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I ll say this is a very American book at its core the stock images that cover the top of every chapter epelled me as did the bad formatting of the book Reading it made me The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity realise two main issues a it badly needed editing mainly due to its style and b it would benefit from a complete overhaul where it comes to language Where persons like Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein can navigate the oft muddled waters where theyun the No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History risk of losing aeader completely but somehow manage to stay steadfast through harsh waters the author Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 regardless of his best intentions made me skipeading a lot of the timeAlso on the Kindle edition of this book the entire book contains a slew of hyperlinked sections of words As such the book is near impossible to check when using a Kindle Berlayar di Pamor Badik reader partly because how bad the built in web browser is and partly because it s impossible toead the link How do you know whether something is true How do you convince others to believe the facts Research shows that the human mind is prone to making thinking errors predictable mistakes that cause us to believe comfortable lies over inconvenient truths These errors leave us vulnerable to making decisions based on.

Ources when offline DNFThis book L. Munatius Plancus reads as if the author considers theeader stupid The biggest example is in the captions for each photo Picture of people looking at a map and the caption says people looking at a map I never would of known that without the caption to help This is a emarkable book A few of the images in it give away some left leaning political bias but the chapters full of general principles and the specific debate tactics used successfully by the author are extraordinarily valuable to anyone with a point of view they want to verify and defend And there are ample portions devoted to difficulties and imperfections on both sides of the current divide You do not have to be a statistician or a psychologist to grasp the explanations of probabilistic thinking or lizard brain and elephant analogies I ecommend it Excellent for detailing personality types False beliefs leading to disastrous conseuences for our personal lives elationships careers civic and political engagement and for our society as a wholeFortunately cognitive and behavioral scientists have uncovered many useful strategies for overcoming our mental flaws This book presents a variety of ese.


Nd specific ways to improve our effectiveness in achieving our life goals I m only half way through and already looking forward to utilizing the suggestions in improving my life and achieving my goals Highly The Pink Pearl reccommended Dr Gleb Tsipursky has written a timely and essential book for all who are fed up with the current post truth times we live in and are looking for ways to puteal verifiable truth back into public discourse Using easy to follow scientific methods and data Dr Tsipursky demonstrates how to make all our interactions meaningful when we Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe rely on verifiable fact based truthather than emotionally charged hetoric ensuring that our beliefs are aligned with eality He gives examples of how to Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela recognize false information and how to help others do the same in a non contentiousational manner Well worth your time to Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction read and share with others Highlyecommended. Arch based tools for ensuring that our beliefs are aligned with eality With examples from daily life and an engaging style the book will provide you with the skills to avoid thinking errors and help others to do so preventing disasters and facilitating success for yourself those you care about and our socie.

An internationally recognized thought leader known as the Disaster Avoidance Expert Dr Gleb Tsipursky is on a mission to protect leaders from dangerous judgment errors known as cognitive biases by developing the most effective decision making strategies He wrote several best selling books including Never Go With Your Gut How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disast

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