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Cowa was a cute and funny book about monsters It was a light hearted Halloween ead Koala The creator of this might be famous but this isn t entertaining The main character is a bratty lying stealing monster child that I wanted to be far away from Too much violence including the threatening of children with death Skip this ead 1010Excellent Toriyama is the master of adventures and fighting This was super cute and I loved the art style so much Akira Toriyama s non Dragon Ball Z work is starting to seem a little epetitive A lot of the themes here were already seen in Jaco and Sandman but its such a fun short Health and Wellbeing in Childhood read that Ieally didn t care A little slow to start but a fantastic finish A perfect one volume manga that doesn t take itself too seriously and has a lot of fun with its storycharacters Akira Toriyama is a master of the craft of comics and this one in particular makes it seem every bit like he breathes comics into existence The volume doesn t leave you with any kind of lasting message or anything like that but it delivers wholesale on fun comedy and entertainment value 25 stars In keeping with my theme of adding some lighter fare into my summer eading schedule I picked up a copy of Cowa one of the immortal Akira Toriyama s shorter one shot manga volumes Originally se. A contagious Monster Flu is spreading around town like wildfire  Can the town's troublemaker a half vampire half werekoala and his friends get the medicine in time to save everyonePaifu a half vampire half wereko.

Rialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997 and 1998 ight after Toriyama completed work on Dragon Ball it was L. Munatius Plancus: Serving and Surviving in the Roman Revolution released into the U S market as a single volume edition in 2008 Akira Toriyama is one of the acknowledged giants of Japanese manga and Cowa is a fine addition to his overall body of workToriyamaefused any h Originally published in 1997 Cowa is an incredibly charming all ages one shot from the mangaka behind Dragon Ball and Dr Slump and perhaps one of the most famous Japanese creators in North America Akira Toriyama Not an easy story to eally pick apart suffice to say that this story of a bunch of monster children and famed murderer saving the day is all the charm of Dragon Ball without any of the problematic parts An obvious companion to the likes of the extremely popular Nightmare Before Christmas I would also ecommend Little Vampire by Joann Sfar if you have not already picked up that one 365DaysofHalloween Found this while looking around on the Shonen Jump app saw an Akira Toriyama series I didn t know and had to The Organization Man read it Cute light fun creatures aeal nice Krebszellen mögen keine Sonne. Vitamin D - der Schutzschild gegen Krebs, Diabetes und Herzerkrankungen: Ärztlicher Rat für Betroffene. Mit Vitamin-D-Barometer ... read This is a single volume one shot kids comic by Akira Toriyama of Dragonball fame Not havingeadseen much in the way of the various incarnations of Dragonball these notes will just be taking this comic at face. Ala is always getting into trouble with his best buddy José the ghost But when the Monster Flu sweeps through town the fun and games are over If the sick monsters don't get the medicine they need in a month every.

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Value The Ufa Story: A History of Germany's Greatest Film Company, 1918-1945 rather than comparing it to Dragonball in any wayCOWA has a very halloween y feel the main characters being friendly monsters and ghosts Personally I love the uniueness of the main character a boy who s half vampire half were koala and his best friend a ghost called Jose RodriguezThis volume starts with some colour pages switches into greyscale versions of what would probably have been colour pages in Japanese editions then changes to the usual manga staple of black and white pagesThing is as the comic is set mainly at night the monsters get up int he evening and go to bed by morning the colour pages areather muddy and dark The greyscale versions are therefore even muddy In fact the artwork becomes a lot enjoyable to follow once you get past the first couple of chaptersStrangely enough the story also becomes a lot enjoyable after the first couple of chapters too morphing from a standalone chapter about the main character Paifu stealing a watermelon into a multi chapter adventure where a group of monster children along with the help of a world class wrestler try to save their village from a deadly flu outbreakIn the end tho it took me several tries to get into this volume by the end of it I wished that it wasn t just a one shot and I could ead of Paifu and Jose s adventure. One will die With all the adults sick it's up to the boys to get the medicine and save the day Paifu and José are off on a big adventure but will they get the medicine in timeor will they become victims themselve.

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