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Ue around those issues both within Mennonite circles and between Mennonites and other Christian communions As one who actively chose to be a Mennonite rather than being born into it because of their peacemaking stance this was an insightful book and helped me understand the tensions that still xist in Mennonite circles around social and political ngagement as well differing views on what the Mennonite peace position is. Professions in the 1950s theological brokers were shaping the transformation of Mennonite peace convictions.

This book provides both historical and sociological insight into Mennonite attitudes towards peacemaking The book traces how Over the last 100 years as Mennonites have moved from being a mostly separatist religious sect to now being actively ngaged in the social and political life of North America their views on nonresistance have changed This book recounts the movement from a position of passive non resistance in rela. The process of modernization levied a dramatic impact on the mode and style of Mennonite peacemaking as sho.

Tion to violence to a actively ngaged involvement in nonviolent direct action Such a switch while it might appear natural to outsiders really caused Mennonites to rethink their theology in relation to ngagement in social issues support or involvement in political affairs the purposes behind their stance of nonviolent nonresistance and One Giant Leap even the peace stance itself This book recounts the history and the theological dialog. Wn in this pathbreaking work by Leo Driedger and Donald B Kraybill As Mennonites werexchanging plows for.

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EBOOK DOWNLOAD (Mennonite Peacemaking From uietism to Activism) ì Leo Driedger

Leo Driedger on Mennonite Peacemaking From uietism to Activism