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I like the premise of this book It needs some editing for spelling and grammar I found the story to read as a screenplay or overview of a story I wanted to now about some of the characters I was never sure about Myra because I didn t now her Over all I enjoyed the story I was gifted this ARC by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review As an advanced copy it is also a pre edited edition Society Builders is a science fiction account about a world on the cusp of total technological immersion There are no cell phones Citizens now have usb style chips ported directly into their brains This allows them to access the entirety of the internet with just their thoughts including calling and messaging others all from their brains Jason Mendes works for the company powering this endeavor Matson Cybertech But he is also a double agent working on getting intel for his true allegiance PAC an organization developed to stop what they view to be a breach of ethics and morality Matson s latest edition The Thin Chip may have behind it than just to bring together humanity something much nefarious I ll start with my only real criticism and I don t want to say much so you can make your own decision once you ve read it I really didn t like how the relationship between the love interests in the book played out I wanted and I also thought time could have been put into developing their relationship It was sudden and very uickOn the whole I ui. This version is no longer available The complete and revised edition will be available June 28 2018 If you enjoy the story telling of Blake Crouch this novel should meet your satisfactionTimelineMay 17 2017 The So.

The Society Builders Kindle ä Anthony Puyo

S for their own benefit however I can see as a scary reality some day I inda think of the Thin chip as the biblical warning about receiving the mark of the beast All in all a very enjoyable read that will give me much food for thought Read it WHY D YOU READ THIS BOOKThe author has an affable personality online and I like dystopian novelsWHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT THE STORYI liked that I was entertained and at no point was ever bored while reading the story I also liked the protagonist Jason Mendez He was never pretentious or obnoxious He s simply a good guy to spend a few hours withFurther I like the book cover even though I read the ebook version on my Paperwhite which is black and white but I did see the cover in color onlineSO IS THAT ALL YOU LIKED ABOUT ITWell no I like the author s attempts at provoking us to think about the cross section of human behavior and technology as well as the imbalance of power among citizens government and corporations Further the story ends with an advocacy for leading a simple life one closer to nature which made me think of Ted Kaczynski s Industrial Society and It s Future aka the Unabomber Manifesto and even though Kaczynski is vile beyond belief he called for a return to nature and I hear that call daily in the background of my mindNaturally 101 debate points raced through my mind while reading Society Builders and I like that so I applaud the author for providing fodder for debate I won t deb. In twenty days However; odds were against me not refined enoughJune 10 2017 Watching my two month old working on a full novel version Not sure when it will be finished and released I will put a date when it's read.

Te enjoyed this one I m a big fan of sci fi especially that dealing with future societies and the toll technology can take on them The thing that really impressed me with the whole concept of the book is how real it seems and the way humanity is evolving alongside tech In a lot of ways this story is ind of prophetic and because of that also truly terrifying I found many similarities and parallels to our current society and the technology we are already trying to develop Jason is a great main character he s passionate about the morals his dear grandmother instilled at him and he doesn t sway from those even when confronted with things like love and as an every man type he s relatable I recommend this book to any fan of sci fi If you like things like the Terminator franchise this will appeal to you There s a lot of action and after the first few chapters I couldn t put it down I give this a 45 out of 5 This was without taking the editing mistakes into account because the author made it clear this was pre editing review copy I gave it this score because I really enjoyed the plot but I thought there were a few things that needed development and I don t care for how the romantic sub plot played out Read thisI read through 70% of this in the first sitting It could definitely use some fine tuned editing but overall I really enjoyed the story Its believable for the most part hovercrafts Not so much The elite wanting to implant the masse. Ciety Builders rough edit edition was a last minute entry into the StorytellerUK2017 contest All reviews showcase this June 5 2017 Did not win contest though lasted the first two rounds Not bad for a pen to paper.

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