abduction story 5 STARS Now I must get the next story of the trio Was ok This book started out strong and then went downhill The beginning was fantastic and sucked me right Let It Snow in It was well written and fu. Games of the cruel alien race the Fraken Determined to survive she battles alien beasts game traps and tests Then she meets the predator sent to end her life and everything changes Axens book 1 n the sci fi alien romance adventure series the Vortex Alien Warriors When an elite alien warrior suad s forced to take part n the Fraken games .


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