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Part 2 was so ood I hope part 3 isn t too far away from being outThat damn Shawn He is too much for me King is definitely my favorite Solace is something else This is a My Name is Abu Salem great series I m ready to see how it will end Review Part 2 wasreat Shawn is not oing to stop until he et what s coming to him Salice played with fire and Spitting Daisies Communicating Through the Sunset got burned all because of her jealousy of Lynette NoooOMG I need This can t be then en. Nothing can be worse than the man that you love and claims to love you putting his hands on you At least that is what Lynette feels after enduring emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the man she calls her own It seems like nothingood is coming from him Shawn is struggling with his inner demons and Lynette is facing

(EBOOK/PDF) Abusing Her Heart 2 È Vaneecia

D Author Vaneecia never disappoints and I have to say I fall in love with her characters and I can t wait to find out what s really oing on and how this series will end YesYou have done it again This is a wonderful book I can t wait to read part 3 I ive this book A must readI m lad Lynette finally found love with King but that crazy Shawn don t know how to on and her crazy cousin is a low down snake this book. He anger of them all on her own He doesn’t know when to stop when it comes to etting things to be his way and it’s been proven over and over again with the way he treats Lynette when he feels as if she is not doing what he wants Will he change or will Lynette continue to face his wrath While Lynette and Shawn are strugglin.

Had me laughing and crying you did a wonderful job I love the whole thing only thing I need now is part 3 Vaneecia keep up the reat work Can t wait until part 3That ot dam Shawn then want crazy again he than kill the cousin and the dad lord have mercy now he about to run her off the rode the end thru YikesThe ending was something I can t believe that Salice is as crazy and spiteful as she is Shawn needs to die. G amongst themselves King is patiently waiting in the wings It seems as though nothing he does can distract him from the beauty that is Lynette All he wants is to protect her from anything that causes her harm including his own brother Will Lynette continue in her dangerous ame with Shawn or will she find something new in King.

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