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Pdf Download Game Changer (Ruled Out Romances #1) AUTHOR Charissa Stastny

Up way past your bedtime and leave a smile on your face when your head finally hits the pillowParker Harrington uite literally runs into Meridee Mansford creating uite the aftermath He can t forget his run in with the unassuming beauty even though his life trajectory is already headed straight toward perfection with a promising sports career and the attention of the girl he has always desired So why can t he shake his wandering thoughts Why is he drawn to a princess when he has the ueen The answer challenges Parker as he discovers that skin deep magnificence can never compare with the true beauty that lies deep within a soul Game Changer will entertain the reader with witty dialogue and a fast paced plot But the reader will also walk away knowing that true love wins every time This is a well written feel good book that will stick with you for days on end Sit back relax and enjoy the ourney This was a great book It had plenty of heat without all the graphic stuff you don t need I love how the characters interacted with each other and how they both learned and grew into better people The romance also wasn t contrived even the misunderstandings were totally possible Thank you thank you for giving us a totally real reaction from Meridee Sometimes the Heroine is so uick to forgive the Hero when the misunderstandings happen but here we got a truly real reaction Anyone who was that hurt and that untrusting of guys in general would do everything in their power to avoid the other I liked itIt is nice to have a story with such real characters that you feel like you could actually be friends with that you can cheer for or slap There were definitely times when I wanted to slap Parker It was a good story and I highly recommend it to readers who want clean romance with some chemistry and heat I received an ARC and have given this review by my choice It represents my true opinion I received an advance copy of this book to read and review I loved it The author did a great ob Before reading it I admit to being conflicted what if I didn t like it what would I write Whew Not to have worried All is wellThe one aspect I struggled with was how such a great guy could for one minute rationalize Lily let alone for so long in the story He seemed smarter than that and better than that What a gosh awful girlThere were times I barked out a laugh while reading and I am not the laugh out loud while I am reading kind of readerI hope this isn t considered a spoiler but I loved the campaign to find Mare Cute cuteGreat ob Charissa I blame falling in love on orange chicken no Nini joke The balance of a human life is so precarious that a simple Chinese dish can throw it all out of whack At least that s what happened to me These instinctual choices have the potential to change livesust as dramatically as a simple pivot or tuck to the right on the field to dodge a defender can become a game changerMeridee Mansford works on campus at Ferdinand s Washington State University s ice cream shop for the last three years The football team often comes in to get ice cream and Meridee always notices a certain player Par This was a super sweet college romanceIt was definitely G rated but it hadreally good character developmentI liked both Meridee and Parker andI liked the HEA that they got Ice cream football and orange I enjoyed this sweet story Two college students A football players and a bunch of yummy I ve cream What do you nee. To true beauty deep within a soul Will Parker continue keeping company with women he knows are only using him for his fame or will he change up the game and risk his heart on a genuine girl who despises the attention he craves In this new set of stand alone stories the Ruled Out Romances star crossed lovers meet but rule each other out as dating options But life with its uirky twists and tangled turns brings each of the unlikely duos back together again until they discover their uniue happily ever after.

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Be popular and have his dream girl Lily and because of this he is a douche to his real friend and lets Lily pick on Meridee Parkers friend Riley ends up asking Meridee out on a date and she says yes she doesn t know he s his friend Riley asks Parker if he will go on a double date with them Meridee doesn t know this and Parker didn t know Riley s date was her Parker ends up asking Meridee out for Riley s double date he s mad at lily and doesn t think its her thing Parker doesn t believe Meridee when she says she has a date with her fiancee so she gets her brother to come in and pretend to be him Parker ends up bring Lily on the date Lily bullies Meridee some He flirts with Meridee but denies doing so when Lily confronts him about it They become friends Meridee dating Riley and Parker dating Lily Parker convinces Meridee to host his mom while she visits and goes to one of his games the two couples break up Parker starts pursuing Meridee They officially date for one day Meridee catches Lily leaving Parkers place so she moves out uits her I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) job and goes into hiding Parker puts up wanted posters because she won t talk to him Meridee starts wearing wigs and glasses She s sitting at a table in the cafeteria and Parker sits near by She over hears him talking to Lily and finds out he wasn t lying he didn t cheat on her They get marriedThings I liked When Parker finally dumps Lily and finds out Riley was dumped by Meridee he starts to try and win Meridee back But as than friends Idk how to word that but the car washing bit was cute And he switches from calling her cute to beautiful Parkers texts every minute when Meridee is trying to ignore him I h8 when u ignore me Things I didn t like Parker is he dumb Naive Or what AS IF he s actually falling for Lily s BS First he believed her when she called Meridee s freckles ugly saying she wasust giving her beauty tips and then he falls for her little tantrum when he asked her if she cheated on him and her saying that she hates him and he puts her second to his studies Brody Find out she was married at 44% but had no clue who Brody was before that when she mentioned the namehe was abusive Parker asks Meridee to be his girl then drops her off at work She asks to leave work early to surprise him with ice cream When she arrives at his apartment she sees him and Lily together and assumes she was Flight, Vol. 7 just a rebound and they re back together Meridee moves out LOL HAHAA She moved out the MORNING after she caught Parker with Lily AND SHE UIT Theob she couldn t bare to uit to work full time at the hospital HAHAHA How overly dramatic Game Changer tells the story of university football star Parker and uiet hard working Meridee One s in the limelight the other wants to be anything but Although they re both attracted to each other events and life s circumstances keep them apart Carrying on with the traditional will theywon t they style of romance novels the reader will enjoy getting to know these two college students Both have depth than they first appear to and both are wrestling with personal demons The writing is sharp and the scenes fluid Though not my typical genre Game Changer added some sweetness to my normally dark salty fare A little lightness is always welcome Review based on an ARC I received from the author Opposites attract when the overlooked sweet girl lands herself the popular football star in this uasi Cinderella story It s the perfect read to keep you. T pushed his team into the national spotlight Sticky Fingers is his media moniker now and the cheerleaders who used to ignore him when he sat the bench have become his most devoted fans But when he accidentally crashes into a uiet coed and covers her in orange chicken it throws off his offensive game and makes him uestion why he is drawn to a princess when he already has the ueen As fate ice cream and orange chicken throw the opposites together they will discover that skin deep magnificence can't compare.

FREE on today 722018 Game Changer is a charming clean New Adult romance about an unlikely couple who would probably never have found each other and fallen in love were it not for an unexpected twist of fateCharissa Stastny has created a delightful heroine in Meridee a girl next door type who works night shift at the hospital and thirty hours a week at the college ice cream parlor all while somehow maintaining a straight A average on her undergraduate degree Meridee has a secret however plain face and boring life aside she harbors an enormous unreuited crush on Parker Harrington star of the football team and all around nice guy Problem is of course literally every other girl on campus has it bad for Parker too including Lily the stunning cheerleader Parker can t tear his eyes off uite content to silently admire him from afar and fully aware he d never even notice her Meridee and Parker s worlds suddenly collide literally and once he really looks at Meridee Parker starts wondering if everything that s falling into his lap is what he actually wants after allBoth Parker and Meridee feel incredibly real I thought Parker seemed a little too perfect to be true at first until he demonstrated one or two uvenile ualities that had me snickering behind my hand at the realization that guys that age really do think with the head that isn t located atop their shoulders I was puzzled by his relationship with Lily remaining chaste until a startling reveal about Parker s past later on in the book suddenly made everything make sense I won t spoil it for you but it s a really good one and it ust makes Parker and Meridee who has a couple of skeletons in her own closet that much perfect for each otherMeridee was a delight throughout the story sticking to her principles and always demonstrating an integrity that would make any guy thank his lucky stars to have her Her complete ignorance of football was rather cute from a girl who has no interest in it either and was the one thing that made Parker sure she wasn t ust after him for his fame and the position in the spotlight he could offer herParker s mother was a lovely side character who was clearly in Meridee s corner from the beginning as was Parker s best friend Riley Lily was a rather stereotypical mean girl and I d have liked to see Meridee s friends drawn in a little clearly as supportive female characters but overall I enjoyed the book immenselyThe story is well written without typos and in clear easily understandable language All the characters felt very realistic with the possible exception of Lily and I came to the end of the book with a feeling of great satisfaction that everybody who deserved one found their happy endingI m happy to award Game Changer five stars and I d be delighted to read of Charissa Stastny s work in the future Note to self I really wanted to like this book and at times it seemed like there was real potential but I think the characters were too uvenile for my liking or something idk Oh well on to the next one Dual POV Prologue Parker is explaining how orange chicken changed his life Meridee had a crush on a customer at work this customer turns out to be Parker aka Sticky Fingers who later accidentally tackles her and she gets her orange chicken and rice all over herselfthe floor Parker is interested in Lily a popular cheerleader Parker is hard to like in the first few chapters We see glimpses of a good guy but he wants to. Orange chicken was a game changer Meridee Mansford wants nothing to do with the popular crowd She’s comfortable being invisible But that doesn’t stop her from dreaming about the hunky football player who visits the campus ice cream shop where she works Still she’s smart enough to know he’d never notice a girl like her and she’d never want him even if he did Too much unwelcome attention Parker Harrington basks in the glory that’s been his since the game changing passes he caught pre season tha.

Charissa Stastny is an avid reader happy writer BYU graduate and lover of irises clouds chocolate sushi and the outdoors Though she was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada she has never pulled a handle of a slot machine and can’t shuffle cards to save her life She does shuffle kids laundry and church responsibilities rather well though She has lived in Nevada and Idaho but currently

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