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Things to do To give p a dream Yet there are than just one way for dreams to come true They might not happen in the way we envisioned but dreams never really die they simply evolve to match the reality we face If we re brave enough to take the risk of not finding our original dream but accepting and embracing the dream that is right in front of Leaders Eat Last usThese are life lessons sometimes harsh lessons that Gretchen and Daniel must accept That doesn t mean that their dreams have to fail it only means they need to find another type of dream to make their ownniue realityGretchen s night at the Big Sky Mavericks Masked Ball in Marietta Montana was a night of living the Cinderella fairy tale including fleeing the ball in a panic leaving a potential Prince Charming far behind It was all going so well so much fun a charming man and the magic of the perfect night Right p ntil an overheard conversation brought everything tumbling down No it was better for them both to simply leave to stay would involve heartache than she had the strength to endure Daniel had discovered that perfect woman for him Enough so that he did a bit of excited bragging in a conversation Sometimes you find that one person and you simply know and if you re lucky they know right back at you Daniel believed he d found that right p ntil his dream woman disappearedFate will bring Daniel and Gretchen back together for a second chance It s going to be Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller up to Daniel to prove that they could have it all Andp to Gretchen to finally explain why that simply couldn t be But there is magic in Marietta Montana The kind of magic that involves friends family and making the dream you lost take a different turn straight to a perfect future for two fairy tale dreamersI adored this couple They each had to make changes to their life s plan but they endured Together they could have something extremely special All it takes is a bit of belief in each other oh and lots of chocolate. Woman she takes offwithout leaving so much as a glass slipper behind Daniel wants a family Gretchen will never be able to give him that So why does fate keep throwing them together so cruelly First at a Copper Mountain Chocolate Shop Speed Dating event then when he’s hired to open.

SWEET SUMMER S KISS A story by Debra SalonenSweet Summer s Kiss begins a bit like Cinderella at the balla pretty girl dressed in her designer gown off to meet Prince Charming for the first time Of course we all know how Cinderella s night turned outThe story of Gretchen and Daniel is complicated but one that is often found in many romance novels In order to keep this spoiler free I will leave it at that However it took me Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering. until halfway through the book to start to really enjoy this story For the first half of the book I found there were almost too many characters to keep everyone and their children straight If you are a bit OCD at all and feel the need to have a family tree tonderstand who s who it s too complicated for me Still I was glad I stuck with it to get to the second half It was there that the true meat of the story took place and the main characters were actually developed to their true potential After finishing the book I realized it was one in a series of books Since it was later in the series I can only assume that I might have nderstood the relationship of all of the characters had I read the first few books that came before this one Therefore I definitely recommend reading the other books before you read this one Sweet Summer s Kiss is definitely worth reading if you start at the beginning of the series and know the characters first or if you are someone who doesn t mind muddling through without knowing them to get to the true gist of the story An ARC Advanced Reader Copy of this book was received free via Netgalley for an honest review Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfThere are times when our lives change in an instant Dreams plans desires can flip like a tumbleweed completely out of control in the whirlwind that is our reality It s not right it s not fair but it is life and we only get one so those plans those dreams often have to take a turn in a different direction Only that s one of the most difficult. A storybook kiss on New Year's Eve at the Big Sky Mavericks Masked Ball in Marietta Montana should have been the beginning of a grand romance for Gretchen Zabrinski and Daniel Andrews But when Gretchen overhears a phone call from Daniel to his brother about what he really wants from

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Never hurts either It s always a special treat for me to run into loved characters from earlier series and this time was no exception It s going to be hard to let this series go shortly Hopefully these wonderful authors will pair p once again for another magical year in Marietta MontanaSweet Summer s Kiss could be read as a stand alone story but there are some threads that in my opinion you ll enjoy this story a bit if you ve followed the entire series They are an amazing set of stories surrounded by chocolate friends family and finding that one love that s perfect for you Hard to pass that The Oswald Reflection up It truly is no hardship to read this entire series I d highly recommend this story and the entire series to any Romance readerI received an e ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley That does not change what I think of this story It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book This is a great story of overcoming life s obstacles by letting love into your heart This is the first book I have read in this series but it will not be my last My heart went out to Gretchen as the author showeds how she reacted to her diagnosis One of my favorite parts was the New Year s Eve masuerade ball This story will pull on your heart strings but you will not be able to put it down I received an advance copy of this book and I willingly chose to write an honest review 35 StarsChallenges RRRC July 2018 Monthly Challenge 10 Reader s Choice 2018 Stacking the Series 2945 Fly Around the World with AMMP Brindisi Italy BDS 35 Sweet Reality s Truth Stars 12 Spoiler Free This specific entry of the Love at the Chocolate Shop series has the touch of Cinderella by the woman s own making This tale had a lot to present There was a huge pre story which impacted everything and it an assumption by our gal which becomes the basis for the storyLife is full of miscommunications or assumptions and Debra Salonen showcased how A new division at her PR firm But competing shoulder to shoulder to sell the most exotic chocolate kisses for charity really is the last straw Is love a cosmic connection or a karmic joke Sometimes the answer reveals itself in a kiss a sweet kiss shared beneath a warm Montana summer

Born and raised in Brookings South Dakota Youngest of five much youngest A Baby Boomer who married her high school sweetheart our lockers were side by side Mother of two grandmother of three darling princesses dog mother of 25 mutts Graduate of South Dakota State University with a Master’s degree in Geography and History Job history taxi driver flax seed counter cartographer r

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