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Spinning off from his popular CROSSTIME ADVENTURES OF CARTER PAXTON medievalist Stanley Lombardo presents a scholarly edition of a previously unpublished manuscript by Elizabethan playwright and intelligencer Christopher Marlowe For the first time in five hundred years Marlowe speaks in his own voice detailing his adventures in what he calls Some Particulars Concerning an Investigation into the Murther of One Wm Shaxspeare Es of Warwickshire As replete with deception and betrayal as Marlowe’s Edward II as filled with sorcery and seduction as his Doctor Faustus Who Murdered Shakespeare will be remembered as the playwright’s reatest adventure – and very nearly.

EBOOK (Who Murdered Shakespeare? The Crosstime Adventures of Carter Paxton Book 4)

Ngs of the case Marlowe encounters a mysterious time voyager calling himself Arthur Gordon Pym a master of ratiocination and cryptography Together they stalk the mean streets and alleyways of London encountering cutpurses cutthroats Karma's A Sexy Bitch: Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy Adventure gamblers and whores while simultaneously Marlowe endeavors to assist Pym in finding a cure for his wife dying of consumption – in 1845 Aided by Carter Paxton and Father Tranuillus Marlowe and Pym pursue an elusive assassin who hauntsraveyards and saves lives for his own enigmatic reasons But while the private intelligencer stalks Shakespeare’s murderer Marlowe is plagued by the crucial uestion Does Shakespeare’s murderer stalk hi.

His last Theatre owner Richard Burbage has commissioned poet playwright rakehell and Her Majesty’s ace intelligencer Christopher Marlowe to investigate the murder of an obscure would be dramatist named William Shakespeare In the course of his inuiries Marlowe incurs the deadly wrath of an arrogant aristocrat as well as the hatred of malevolent necromancer Edward Kelley – who seeks to distract Marlowe from his investigation by tempting him with a sensual succuba And ever lurking in the shadows of crime riddled Elizabethan London is Marlowe’s implacable enemy Ingram Frizer who hopes to collect the bounty on the poet’s head As he plunges into the bizarre twisti.

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Stanley F Lombardo born 1943 is an American professor of Classics at the University of Kansas He is best known for his translations of the Iliad the Odyssey and the Aeneid published by the Hackett Publishing Company The style of his translations is a vernacular one emphasizing conversational English rather than the formal tone of some older American English translations of classical

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